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  1. RabidIBM

    Thanks for continuing to develop the continent, certainly some were worried that this continent was going to get the "Hossin effect" where a draft remains implemented for 8+ years. I'm glad to see that the weaknesses of Interlink facilities are being addressed, as well as some bugs are getting sorted out. It's also good to hear that you haven't completely blanked on the production of "purple juice" from territory.

    That said, there is still much work to be done. Some pointers I would give:

    -The tridents aka. Space Needles need more space to breathe. Currently either the attackers have the defenders spawn camped, or they are losing. There really isn't a lot of back and forth at these bases.
    -There is a distinct lack of alternative paths to flank enemies who are dug in. I've had it happen that one route is a grinder, so I try to go around on what looks like it should be a path, only to find a dead end.
    -First, they just need a bigger foot print to allow for more rooms and paths.
    -Second, it would be cool to see an upper and lower floor added. Keep the control points on the current level, which would be the center level, but add some vertical flanking routes for the defenders to break out of their spawn room. The lower deck could have those glass floors you walk on in any touristy tower.

    -This needs work. Very often the eastern faction are pressing the western faction's home territory, but that's because the map basically forces them to.
    -East of Dekat interlink, there are 3 blank bases in a row, followed by the home base. This unfortunately is not good for battle flow, as the lack of hard logistics creates a lot of uncountered zergs.
    -For context, this is a builder main telling you that 3 builder bases in a row is a bad idea. I would ideally want an even mix of 1 developer base to 1 builder base. This way, even when there is no PMB the existence of the construction site on the lattice means that field battles can take place.
    -Then, the no-build zones need to be placed smartly so that places builders will reasonable want to add fortifications will be available, but the fight inside the developer made base is free from interference.

    -Having half the vehicles float and half sink is producing weird results, and not in a good way. A proper vehicle column will have a mixed order of vehicles (think "combined arms") and having the light combat and logistics vehicles floating, which both exposes them and is a massive tell as to the location of the armour, is just not good.
    -I would rather have one standard for all vehicles. Either they all float, or they all sink.

    -You went to the trouble to develop underwater functions, and even made underwater specific kit for us, but then didn't put any objectives underwater.
    -You could change the sea post facilities to have 3 points instead of 1, with 2 of them underwater. Then there'd be a reason to go in the drink.
    -Tridents could have a 4th control point at the base in order to give troops a reason to go underwater there. Attackers could still capture the base with 3 out of 4 points, but they would have to clear out underwater resistance before they could use the lattice it opens.

    -Other than an ant update, all you did was give the silo console a phone update, ie you scrambled the crap out of the UI without adding any function. Next time you aren't updating construction, don't tease that you're going to update construction. Also, give me the option to have my old console back please.
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  2. CompletelyDeadCoyote

    Yeah, the Tridents would not be hurt from a bit more space. I see a lot of back-and-forth fights there, but they do have claustrophobic feel. On the other hand, it's such a cheeze to throw grenades out of the spawnroom or rush out as an infil and put AI mines in the middle of the enemy crowd.
    A second floor could definitely be nice.

    And I do hope the underwater part is still in development and they will make some big update in a couple of months with more underwater stuff. Because otherwise it would be a sad waste of opportunity.
  3. Trebb

    I came back for the first time in ages. Sat in the Q for the new continent because I don't trust spending money yet (been a subscriber for 99% of PS2's life)

    Finally got on, only found 1 active fight and died instantly to an orbital strike. Got hit with a second one on my 2nd spawn. And I'm out. Not even gonna bother checking the rest out, good luck!
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  4. RabidIBM

    I hear you on the OS spam, I've been calling foul on that for a much.
  5. AuricStarSand

    To each their own. Tho that's all it takes to quit these days, dying twice?

