[Suggestion] OS Spam is ruining fights and kills 'fun' things

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  1. Greeno

    I can see there's some personalities that clash and maybe even tempers on this forum. Heck in game there are. I'm about a week into Planetside and I actually enjoy the orbitals. I want to paint the picture about how I came to that statement and touch on all of the mechanics.

    My first encounters were these seemingly mindless endeavors and then something happened... the map lights up, I hear a warning, and 50 feet in front of me people are dead or flying. Its pretty epic to witness considering guys fly farther than your average games map size. The cry's for medic ring out and such. From what I gather Orbitals kill indiscriminately either side so if there is "spamming" its simply trying to deny battlespace to the enemy and you have to be careful you don't fry everyone. I'm amazed in that video posted, that Sunderer lasted that long without guys on the building rocketing it. You all were assaulting with a cliff face behind you with no to escape... it asking to be bombarded by that or air power.

    I'm sure this will be triggering to some: What baffles my mind in this game is how there is a large contingent that just bee line to the objective, peripherals and general awareness be damned, they'll hit a group of enemies and do this distance bob and weave thing at each other... not a whole lot of maneuver warfare beyond this dance for some. I watched this from a distance. Try as a might though, newbie me couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and it was off to VR for marksmanship training. Ultimately you do need a force in a blocking position from time to time to bring your side to victory. Now that what's so cool and massive about this game. You can sort of do whatever you want on the battlefield in this. For some, that quick, right to max bullets flying, spawn/die/farm/spawn/die/farm is something they love.

    With all that said, I'll call my time exploring the country side "phase 2" of my PlanetSide experience. This adventure began when I decided I was going to go around the outside of the object a bit and try to find another door... well turns out there wasn't another door and just a cliff I slid down and it instantly made more sense why everyone wanted that door. Nestled at the base of this hill was a (thank God) friendly outpost... which I actually couldn't interact with at all lol. However there was a truck with mandibles there and I decided to hop in. I'm sorry to whoever's truck I stole. You spawned another shortly after placing some items as I struggled with fixing my keymaps for vehicles... and I saw you laser crystals as the game flashed on the screen what this truck was but I missed it... I don't remember how I knew what the silo was but I nearly filled it up. I also apologize, despite saying in local chat I would return the truck in one piece... I got into a little Baja situation and it went for a tumble and when things settled aircraft took me out. At this point I had no idea what all that mining was about but once again... to each his own. The war machine wanted cortium, so I gave it cortium that day.

    Lastly, I feel fortunate I was able to join an Outfit rather quickly after my day of exploring. I know some get real enjoyment out of these virtual stalemates, filling silo's, driving trucks etc. All of it adds up for those that want to do some territorial and battlespace management. These fights spill out into the country side and end up secondary battles at different bases. Its exceptionally gratifying knowing you broke a camp by using combination of these mineral powered FOB's, or rolling up defensive sunderers from the next base over then loaded up your satisfied defenders and deploying at the new front. I rather enjoy pulling off sneaking around and objective with some outfit members who decided that "they have the farming/camping handled". The Orbital ends up being a tool to supplement that.

    So with that, I say, happy orbital everyone.
  2. Trebb

    I didn't understand most of that, but I see you mentioned silos and trucks with mandibles, so... erm, talking about base Orbitals? 99% of us are fine with those, it's the zergfits unleashing 5+ OUTFIT orbital strikes in a matter of minutes. Point/click, no base building needed.

    I don't run routers as much as I used to, why spend 10-15 minutes setting up a base, waiting for the router spire to spawn in, getting a router, flying to the fight (avoiding the warpgate camping skyknights), and getting the router + beacons in the perfect spot, when some guy just has to click the map. All that work gone. No point in being tactical.
  3. Greeno

    I decided to read up on how the whole system works. Right clicking the map does sort of prevent any prevention. There should be some sort of target designator unless say a Bastion is on the field.

    This would allow anyone in the Outfit to request a strike and only designated officials of the outfit to approve it. Since it currently skips the need for the uplink... maybe an ANT with a satellite communications package in place of front end lasers to allow communication with your war asset that shooting the strike. Always nice to expand the existing vehicle footprint of any game. See attached image of L-ATV C2 by Oshkosh defense for reference.

