[Suggestion] OS Spam is ruining fights and kills 'fun' things

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  1. pnkdth

    OS spam is consistent with the current design philosophy that every long/drawn out fight is bad. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to have a feature which helps the zergball moving forward with no challenge and removing any kind of strategic/tactical importance to the game. More importantly, this game is not about having fun, it is all about capping bases, not defending them (because defending a base means there's actually a fight).

    I mean, my favourite aspect of the game is redeploying between bases, riding in a sunderer, and spawn-camping. It is just so much fun! /s
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  2. Trebb

    This sure looks like a few seconds of fun fighting, coupled with 10 minutes of OS spam crapping on the otherwise good fight

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  3. RabidIBM

    Thanks for the vid Trebb, in a horrible way I was laughing through that. It shows so much of what is wrong with the current build.
  4. Zipr

    Force Multipliers...

    How hard can you knock an OS that takes out the only spawn which happens to be a Router? You and/or the enemy can learn to "pocket" a Router... You want a base defended especially outnumbered? Consider throwing up a Citadel Yeah, I may personally look over several things to consider but it certainly isn't gonna hurt chances.

    Arguably the combination of OS and/or Citadels is some of the best things ever added to the game (FM MF) I mean of course there is still some learning curve and skill plays a role Maybe it's more just dumb luck than anything too

    Appreciate ya AntDX taking time to post some Truth...
  5. Exileant

    :confused: No way.... They were and kind of are still way over priced. They are fine now, and pretty to watch. The whole 15 minute build time is already too much added in the factor. Makes the ship feel like it uses AAA batteries to be charged. o_O Heck I would even go as far as saying they detonate too slowly. Great for dramatic effect, poor on lethal response.... Past the fact they are survivable, even if you do not wish to do the logical thing, which is NOT to cluster up.... They are escapable... As a soldier. :( They should be able to be used on Bastions. They need to be faster for that.
  6. AntDX316

    yeah, if people don't have the right perspective about things it can ruin something that already is balanced and works

    I still think removing the Indar rock bridge was bad. They should at least put a flat bridge there instead if the rocks were too challenging for some people.
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  7. JustGotSuspended

    they could even have both tbh. Wrel likes tunnels. There could be a tunnel under the crown that can spawn vehicles, from that terminal no one uses because it's on the wrong side. The tunnel would lead to a bridge, suspended from under the rock bridge. That bridge would then lead to a tunnel with elevators and a sunderer placement spot under TI.
  8. Trebb

    Think of how fun TI alloys could be with a Crown tunnel or two, maybe a teleporter to help reduce run times?
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  9. JustGotSuspended

    from ceres too
  10. AntDX316

    I was thinking tunnels would be cool but taking the fight underground can turn into another Bio Lab issue where people would stay there and not come out. Unless they can design it where full size tanks can fit side by side, that would definitely be interesting.
  11. JustGotSuspended

    I never really understood people who think like this. If people like the fight and it generates a large scale battle everyone flocks towards, isn't that kinda the whole point of the game? The issue isn't with the base, it's with the fact the other bases aren't able to generate those fun fights, or there lacks incentive to move the fun fight elsewhere, or both.

    Pointing it out as a problem and then proceeding to expunge what the majority of the playbase finds fun, and what is literally what the game is meant to offer is simply mind-blowing.

    Though in this scenario I imagined the bridge would fit vehicles, which is why I suggested one of the crown's terminals would spawn tanks on one end of the tunnel.
  12. Exileant

    :eek: First off, that was an awesome video, and it added to my point. THAT is a WAR ZONE. I can think of 2 ways that medic could have survived like 3 of those. Second, the Orbitals ruined NOBODIES fun. As soon as a Strike ended, the base was right back flooded with people to fight, on both sides. :confused: So you are complaining about what? Periodic 2 second breaks in combat? :D Come on now.... Hahahaha!
  13. JustGotSuspended

    ....calling the guy and the 48 NC in the vid nobodies is fine by me I guess.

    Where it gets confusing is when you claim OS don't do anything, but validate them. Why are they here then? Might as well remove them to improve performance and get rid of those 2 second periodic intermissions.
  14. Trebb

  15. JustGotSuspended

  16. Zipr

    Post TL:DR Plus it's off topic from the OP
  17. Exileant

    ;) Yes, I do. Mainly those who lack in situational awareness and the utterly dense die to them. The N.C. in that video were my case and point. If you just got killed by an orbital, why the spell would you re-deploy and repopulate the SAME area?

