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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by MortarionX, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. MortarionX

    How many of you medics know that you can revive MAXs when you have at least 10 certs in healing? I play as a TR MAX on Connery and there have been plenty of times where I have been downed, then the area clears and I can see medics running around me. In those cases most, but not all the time, I am completely ignored and it is quite frustrating. MAXs in their current state aren't all that durable and they are expensive and time consuming too =p. So please spread the word to other medics to revive MAXs if they seem them. It's for the best interest of your faction and they will be extremely grateful, or at least I will.
  2. Serjikal

    I thought you could revive MAXes from the get go? I don't have any points in medic gun, except what I started with and have revived them?
  3. iEatGlue

    MAXs do not, I repeat DO NOT, currently show the corpse icon above their dead bodies. In large battles this causes many medics to not see (or acknowledge) that dead MAX on the ground. Also the basic med gun can revive a MAX.

    If that is fixed, you will see many more revives as medics are xp sIuts.
  4. Daswen

    Yeah i second iEatGlue, no icon for dead Maxs. So some players may be confused...
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  5. CrimsonDaemon

    While I agree that they definitely need the icon above their corpse, I think its funny that a lot of the medics I see must not read the description of what they cert into. Maybe it needs to also have [YOU CAN REVIVE MAXES] in the class and cert description
  6. McKnighter

    I didn't even know I could Rez MAX's until like a day ago. xD

  7. knighthonor

    did not know that.
  8. CrimsonDaemon

    Next time a medic doesn't revive you, its ok to yell at him for not playing his class to its fullest
  9. FallowField

    Right now I almost exclusively play Engineer and will follow MAXs around to heal and resupply them (that is when I'm not driving a vehicle, manning base or sunderer turrets, or other stuff). I will however switch to medic if I see a lack of them and a downed MAX (assuming I can switch and get back to him in time).

    Again, I'm pretty sure it would better if MAXs got an icon over their heads, preferably one that screams "Here is a downed MAX! Revive him!"
  10. Cyridius

    Players using MAXes should try stay downed for a while longer than usual aswell. I always try to get to them and it's annoying seeing my time and their combat effectiveness and resources wasted because they're so eager to respawn.
  11. MortarionX

    I've stayed downed for 3 minutes before, any longer and it's not worth staying downed cuz of the cool down. But SPREAD THE WORD ALL THE MEDICS MUST KNOW. On the bright side I have been being rezzed a lot more lately.
  12. Vreki

    Its kind of hard to miss that giant shining metal *** pointing skywards, I dont have any problem seeing a downed MAX.
    But I agree that the icon would help educate newbie medics.
  13. knighthonor

    Problem is, that most medics starting out learned they can't heal MAXs, so logically they figured they can't Rez them ether. Logically it makes sense. It's why I never tried to Rez them, after noticing I couldn't heal them.
  14. ChrisLand

    100% agree with this ^^^

    Most medics see that and don't try. I've been a medic since beta and I go for MAX suits first when rezing, but most newer medics wont...its not necessarily their fault though.
  15. Trysaeder

    That's mostly because MAX players have learnt that they will not get a revive within a reasonable amount of time in the current climate.

    A MAX is an exoskeleton, there's a person inside it. I don't blame them for not knowing though.
  16. CaminoArcher

    They are my First Target to rez in a fight, but what annoys me to no end is U need a Engi AND a medic to keep the max up and I have died so many times(As a MAX) because I couldnt get an engi and a Medic to stay with me!!!! I never even noticed they dont have an Icon. I look for the corpses and I follow them on PURPOSE because they are our front line.
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  17. Jannepanel

    I know, and i do.
  18. Vreki

    You cant expect two randoms to dedicate their time to help a third random get killstreaks. That usually requires an outfit or a good squad.
  19. HairyButts

    When a medic revives a MAX, does their health% change depending on the medigun level?
  20. Lavalampe

    Yes, just take a look at the tooltip for the Medical Applicator Certs

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