    SOURCE: https://homelandprepnews.com/storie...veils-fleet-of-joint-light-tactical-vehicles/
    So in order to call the strike you'd need:
    -Someone Designating the target eyes on
    -Someone approving the target
    -Something to communicate with whatever fires it in space

    Communications via Bastion, ANT with Comm Sat attachment deployed in range, or traditional uplink meeting criteria.

    Another option to spit ball, a communications jammer that blocks the signal. This jammer could be a builder asset like the uplink or permanent fixtures throughout the map like shield generators and they have a certain effective range. If it was a buildable asset, reveal it on the map as interference or the firing designator acts as tool to find the source of the interference. Obviously this interference device would need deploy rules to prevent it being placed in the teams safe space spawn zone.

    Any of these mechanics would force factions to attack several areas at once, encourage bastions out and about, and force people out the stalemate to try and prevent orbitals.

    I'll be honest though, for the most part, other than hurting someone's precious K/D, it would seem like most forces do actually take them in stride lol If the team doing the strike doesn't move in quick and secure a new foothold, its basically wasted.
  4. Cluelessclem

    Just make the OS like it used to be with it is built at player made base but make the range twice as large. Increase the cost? That is like giving somebody a slap on the wrist for committing a crime, wont solve anything.
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  5. AntDX316

    Fighting important cont alert bases is how the play the game. Taking people away from these areas to get stuck in other unimportant areas is what not to do.
  6. AntDX316


    If you are saying to make it more complicated than it actually is, this is what not to do. A lot of the people in the game are very casual. The Orbitals are not OP. I use it nearly everyday w/ War Assets. Citadel Shields aren't OP either. It makes the game better when a super important base like Indar Comm. is the last base to win the continent alert. Lots of OS and shields go off on the last 5 minutes. It's really something to experience. Now, to make it more challenging for this to happen (coordination from multiple people) would make it worse. Taking multiple days to pull a Bastion I thought was bad but people still pull it, even if it's only 2 people on the carrier. We used to pull every single night but pulling now than before is no different. Dying in 5 minutes after pulling one still can happen. From what I've seen, OS and Citadels are more effective. Citadels can be more effective than Orbitals. For the price compared w/ everything, Bastions are something cool to have for the outfit but from what I've seen too, they don't overpower an alert to a victory. Usually, the faction w/ the Bastion loses.

    Being able to self-authorized with a right-click and left-click on the map is really how the future should be. Right now, in the world, it's not like that to keep people for accidentally firing or firing with inexperience. Maybe when AI and people can have perfect discernment to OS or not OS in real-life, it can be done with just One person. Like I've said, making it more difficult to do what is already easy especially in a quick and fun game like Planetside 2 is what not to do. If you want games that take long to setup and coordinate, then play Squad or ArmA, not Planetside 2. If I want a quicker faster paced FPS game, I play Call of Duty, not Planetside 2. If I want to control units I play Dota 2. I switch amongst these games. If you need help at a base then drop a sitrep and ask for help in command. Most of the time, during peak hours people respond. Off-peak hours, you are usually on your own. People shouldn't focus on certain things in the game and try to nerf it. It's due to people not realizing the other assets in the game and realizing how everything is really balanced.

    Also, the skyshield blocks the OS from doing full damage to Player-bases. Used to be able to nuke an entire base with 1 OS even though skyshields exist. Even after you take out a skyshield module, it takes a while for it to completely disappear. This should be fixed.
  7. AntDX316

    You should realize how long it takes to generate 75 blue and the 15 minutes it takes to create another OS. You can create a new router or anvil drop a sunderer in less than 3 minutes from losing the other one. Calling an OS on your position means, calling an OS in other positions that could have tons of more people w/ more effect cannot be called because it was used on your position.
  8. RabidIBM

    Had a silly thing yesterday. I was 15 minutes into making a PMB, the enemy attacked, I and some pubs held them off. Then an OS came down, but I still had a base, so a second OS came down 30 seconds later. This is just dumb that someone who is salty about losing can double tap the "I win" button. And no, neither was a constructed OS, both were armoury OSs.