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  1. Zerker03_qc

    PlanetSide 2 -> Jaeger (US East) -> Consolidated [NC] outfit list.

    [NC] EZ Company [EZC]
    3rd party voice chat: None

    [NC] NC Jaeger Squadron (rogue airforce) [NCJS]
    3rd party voice chat: Unknown

    [NC] We aRe NC [WRNC]
    3rd party voice chat: Unknown

    [NC] Blackwater PMC [BWTR]
    3rd party voice chat: TeamSpeak3

    [NC] Ethos Outfit [ETHO]
    3rd party voice chat: Ventrillo

    [NC] Phoenix Battalion [PHX]
    3rd party voice chat: Ventrillo
    Website: http://phoenixbattalion.guildlaunch.com/

    [NC] Death Legion - Legionnaires [LEGN]
    3rd party voice chat: TeamSpeak - ts3.death-legion.com
    Website: http://www.death-legion.com

    [NC] NC United [NCUN]
    3rd party voice chat: TeamSpeak
    Website: http://www.jaegersunited.com/

    [NC] Xtreme Combat Force [XCFG]
    3rd party voice chat: TeamSpeak3 - ts3.xcfclan.com
    Web site: http://www.xcfclan.com/index.php

    [NC] The Tree of Liberty
    3rd party voice chat: Unknown

    [NC] Lever's Legion [LEVR]
    3rd party voice chat: Unknown

    [NC] Emprah's Fist
    3rd party voice chat: None

    Current questions:
    1) What is the in-game tag of Ethos outfit, The Tree of Liberty, NC Jaeger Squadron and Emprah's Fist?
    2) What are the 3rd party voice chat software used by those currently listed as unknown?

    This post will be edited to reflect updated information and answered questions.
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  2. SgtBlackbird

    Tag is [ETHO]. Thanks for putting this list together.
  3. DLJord

  4. Holydragon

  5. gommer556

    NC jeager squadron tag is NCJS i think.
  6. _S0LUS_

    Gommer, I sent you a message through the PM service, it's about your pilots.

    Respond ASAP brotha.
  7. CAPTBuckyOhare

    Thank you for putting together this list; it's handy to know it's out there.
  8. SkillSet

  9. SgtBlackbird

    Would like to add that NONE of the above outfits like to work together! Live Free as a rebel right?

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