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  1. elkikko92

    Any news about Oshur Continent?
  2. elkikko92

  3. Demigan

    Nothing new, its still a bad idea. It'll only split the playerbase more in what continent they want, the air-game still isnt designed to be anywhere near the primary means of combat its supposed to be on Oshur and it wont solve the problems of people feeling stuck on the same bases.

    A solution would have focused on improving the usage of all the space on the continents, providing ways that bases around warpgates see more action without trivialising defense and making the capture of each base a more layered experience with the potential for switching the type of gameplay at each continent capture (several versions of CTF, assault, deathmatch/attrition, VIP etc).

    But hey, lets just ignore those options, create a new continent with the same problems and try to make the worst balanced area of the game the primary means of combat, that's not going to backfire!
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  4. elkikko92

    Yes, manage too many players in a big battlefield is not very easy. It needs a strong metagame, resource revamp and a better capture system (removing lattice system).
    I dont think Oshur is a failure, because it's not big as a normal continent, and it has a new capture system.
    Lets hope!
  5. Demigan

    What would you suggest as an alternative to the lattice system? The previous system was much more horrible, promotig ghost capping (now worse with stalkers) and Zergs that avoided each other and were harder to stop (any place you had enough people would just mean they congregate on one of the other bases nearby).

    I think the lattice system has many merits, but could use some more adaptability:
    - after each continent lock, it reopens with one of a few options of lattice links. This makes it possible for fights to go in completely different directions and may make some bases a pivotal point one time and a deserted backalley base the next.
    - The continents are littered with communication towers, give these a purpose. Capturing one could create (portions of) A lattice link. Capture enough and you can link a base normally inaccessible. These comms towers are also perfect for small PMB constructions and allow the devs to control the terrain to protect bases from cheese attacks but also prevent dickmove bases.
    - Allow PMB's to create a lattice-link to the area they are build on. Ultimate freedom to attack just about any base on a continent, but you'd better defend it while you cap the base. PMB's in area's not directly linked to an enemy lattice and farther away than 400m of an enemy territory could receive damage reductions so that they can remain safe until the area is attackable (bases with artillery capable of striking enemy territory excepted).
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  6. elkikko92

    I like your suggestions!
    I have an idea to create battles in differents territories: when a continent is unlocked every factions have random territories in his own.
  7. Demigan

    Do you mean that upon unlocking a continent each faction gets a random amount of territory? I wouldn't keep it completely random, as you can easily murder a faction's capabilities of getting a good chance of capturing the continent. Especially if you do this to the northwest warpgate on Esamir for example...
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  8. elkikko92

    Yes! It could be a good idea?

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