[Suggestion] OS Spam is ruining fights and kills 'fun' things

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Trebb, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. JustGotSuspended

    yeah but that's like drawing the same sized no deploy zone circles on every base and calling it a day. In some scenarios it works, in most it doesn't.

    With that solution, it might stop the spam but now the faction that strikes first is rewarded. It encourages using them earlier in the fight. Also encourages coordinated uses of them, so they can drop multiple nukes at once, before the timer triggers. Then the other faction can't retaliate.

    Honestly just removing them is the better solution over getting a headache trying to solve how to implement something that brings no depth to the game.
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  2. Pelojian

    that's where you can put a firing delay and queue system in, only the first in queue gets processed and fires, the rest don't do anything and the queue doesn't keep the invalid ones on the list after the valid one gets processed.
  3. AntDX316

    no, that would make it bad

    Back-to-back OS doesn't mean it does anything. It's really good at Indar Comm. If you want a more controlled game play Fifa or something.
  4. Pelojian

    changing games shouldn't be a solution to a bad game design decision like outfit OS, before OS was tied to construction, now anyone and their dog can spam OS.

    OS was balanced when it was tied to bases, you had a reasonable amount of time to counter and the ability to counter it, now you can't, you can get hit multiple times in the space of a few minutes, that's not balanced.
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  5. RabidIBM

    Here a beam! There a beam! Everywhere a meme beam!

    Yeah, I had started a couple threads of my own on this topic, I'm cool with this being the master thread for "Outfit orbitals are toxic". The thing is that there are other uses for the armoury that go unused because a few people at the top of each outfit want to farm kills. I've even tried to call out people in my outfit for wasting them after the outfit had spent all day taking and guarding blue resource bases and just got "yeah, well, I got a bunch of kills, so, worth it!"

    For comparison, the citadel shield gives everyone on your faction a chance to benefit. The citadel shield is what a balanced asset looks like. But, you know, the guy right clicking the map doesn't get to effortlessly farm a bunch of kills.
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  6. Clone117

    with all those orbitals those bases should be redesigned to look like giant craters. That said. My only problem is how there are used. If they ignored cover and killed everyone indiscriminate of location they could have been a stalemate breaker by wiping everyone whereever it was placed. Unfortunately they arnt effective at that.
  7. AntDX316

    A Citadel Shield placed right can be far more effective than an Orbital. Orbitals are great at taking out Max stacks outside the doors of a heavily contested and important base to win or lose an alert. Orbitals are also great at taking out routers and spawn beacons. Even if we had the most epic legendary captures with less than 2 seconds remaining, it has to be done again the next alert or the next day. This is kind of like Call of Duty in where you can get excellent results by joining in, even with just you putting a key sunderer, router, or taking those out yourself. Reversing and holding caps too. It may not be as quick fix like Call of Duty but it's not as long as ArmA nor as long as the game called Squad.
  8. OneShadowWarrior

    Outfit OS Spams, Shields. Bastion Carriers and Storms on Esamir, all of these ruin fights period.

    When 60% population against 40% show and your camped in tubes, time to leave when it’s down to 30 seconds at base, just get kills from behind shields in spawn room. Sunderers are the worst spawn option in the game, the cloaking bubble is pathetic.

    In general when bases exceed 48 players the client hit detection goes to trash.
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  9. JustGotSuspended

    Also the shields seem to die really fast, and don't stop a2g! Would be great if the shields had more hp, and prevented enemy esfs from entering the bubble/damaging the shield.
  10. Johannes Kaiser

    Indeed. I see it most often to shield attackers, who also have air superiority and most often numbers (60/40 give or take) to shield the point from the defenders. Some enterprising outfits also use it to keep it above a mountain to shield their groundpounding ESFs and a couple of repair Galaxies. Enterprising and innovative sure, but pretty much uncounterable, because you don't get close with air and if you delete the bubble with an OS they'll just have it up again in ten seconds. And it renders the already lacklustre AA completely obsolete, while the already too strong A2G can farm with impunity.
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  11. JustGotSuspended

    yeah exactly.

