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  1. blampoet

    to NCTO & TVA
    EARLY January TRAC is doing an event.

    kicking your combined ***** so far has been amusing, now let's see if you can come at us when you're prepared?!?!?!?!

    get your leadership, get organized and drop me a line at Gurila(at)gmail(dot)com
  2. Bvenged

    We all know NCTO is far more experienced and grounded than TRAC and TVA. That's why we never lose!

    For Freedom!
  3. dnaRIP

    Dangit, they know our name. Can we change it again? TRAM --> TRAC--> ???

    They will never know it is us!!!
  4. Mordus

    It is too late now! All in! ALL IN!
  5. blampoet

    I actually had to check on the forum what was decided at the end.... I write NTRA all the time.... and **** keeps popping up as well.

    in any case... they seem to be too chicken (or small) to actually respond in here....
  6. ValorousBob


    Prepare your anus, heathens.

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  7. ISKNemesis

    When was that ? oh Wait never....and bob the Baboons are already used to that :p
  8. blampoet

    all i'm hearing are windy noises :)

    get your TVA & NCTO alliance leaders to drop me a mail ( Gurila(at)gmail(dot)com if you're too lazy to look)
    I'll get our alliance leaders together.
    we decide on a TS channel and time and get this coordinated.
    (so there are no /yell whines like the last times we bruised your zergs blue and purple)

    p.s- if anyone has a good connection with a SOE CS rep I want this hyp'ed
    p.s2-as you may not know anonymous little me, consider dnaRIP and Mordus responses all the authentication you need that you're up against a BUNCH of (new and veteran) TR outfits.
  9. Justicia

    I thought it was TRC?
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  10. SebDollar

    Not really sure if this is a joke or serious.
  11. Botji

    I dont have anything to do with this but I just had to say that im chocked to hear that VS has an alliance on Miller..?

    I cant say it shows during normal play, we seem as direction-less as usual.. or what I have started to think of as usual since some months back. No one is using the orders chat to let all the randoms know whats going on at least wich I have taken as proof that there were no "higher" command and all the outfits just go around doing their own things.

    Guess I was wrong D:
  12. Mordus

    It is a serious shout out to the other factions to prepare themselves for the event. TRAC is a new TR alliance that takes the good concepts from TRC and TRAM into a more updated form. We will post more about the alliance itself at a later stage. Right now we are just looking to get some organised events going for all factions on Miller.
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  13. MajorZbug

    TRC was doing good for some time then people got bored, DEIM went to 2 ops a week only, SOV stopped playing, INI stopped showing, up, etc. Was good while it lasted.
  14. Justicia

    Yeah it's been a problem lately and we have realised that we need to tackle this. As you say, it seems like all the outfits do their own things and nobody uses orders. The orders part is true, but most VS outfits communicate together on the TVA teamspeak.
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  15. Renuse

    TR use orders (connery) but its almost rare now, and only during alerts. Maybe they should make some Outfit alerts, or events for bonus exp (an amount people care about) and a little bit more of an outfit community, like, an outfit web page kinda (but in game) with some small bulletin boards on training or events, and squad competitions (in outfit) for kills and/or captures ect. THAT would bring outfits to a whole other level, and then having that on the leader boards on each server?! Man... Some crazy stuff would start up then! Competitions, bonding, training, names would be made!
  16. IronWarrior

    But what will VS do without theiir Zoeasy Maxs?
  17. Botji

    Well, I for one would be happy if some of the outfits used the orders chat to throw things out there for all us randoms and I think every faction that doesnt use the orders chat is missing out on some serious manpower.
  18. Dotz0r

    The TR diet-tram alliance versus the NC drama alliance, and the vanu bum chum alliance. Sounds about right.
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  19. ValorousBob

    Botji, a lot of the VS leaders assume the zergs/pub players aren't going to listen and it's not worth the effort to use orders. I try to use /orders as much as I can, even just to send helpful tips so people at least know the VS leaders exist. [RPS] Cooper does a great job with /orders, but it's been tough convincing the other TVA leaders to use it.

    PS: LOL at the TR forming TRAC aka TRAM mk3, you guys are gonna run out of names soon...
  20. Mordus

    Dont worry, we had plenty of name suggestions for the alliance so basically we are already half way done for the next one.
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