[Suggestion] Outfit Ranking System In-Game Needs More Ranks

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  1. Jaybone

    I agree. Running an outfit shouldn't feel like a job. The more tools that can be provided to leaders, the better.
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  2. Lepalose

    I find the recruiting system to be a bit of an issue.

    The new recruits are put into my 'Members' rank automatically, and I have to manually track them to move them to a recruit rank.

    While I do not need a lot of ranks, I could certainly use 1 or 2 more as part of this new recruiting system.

    If I could also have a message that pops up for new recruits to give them the necessary info, that would be very helpful to make the transition a bit smoother.

    Finally, I would like to have my officers to also be able to view/accept/deny potential applications.
  3. Changes

    Outfits UI definitely need an update. These suggestions would really help out with outfit management. Would love to see this in-game!
  4. pdog75

    c'mon man...all the cool kids are doing it.
  5. Trenton Arendt

    Sounds like an amazing idea. I hope it gets pushed through.
  6. polisman200

    This one is a no brainer fellas. Being part of a large outfit myself, I know how confusing it can get when people have many different ranks, but it is not shown in game. If you are having trouble completing this update on time, don't over load yourself with other projects as well! I would rather see a smaller list of future updates with more realistic release dates than one reaching far off into the distance that is only rarely listed with what the actual release date will be. Hossin for example. We all know about Hossin. The team was hoping to have it released by fall of last year if I remember correctly. Maybe earlier. There was always and excuse for it to be pushed back another month and the results showed. Supporters were lost over that years period where the update just kept getting pushed back. My point being that please have this update on time and have it in working order. I know you guys are working hard over there to make this a great game for everybody. I really appreciate it, and am looking forward to this update :)
  7. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    I agree also, can't be that hard to add a few more ranks
  8. DesSab

    i agree more ranks are needed for a outfit. at least 10 would be needed for the massive outfits that are in the game
  9. Goonie

    Yeah, making you able to change squads into ranks or mix would be a cool new add too.
  10. Johncoxwell918

    This would be a great thing to add. Maybe even add the ability to create your own ranks
  11. Jerakl

    I think this would be a great idea, however with a twist. It would be more flexible if Outfit leaders could create their own ranks (up to a limit of course). Someone mentioned that ranks have symbols, so I guess you could have a pool of symbols made for the leader to choose from when they make a rank. This a great idea (not just mine, but the concept in general) and I hope it's added to the game!
  12. wingknut

    It makes sense to make these changes. Supporting the outfits and their leaders will enhance the game experience in general.
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  13. EunoAtWar

    We really need more ranks in game. It's frustrating to try and manage titles and permissions for even a moderately sized outfit with the limited number of ranks available.

    Please SOE give us more ranks!
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  14. Devynn

    I agree 100%. Running an outfit is tough. Having more ranks to help show member's activity is a must.
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  15. Timithos

    And the current Roadmap Outfit Progression with it's ONE idea is down-right embarrassing. They're proposing just an implant-esque' rank perk idea for outfits and that's it.

    The above ideas for ranks needs to added at the very least!
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  16. Riskae

    when I was part of EXE this was one of the biggest concerns.

    large outfits help get newer players into the swing of things. please give them the tools they need to do that job.
  17. Zakuak

    Yes please!
  18. XP-Cromwell

    Yes, that's a great idea!


    XPCrom, Connery
  19. Rafor

    I agree completely. I'm not an outfit leader, but that doesn't matter, having the ability to make multiple ranks is pretty standard for online games. I haven't ever seen a game where you were locked into 5 ranks, especially when only 1-2 of them can only apply to normal members as other ranks are used for leaders, officers, or new players.

    I don't think it would be too hard to put in more ranks, but I'm not a developer. Hopefully you guys can get around to it soon.
  20. DarkTexas Volunteer Quality Assurance Assistant

    Bringing this Discussion up for now. You guys are still having this opinion?