[Suggestion] OS Spam is ruining fights and kills 'fun' things

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Trebb, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. Trebb

    Time to increase the OS material cost again! At crowded fights, we're still getting hit with, on average, 1 OS every minute sometimes.

    Worse, platoon leaders occasionally try fun stuff. You know, the people kind enough to make the game fun by leading. Last night, we were all on top of that huge mountain near Crossroads. Rather than pull a normal counter, they simply pointed and clicked. Done. It's completely stupid. As a joke we went back 3 times. 3 more orbitals quickly followed.

    In past PvP games, when people would defend their blatantly overpowered ability 'because it had a cooldown', I'd counter with hyperbole: Would you be ok with an AE ability that killed everyone in a 200m radius, as long as it had a huge cooldown? No sane person would take that bait. ...yet here we are!

    (I'm aware it doesn't kill *everybody*, but it's still a stupidly easy way to get dozens of kills, cancel out strategically placed beacons, and kill routers all with the same one click. Amazon should sue PS2 /tease)
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  2. Gustavo M

    You guys remember back in the days a mass of plebbitors saying that the OS was (only) going to be used to kill zergs?
    Good times...good times.
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  3. Liewec123

    orbital strikes in general are bad for the game, but atleast the construction ones need a bit of set up and planning to use,
    and can also be countered before they can ruin the fight.

    outfit OS is just a ridiculous idea that never should have even made it to PTS.

    best thing to do would be remove it, give people warning so they can use any that they have made before they vanish.
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  4. Trebb

    Yup, agree that base OS setup is fine, its the point and click adventure of the outfit orbitals that need to go away.
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  5. UberNoob1337101

    Just remove outfit orbitals and you've fixed the problem.

    PMBs are super slow in general, and I don't think they can realistically get more than 1 orbital in a fight.
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  6. JustGotSuspended

    Yeah there was a fight yesterday, and 8 nukes were dropped in under 2 minutes. It wasn't even a big fight, a 24-48 vs 24-48. Seriously, it's really tiring to witness this, not to mention it's nearly impossible to have a fight without someone dropping at least one nuke. It's so braindead and useless I have to wonder what purpose it even has in the game. It definitely shouldn't have been a priority addition over a new continent, some much needed bug fixes...but no - more, more, more explosions!

    It's quite ridiculous, even the pmb orbitals were silly, but at least they required some planning to use and had a realistic range and spam control.
  7. JustGotSuspended

    at ti they had some potential to be used many times. Although now that ti bridge has been removed...LOL, no more fight anyways
  8. RabidIBM

    Holy **** Trebb, what server do you play on? I main on Connery, and it isn't that bad here. I know the mountain you are referring to, I use it too. I figure that if my router placement forces a meme beam it was a good router, I tell people to stay dead while I go get another, and resume.

    @JustgotSuspended No more TI fights? What are you talking about?

    As for constructed OS, I've honestly taken to not including it anymore. The cortium it takes to build and charge it could have been a lot of platoon lightnings. I'm not kidding, the upkeep is equivalent to a lightning tank every 75 seconds. Guess which will do more damage.
  9. Trebb

    Emerald. TI fights there's always 3-4 bases nearby just for OS spam, but those at least take a while to charge up.

    We actually got a sundie in a good spot to help with the TI farm yesterday, but got hit by THREE OSs within seconds, no way to rep a sundie through that unfortunately.

    Routers can be annoying when people are dug in, but are so easy to take out with infantry I really wish you had a counter to save it from OSs, maybe a deployable?
  10. RabidIBM

    Ok, if there are 3 to 4 constructed bases nearby resulting you you getting memed on, they I have to ask, why are there 3 to 4 enemy sand castles nearby? Go kick them over!

    There is more to PS2 than infantry play, get some tanks and/or build your own counter bases. Or...attack a base that isn't TI Alloys...
  11. JustGotSuspended

    with the bridge gone there's no way to host a 3 way, or even a 1v1 fight at T.I. Removing that bridge further killed the battleflow, and the fights at T.I. vanish as fast as they appeared.

    Also I play on Connery and it's an absolute OS spam fest.
  12. Trebb

    You misread, I'm fine with the base OS because there's a counter, and the OS takes a while to charge/recharge.

    Get rid of the Outfit OS strikes though!
  13. thed1rt

    I use a deployment sundy with fully upgraded shield so Orbitals usually dont bother me. One night, in a hotspot, they orbital striked my sundy 5 times and it still lived. I finally had to just undeploy my sundy to force our respawn back to defend amp station because players arent really smart enough to not zerg.

    I never get tired of watching undeployed sundys fly 800 meters from an orbital strike.
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  14. AntDX316

    The OS cost is good how it is. You need to realize Planetside 2 is very big so calling it one area does not mean it's overpowered as in other areas they get nothing. A lot of people forget or don't know how big the world really is and see the narrow things as it's happening everywhere when it's not.
  15. Tr34

    I totally agree, addition of outfit orbitals ruined the fun imo. Sometimes they even spam 3-5 at the same time to guarantee mass wipes.
    I'm sure that wasn't the intended use of orbitals, they are like nukes and they should be rarely used. Several people's orbital fun shouldn't ruin hundreds of players' fun fights every minute. Outfit orbitals should be removed ASAP.
  16. Tr34

    I took this screenshot just now. It shows how bad the situation is :)

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  17. Money

    Sell orbitals to the general public for $100 each. It would solve all of Daybreak's money issues. If you can sell old sound files/bad helmets/dumb camos for $80, you can certainly sell something usefull
  18. Trebb

    Please see the above pic, OS cost is NOT good how it is. It was increased once, but not enough. It's cheap enough where even if it's not used 5-6 times in a fight (which, as you see above, is 6+ going at the same time), a lot of fights end with a 'salty OS' where they nuke just as they lose. *WAY* too cheap. Just get rid of it completely.
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  19. Pelojian

    all they need to do is put a global timer on each hex so one OS can only strike a specific hex every 30mins or longer.
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  20. JustGotSuspended

    Yeah there's also a snowball effect. As soon as a faction drops one, the other feels "I gotta retaliate!" and pretty soon there's a dozen nukes dropping here/there/everywhere.

    It's super annoying, because it's not skill based, stalls the fight, kills randomly (like sometimes I'm in a building full health and I live, other times in the same scenario I die. Not to mention what it does to the poor MAXes in the area). It's really awkward, and doesn't have a place in the game.

    I honestly don't think there's much reworking/balancing they can do to fix this, the best thing would be to just remove it.