[Suggestion] Outfit Forfeiture

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Johannes Kaiser, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. Johannes Kaiser

    Once no member of an outfit has logged in for more than one year, it should be dissolved.
    Reason (and example): Our community, Strikeforce Ultra, can not create an outfit on Miller where we will from now on play together (complicated story). And we cannot use our tag "XIII". because it is taken by a ****** little 2 player guild that hasn't been around in ages: https://ps2.fisu.pw/outfit/?name=xiii
    And yes, I know no dev will ever read this, but I do want to hear the opinions of fellow players.
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  2. Mr_Cheese

    Agreed. Also perhaps if the outfit leader is offline for 3-6 months the 2nd in command (and active) player should be automatically promoted.
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  3. OpolE

    No. As I've seen many times in Planetside 1. People come back to the game and have a right to the name. Some outfits rebuild size after new updates and gather more players. Some outfits were 1000+ in size and kicked a lot of the members who hadn't played for years. Doesn't mean they won't come back and be reinvited

    Are you trying to be a Dictator...
  4. Campagne

    I don't really see the need. Why?

    Also don't players have to pay to create an outfit? Wouldn't be very nice to just take that away from someone just because he took a break.
  5. Johannes Kaiser

    Have to pay? Where did you get that from? No. It's 2 buttons and inserting a name.
    I would know, I created the one with the very much not our handle yesterday after our members formerly on Emerald had finished the transition.

    But if automated dissolving is toomuch fr some, what about the possibility of requesting the devs to shut down guilds manually for inactivity? That way they could check if the claim of inactivity is valid or not and if it is likely the palyers will return. See my OP, the guildd has 2 people of low rank and playtime and a very long time of no-show. I dare say they'll probably not come back.
  6. Campagne

    Oh, interesting. Used to be that one had to pay something like $30 USD to create an outfit. I remember once I wanted to make a solo outfit but immediately changed my mind when it asked for a large amount of money. Glad it's free now, that's something at least.

    I really don't see why that would matter to anyone. If they're inactive they won't be competing for captures or anything, so why should it be dissolved?

    Sure the name is taken, but so what? You could just use something else or abuse PS2's worthless half-***** system and use a combination of lowercase "L" or uppercapse "i" to have the same tag. (XIII and Xlll are technically different, even though no one can really tell.)
  7. Johannes Kaiser

    XLLL (lowercase) was also taken, and the tags are not case sensitive. So there is not much space to fiddle around.