    :confused: Point and click is what you keyboard and mouse runners do every dang day with basic weapons that blindside people, then you jitter-bug out of the way abusing the lack of scan-hit.. (Which is fine, wear out what your mama made ya. Because I plan to do the same.) However, Orbitals have 50 warnings and a timed delay that allow you to get away. :D The person in the video was only upset because he was dead set on farming revives and healing points instead of truly pulling his weight in an area where a medic team of 5 would not make much difference. o_O Even so he STILL could have done what he wanted to do, had he only used Revive or Healing Grenades at a distance as well as the Grenade booster. Like I said, a dang implant would have saved him 2ice, a little forethought to change classes would have saved him the rest. He would have been fine the first Orbital if you simply put that large pillar between him and the light of the blast.

    :) Orbitals are fun, and the game is better with them than without, thanks to population issues. Well placed, they can shake the field up. None of those were placed to win however; if they were, you would have seen all of the Sunderers targeted and destroyed. They knew N.C. would just stand there because they have the numbers to tank them. I have had Orbitals placed directly on my location while on foot and in Vehicles. Most of the time I get far enough away I only get a slight nudge from them. :eek: The times I died, I died because I was greedy and stupid. The kill farm was just too good to move, (A.K.A. Stupid) or I wedged myself into an area that was too hard to escape with my vehicle... (A.K.A. Greedy....)

    ;) I back them because they are a deterrent when you are playing against people who have sense. They prevent too large of gatherings, and force people to spread out; or possibly have to take a 2 second break in combat all the while netting the other team a TON of certs. Either way, it is the recipients choice. :p
  18. Zhakathoom

    This game has soooo many issues with mechanics that skews the balance between the fun of the few and the fun of the many. Much like OS where one dude can literally kill tens of other players by simply rightclicking on the map. And then when there are 5 of these dudes wanking OS **** in the same fight it's just killing the fun for all the other players and the game isn't a game anymore, it's just a spamchat toxic waitingroom.

    And there are other, less impacting examples of the same stuff with Bastions, HESH, Air to ground ESF, cloaked bolters (remove cloak from bolters to at least make them somewhat combatable), cloaked ants and flashes just roadkilling willy nilly on sundies at hectic fights.. It's just mechanics that let a handful of players (not counting cloaked bolters which number in the hundreds on any given ridge in the game), at very little risk, prey on other players to great effect on their own KD, but very little effect on the goals at hand, and with a HUUGE detrimental experience to everyone on the receiving end.
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  19. JustGotSuspended

    I'm so confused, you said in your first few sentences they did nothing because the idiotic players kept running back to the same spot they got nuked?!??!?!

    Also what's up with preventing large gatherings? I get its rona season but...the whole point of a massive online multiplayer first person shooter is to have massive first person battles..... right?
  20. Exileant

    :confused: :oops: ....The entire point of any war is to beat the other team by 2 means that lead to 1 goal. You either kill everyone, or scare them off. Either way, they stop coming back. For an Orbital Strike to be effective (I.E. Well Placed) Your Orbital must strike at the heart of your enemies push. I explained this already. If your Orbital is only delaying your opposition by mere seconds, you dropped a Failed or a Harvest Orbital. o_O Those Orbitals could have easily been aimed at the Sunderers. The Launcher chose to go for the points and Certs by simply dropping Multiple on the dozens of dummies who just wanted to throw bodies at a stalemate battle.... :D It is no wonder you all think V.S. is so Overpowered. You have to think about what you are doing.

    :eek:So NO, that is not the point of a Massive Online Multiplayer.... The whole point is to WIN THE FIGHT here. For one; the Servers have issues handling such large gatherings. Two; even if you want to let the enemy amass for the sake of a senseless battle that is not going to award you any materials, you do not want to let the crowd get too big, or else you risk your Crop rebelling, and turning: "--HARVEST TIME!!!!" into an actual battle, where you could potentially lose your foothold. Considering you get double points from a win of an Alert, one MIGHT think, you WINNING TERRITORY is the point of this M.M.O.S. V.S. and N.OPS. sure do.
    ;) I cannot be anymore clear than that.