    Since the shield is so easy to kill, people only every use it to reinforce their advantage, which makes it useless for what (I suppose) it was intended to do.

    Although one time, during a fight between howling pass and the vehicle capture point in between, a guy used the shield to provide some cover while he built a base and spawned his platoon. The shield emitter was out of reach from the attackers at howling, and helped protect the vulnerable construction. And thankfully, there weren't any esfs to flyby and wipe the shield out in an instant.
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  12. JobiWan

    I cancelled my membership last night, I'm sick of OS spam. TI Alloys is just OS every minute and it's just ridiculous.
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  13. synkrotron

    I've since been experimenting with a fully maxed out Safe Fall implant and it does seem to help surviving an OS, providing you can get a little bit away from the centre.

    Sounds a bit of a waste of an implant, though...

    Wasn't Orbital Strike an original Planetside thing?

    I seem to remember a lot of people asking for it a bit ago, and now it is here... I doubt very much it will now be removed...
  14. Johannes Kaiser

    Imo the projector should be inside. So to destroy it, you have to go into the shield and then shoot upwards, being an easy target for those who are inside the shield. But this way it can protect against air and destroying it is actually a bit of work and not just throwing a bit or stuff in its general direction.
    For those who use it in an advantage, this will make virtually no difference anyway, and for those ***** who use it to shield their groundpounding air, there is ALSO no difference at all, since it is pretty much indestructible anyway. But for those who actually use the shield to weather adversity this would likely help.
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  15. JustGotSuspended

    alternatively this could be used as a way to trap people inside a fight. Only friendlies allowed to enter and leave the bubble, enemies are trapped inside the shield. No fire is allowed through inside or outside the shield.
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  16. Trebb

    I get that OSs are good for bunker bustering dug in maxxes, but I HATE how they get rid of spawn options (well placed beacons and routers). I used to be the go to guy for routers, as NSO actually help here by being able to place it close to friendly ones. But now there's an OS at EVERY fight, and by the time I return with the 3rd router, the good part of the fight is over. so...why bother?
  17. JustGotSuspended

    Not even, to be dug in a max needs to be covered by medics and engineers, which don't die in the OS. By the time the team's able to push again, those maxes are 99% of the time going to be full health.

    It's fine to stop max crashes, which is kinda lame.
  18. Tr34

    We aren't suggesting complete removal though (I personally would be happy if they removed it completely though:)) ,
    they should at least remove outfit "consumable" orbitals which are causing this problem.
    Normally orbitals required you to build a base and orbital strike uplink. Now outfits can buy it as a war asset and spam together.
    This is not an intended use in my opinion, it's like a nuke and shouldn't be spammed that often.
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  19. synkrotron

    Me too, I suppose.

    I wasn't aware that the OS was an outfit consumable. So, even I could call up an OS even though there are only my characters in my Outfit? I've never bothered looking.

    This makes more sense to me as it requires a bit more of an investment in the game as a whole.

    I agree
  20. JustGotSuspended

    yup back then I was in a solo fit and I could spam 3 nukes at once, and I made enough resources to do so quite frequently. They reduced the maximum to 2, and played around with resources and gains, but overall it's still not hard for a solo outfit player to craft a few nukes and anvils if they want.

    Since the base captures are based on the top 10 scorers of an outfit, you could be the one running around capturing all the points, killing everyone and overloading the gens and outscore the best 10 members of whatever zergfit is participating in the cap. It feels a bit better, although I can agree the system still needs a lot of improvement, but it gives everyone a "fair" chance to cap a base, no matter how many friendlies they are competing with.

    Back then I can remember and even pull out a few screenshots of times where I(or some other player) scores the highest score by far, has 100+ kills and loses the cap to an outfit that doesn't even have one of their members on the board, simply because they brought a massive zerg. The new system prevents this.

    So yeah, look into it and see if you can earn resources to craft some stuff. Preferably go for heavy anvils and tactical stuff of the sort so you can help your team, but I won't lie, I'm guilty sometimes of spamming some nukes too lol
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