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  1. Pella

    TRC is where its at. More of a gentleman's club.

    Dont think i have seen recently TRAC winning a prime time alert due to well timed tactical work. Only TR being hugely over popped.

    NC/VS do it so well. It seriously makes TR a laughing stock.
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  2. blampoet

    join TRAC... dis' it... then advertise another alliance...
    Drama... I love drama...

    so now we got Auraxis Alliance and TRAC (with one less outfit now it seems).... and a non-entity that was a TS channel that's been upgraded to a real alliance called TRC
  3. Justicia

    Dat TR identity crisis!
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  4. Osiris371

    TRAC, TRC and Auraxis Alliance. Which one is the best? There's only one way to find out. FIGHT!!!

    Also, when the TRAM/TRAC/you-silly-red-people decide you need a new lick of paint on the alliance sign, might I suggest the Terran Republic Alliance People [TRAP].
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  5. Adistron

    TRC is not an alliance
  6. ValorousBob

    Thanks mate, got it from an EVE alliance called Rote Kapelle.


    Ok I'm getting real tired of your **** Terrans. Make up your damn mind and stop confusing my simpleton mind.
  7. Mordus

    Is there still room for me on the NC side? :confused:
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  8. blampoet

    Now that they are OP, you want to go join them? they don't even have pretty infiltrator chicks... what's the point?

    yet... as long as you remember the rule man.... "never go full VS" o_O
    it's all good :D
  9. blampoet

    seems it is now... between INI and... a damn good questions.

    I wonder if a "damn good questions" has as many troops as the pope had... cause PS2 is a numbers game
  10. Adistron


    TRAM was first TR alliance.It was huge overkill and it was sentenced to death.
    TRC was much smaller "alliance" that appeared after TRAM death.It was more like cooperation channel than actual alliance.
    When TRAC was formed all TRC outfits joined it so TRC ceased to exist
    Auraxis alliance is as i said alliance between zergfits SCEV,TOox,CCRS,and 99% of their members dont know they are in alliance.
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  11. MrEclectic

    SCEV has an alliance? :eek:
  12. blampoet

    fat chicks need love to :D
  13. Mordus

  14. Pella

    Not joined any TRAC alliance. And TRC is not an alliance.
  15. Mordus

    Are you saying that there was an imposter on the loose when you (or someone with the name Pella) registered at the TRAC forum and signed yourself up as a member of TRAC (in the signup thread) with the motivation "We want to focus on live and most of all win these prime time alerts. Which the NCTO / VS are doing extremely well."? :D

    The fact that Nebs was the next to sign himself up as an officer for INI and has since been actively on the PSTS representing INI does suggest that you did join the TRAC alliance and has remained a member ever since. I even recall that you were (or still are) involved with the SCEV alliance for whatever purpose and also a strong supporter of the TRC model which myself and Zbug put forward during the TRAM days and have now been adopted into the PSTS model making it technically TRC v.2 with the option of channel commander.
    You participate in TRAC on a voluntary basis and the TRC model is in the PSTS server. You do not have to use CR6 or cooperate with more than you feel secure about.
    Highly ironic that you seem to be the only person/outfit who have been involved in all of the current and past TR alliances/cooperations yet you have portrayed it as a sign of weakness. :rolleyes:

    You have correctly pointed out that TR needs to develop its strategy and that there is room for much improvement. If that statement was not true there would not be much of a need for the alliance or the TRC communication model within PSTS.
    I am looking forward to cooperating with you, fellow TRAC member, to achieve these goals we both share. ;)
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  16. Pella

    Registering on the forums now make's you a TRAC member? Sorry i didn't see that disclaimer.

    Nebs is neither a officer or in any position to dictate what our outfit does. I put him on TRAC comms to see if we could help out and get ourselves some good fights. And most of all avoid situation where certain outfits like to drop 5 Gals on a target that is already zerged out, or clearly would of been useful some place else.

    INI has never or will never be part of any alliance. And yes its Ironic how you cannot digest that simply bit of text.

    Now jog on please
  17. Justicia

    Come on guys, we all know INI is part of the Auraxis Alliance. Now get back on topic, SCEV. Are they really that good, or is it just me?
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  18. Mordus

    Bella plz.

    Registering on the TRAC forum does not make you a member but when you afterwards post in the signup thread, the thread specificly there for signing up to the alliance, it means you wish to join the alliance. :D How you didnt figure this out is beyond me but I am glad it is sorted out. I will have Nebs access removed as well even though he did sign up as an officer for ini. I guess you fooled him as well.

    One of the main purposes of TRAC is the very reason you have sent Nebs to PSTS. To assist each other when possible and to avoid causing overkill by complete over population. To simplify this further for you: TRAC outfits want balanced fights, not zergs. We cooperate when we want and can, no one dictates the other.

    Its good that you have realized the use of PSTS. Better late than never. ;)
  19. Adistron

    That's it,i'm starting my own alliance with hookers,unicorns and cats
    All behold mighty AHUC
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  20. Ostekake

    Just want to point out the obvious here (that many of the TRAC officers already know)

    CR6 and TRAC are two different entities/services - and one does not imply or require the other.