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  1. ValorousBob

    I like TRAC tbh, it sounds pretty menacing.
  2. Dotz0r

    Think the main selling point was

    "Cus It sounds like that gun, which is good...so we have that going for us...." :p
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  3. Felkuro

    *** the NC and TR up as usual. Zoe was Op truedat.. but we don't need it... atleast i dont >.<
  4. Mordus

    The Terran Republic will be mobilizing forces on Friday the 3rd January to enforce our control of the continents.
  5. SebDollar

    Wasn't this event supposed to be today? Didn't see much of TR presence on the map ;)
  6. Mordus

    You need to get out of the warpgate more often. :D
  7. Notiz

    was good stuff like I posted on reddit
  8. Mordus

    Looking forward to the next event!
  9. blampoet

    Now we got a hold of some of the NCTO guys....

    only TVA seem to have their azz on backwards
  10. Maelstrome26

    And why's that?
  11. blampoet

    doesn't seem like TVA members can get a hold of their combined leadership so we can arrange a nice three way event
    ...or maybe you're scared ;)

    (if that doesn't motivate someone to get a move, nothing will)
  12. Justicia

    I don't really understand what you're trying to say. This thread was an announcement of TRAC to go all out, but we didn't see much TR on the map (they even had the lowest world pop IIRC), so there wasn't even much use in calling together TVA or NCTO for that particular event.
  13. blampoet

    <-to make you aware there is more stuff in this thread

    maybe i wasn't clear enough... even if NCTO got it... so i'll try again.
    planning isn't done from today to tomorrow.

    getting lots of people together takes time and experience gained from failure(s)
    we start working on this today.... we'll reap the fruit (at best) somewhere in February

    Our past 3 events, TRAC steamrolled you. As you didn't know it was our event, you just thought it to be another "TR win again because of overpop" (even if global pop was to NC advantage in all three occasions)

    What i am trying to get you to do:
    1) have someone who can get things done in the TVA leadership contact me
    2) we arrange a time and TS channel for NCTO, TRAC and TVA leadership to meet (a big get together might sound like a messy thing, but we know how to make it work)
    3) everybody understands and agrees with what we try to do, and we par it down to a couple of people who liaison to start planning mutual events (air battles, VIP hunts, tank battles... you know... "size matters" but without the zergfit part)
    4) fun

    NCTO and TRAC (with near all the ourfits you LIKE seeing fighting you) are already doing a something-something this friday... ergo the TVA being the only ones with the azz backwards.

    ultimate goal:
    oufits in the alliance present added value to their members beyond a prestigious tag and the occasional "high profile, deep insight possessing platoon leadership"

    p.s- this isn't a "we dont shoot you- you don't shoot me" sort of alliance (which some outfit seems to have). nor will it ever be.
  14. Justicia

    That's what I mean with I don't understand, you keep talking about a future event while the event of this thread was last week on 3 January. Of course I agree that organising an alliance wide event takes time (we organised an air event with TVA for example, which took a couple of weeks at least).

    On 3 January, when this event was held, I see from the population graph that my memory was correct, TR had lowest pop all evening after 8PM CET, and when I got on TR was pushed to only a few territories on each continent with no continents owned. I'm sorry, but my interpretation was that the event wasn't successful in being a TR wide operation (even though I realise TRAC is only a small part and you can't control pubbies). I'm sure you had fun and were successful in pushing certain bases with the alliance. I'm just reporting what I saw on the map and population graphs.

    Sorry if I misunderstood. What I got from the OP was a cocky message by someone from TRAC who I didn't recognise (I don't know your outfit iECP from memory, sorry), promoting a TRAC operation, not an invitation or outreach to TVA or NCTO to set up an event together. If you want to set up a new event, sure! Maybe do it in better cooperation instead of just calling them out though.

    I know NCTO is doing a similar event like your OP, just organising their own event and calling out TRAC and TVA, without organising the event in cooperation with them. It is perfectly fine to do that. Just don't think that it's a cooperative event between the three organisations if you organise it like that.
  15. Notiz

    gotta agree to justicia, there is no cooperation, just competition between us on this event and as you said that takes time to organize - so we only have a few days to make every VS outfit know this friday NTCO will do a event - and we will be prepared as best as we can in that short time (and as DIGT we try soemthing big aswell this friday, for our outfit that's big at least).

    and blampoet invite me to the discussion and I will try my best to put as much information foreward to our operation this friday and TVA.


    TVA has no "leader" so there is no single person that get's something done, only the cooperation between the VS outfits brings our success
  16. SebDollar

    When prime time came, TR was basicly warpgated on Indar and We were fighting VS at Camp Connery like in the good old days
  17. blampoet

    good... now we're on the same page.

    nice to know we were the underdogs. truth be told, i got no idea what we held when :)

    You not knowing iECP doesn't surprise me at all, we're a small (50-70 members) *support* outfit.
    iECP(my) obscurity was a concern, which is why BRTD and FU added their messages soon after mine... and I even added a message embellishing this... I guess there wasn't enough emotional punch there for it to register.

    Looking back at the text it seems pretty clear.
    I'd appreciate feedback on what could have been clearer.

    in any case, I was going for an emotional response... which worked (nice touch on the kermit doll)

    As i said before, go easy on your expectations on what we can do at the moment. We've just started talking to them, and this is their first event for a long while.
    We've now done our events parallel at the same time, and they have a clue about what our aim is. It's an easy non-threatening beginning. The key to this right now, is that nobody wants to humiliate themselves by lacking players to back up the big words (the double edged sword of not being a PS2 zergfit... always wanting to play with your friends but needing more players than you have friends)

    hope that clears things up.

    your move.
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  18. Justicia

    That's part of the problem of the TRAC organisation then.
    Yes, the callout registered, even though a date was only settled when Mordus posted several weeks after you. I alerted TVA on the TVA forums of this. That was not the problem. The problem was:
    that it was not clear at all. It seems now that your goal was to coordinate a shared event with NCTO and TVA. In that case, it would be better to contact outfit leaders of VS and NC to start a dialogue.
    We currently are looking at the NCTO event the same as the TRAC event of 3 January: NCTO will have a more organised operation on their side, while TVA is free to do what it always does. Of course the NCTO event will be communicated throughout TVA, but there is no operation planned to specifically counter this. We see it as an NC-specific event that has been broadcasted for publicity.
    That's the thing. Our move what? To make our own TVA event? We do TVA communicated stuff every day. Or do you mean that you want to set up an organised and coordinated event rather than a single alliance event? If so, it is rather your move than ours I guess. You are free to contact us if you want to set something up.
  19. blampoet

    This is only to show the ball is rollong.... nobody is expecting VS to pull a fully fledged organization out of your spandex (especially the female infils... there is not even spare place for a piece of gum there). We know TVA is in as much of a hibernation as we were 2 months ago when Mordus pulled this together.

    excellent. a first name for the TVA list... private message coming asap.
    now to find another 4-5 active leaders of outfits that are part of the TVA and we can arrange a TS address and time for TVA, TRAC & NCTO to put their alliance outfit leaders (and their posse) together for a first preliminary talk about what we want and could do.

    same here.... it's a council (which is why we want to get more people together for the first meeting)
    it's more difficult in the short term, but the only way to do it in the long term imo.
  20. Justicia

    What? TVA is active every day...

    But sure, if you are already initialising talks about a coordinated event, you can add me as well.