    I didn't quit after pocket OS's double nuked my 3 alt 40 min build time silo yesterday, hugging Mirror Bay Tower (destroying 20 out of 50 items, since the tower absorbed some of the dmg). Regular non pocket OS's aren't happening left & right, the load circle takes time to load. Takes more time to load, than the kills you get. 4 to 15 kills per 5 min load time + drive time + dying trying to hit the button for the os at the right area.

    I built a silo near a 48verse48 Pommel Garden fight, the other day. Later I added a OS. The 1st time I tried using my OS, after building for 30 min, I died. I then repeatedly died 10 times, trying to use the OS once. I got killed on the deployable flash, got killed while invisible stalker few times, took another flash & my ally in a harasser accidentally ran me over, grabbed the os dart gun again, for a HA in my base to kill me or infil. So I never got off my 1st OS, died 10 times trying, then my silo was destroyed. Didn't OS even once. Died 10 times trying to drive over, to push the button, to start.

    Not only that, if you build a huge silo, then wait for the os, by the time you're done building, or harvesting for the build items. You don't want harvest more for the OS. So most flail or os silos are 1 man bases, not big ones, just small outposts, easily destroyed. We have all these ant players talking about how weak & easily destroyed silos are. Then you have vet k/d infantry players who are too noob, to take on said weak silos, smh. It's not that destroying them is tough, just getting a squad to help may be.

    Real life has artillery, even ww2, tho I guess the future doesn't by the way these infantry players talk. Redcoats verse Patriots had artillery too. Maybe devs add some utilities for infantry or parked sunders to be guarded from flail better. I'd personally like more artillery Shell bunkers & Mortars for trench warfare.

    Lots of OS's don't do fall damage, the vehicles or infantry, fly into the water landing safely, for Oshur. So infantry & sunders need anti flail defense utilities. & silo verse silo gameplay, needs the glaive nerfed.
  6. MonnyMoony

    Underwater gameplay needs some love - currently there is very little reason to go under, unless you are evading attack, or trying to flank an island. There should be underwater capture points at some bases as suggested by the OP.

    Also - should there be underwater bases too - perhaps with a combination of underwater and air breathing sections (something like the Gungan city in Star Wars) - with capture points in both areas.

    Might it even be possible to have hackable shield doors which if opened allow previously dry areas of the base to be flooded and vice versa (perhaps using similar game mechanics to the shield bridges).
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  7. AuricStarSand

    This list gets +1 vote for the devs to see.

    The only mention I would add is: If all vehicles are only going to float or sink, I would vote for all to float. So the devs may either 1) Make boat plus ocean floor racer specs; for options to switch to either ocean floor or boat travel or 2) Just make all tanks float & invent a new vehicle for ocean floor battles. Ship verse Ship battles need to happen & they won't happen till all MBT's float.

    & Ye. Where's the ant builder update buff? Many have asked, why add Oshur without a silo update 1st.
  8. Scroffel5

    Thats a kind of dumb way to think. I guess the number of fights depends on your server, so thats understandable, but orbital strikes? Get out of the area. Go disable the base that is being used for orbital striking. OS aren't even a big problem.
  9. RabidIBM

    He actually has a good point about OSs, and you shouldn't dismiss him. First, your assertion that one player should go disable the OS base is absurd. Any builder worth his salt can't be disabled by a single player. However, PMB OSs probably aren't what's even bothering him. Pocket OSs are cheese.
  10. Scroffel5

    Pocket OS? What does it take to get one of those?
  11. RabidIBM

    AKA outfit armoury OSs which can be right clicked onto the map with no warning, counter play, or even need for the player launching them to be alive.
  12. vonRichtschuetz

    TBH I think it's intended Trident's don't offer much of a back and forth. I expected those to be as bad as Biolabs or Containment Sites - endless stalemates because those are too easy to defend. But usually those fights are pretty straightforward. I like that the fights there usually are over relatively fast.
  13. Scroffel5

    Thats stupid. Outfits don't need OSs when they can be the OS. They should be removed.