Orion VS54 /SVA-88 /Betelgeuse 54-A

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  1. Scorpion97

    Since accuracy is the only trait of the 3 that can be accounted by all other factions,VS deserve other special traits like faster reload,high muzzles,faster ADS (.75 ads is a moble feature,get that into your big skull)

    Meanwhile,TR and NC traits can't be accounte,anchor and MSW-R have lower ttk than Orion due to SPA and the 600 rpm,167dmg model the anchor has (and the EM6 as well)

    You CAN'T compensate clip size
    You CAN'T compensate dmg
    you CANT compensate firerate
    You CAN compensate accuracy with all the types (away from the fact that NC and TR got accurate weapons as well

    So yes,anything that isn't about dmg or firerate is a VS trait while those 2 ttk modifiers should only be moderate
  2. Scorpion97

    Oh look who got the last thumb up :p
  3. WarmasterRaptor

    Dang son, you want them all? Greed is bad.
  4. Scorpion97

    First,I'm not your son

    Second,I didn't say VS should seize all traits,High clip is a TR trait,chain spinning weapons is a TR,200 dmg is an NC trait,high RoF per damage is an NC trait

    VS only should have the traits that can only be accounted+the mobility ones
  5. SwornJupiter

    But here you're talking about exclusivity. See, that was the whole problem with 0.75x ADS on LMGs. VS were the only ones who could actively abuse it while retaining the RoF and damage profiles that were of other factions. On the other hand, TR and VS have nothing that can come close to the Orion/SVA-88/Battlegoose in terms of mobility.

    You want to divide the factions? Fine. Then here's how we should draw the lines:
    NC: High alpha damage ONLY.
    TR: High RoF ONLY.
    VS: High Versatility ONLY.

    You starting to see the picture? You can't have the best of both (or all three worlds) in this case. The Orion/SVA-88/Battlegoose need to be toned down so that they not only violate the role of the HA, but also so that VS don't get a clear-cut advantage in all scenarios.

    Fine, keep your 0.75x ADS LMGs, but on the condition(s) that the Orion/SVA-88/Battlegoose have their damage profiles bumped down to 125, only hold 50 rounds maximum per mag (not a lot to ask for), and that they should fire no more than 600rpm. I mean, exclusivity is what you want, right? This is what we've all been trying to say - that VS is the only faction with exclusive rights to competitive 0.75x ADS LMGs.
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  6. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Actually, all factions have 0.75 ADS weapons, not counting Pistols, Shotguns and SMGs:
    NC: 2 ARs, 1 Carbine
    TR: 1 AR, 1 Carbine
    VS: 1 AR, 1 Carbine, 2 LMGs
    Obviously also ignoring NS, heavy weapons and auraxium weapons here.
    0.75 ADS weapons also rarely have above average moving accuracy.
    The proposed changes trade ADS speed for a notable increase in sustained accuracy, both by reducing bloom and buffing hipfire.
    I see that as not only a valid tradeoff, it's actually something truly unique: VS weapons bloom less.
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  7. Scorpion97

    Well,the high versatility "ONLY" is pretty cool becouse this also includes .75 ads on OUR LMGs

    As for 125 dmg,it can't be becouse it isn't related to versatility,143 is the one that suits it more

    600 rpm??? And you call me greedy??? LOL,now you are pretty close to admit that you are obsessed with VS nerfs
    In a civil way,it's not versatile as well
  8. Shaggath

    First we can only talk about base weapon, you can't talk about spa.

    Actually orion is 143/ rpm trait , no bullet drop trait, mobility trait , faster reload, low ammo anti trait.
    +1 (143/750 rpm) -1 (low ammo) +1 mobility +1 faster reload +1 no bullet drop = 3

    Carv 143/ rpm trait design ammo trait long reload anti trait.
    +1 (143/750 rpm) -1 long reload +1 ammo trait =1

    Saw 200/500 rpm trait -1 long reload +1 ammo trait =1

    After patch
    Orion +1 (143/750 rpm) -1 (low ammo) +1 faster reload +1 no bullet drop = 2

    I think the problem orion is the base weapon and the close range weapon (but also medium range)
    The solution is to split that :

    Create a close range weapon for vanu near msw where they loose the bullet drop trait and loose some cof at range with same attachment.

    one 143/750 rpm 50 ammo quick reload and bullet drop and same msw attachment with more cof then msw

    And nerf orionb/betelgeuse to sidegrade carv and saw
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  9. Shaggath

    Or more simple put pulsar in default weapon.
    Move orion with same msw attachment remove 0.75 ads remove no bullet drop.
    Or keep no bullet drop but remove some mid range accuracy.
    And betelgeuse heritate pulsar spec.
  10. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    So you assign completely arbitrary numbers to existing values and come to the *gasp* totally unexpected conclusion that in the system you chose, different values lead to different results.:rolleyes:
    That tells us exactly what? Hey, I now assign -2 points to horrible horizontal tolerance, and look, they are all the same! -.-
    Aside that shenanigans, Weapons with more attachment options have weaker stats for no other benefit, see the S variants.
    Attachments are obviously part of the weapon, and thus not having them is a disadvantage.
  11. Ximaster

    Please sorry for talk about the non main theme of the thread,but Lasher gonna be nerfed???? I build this weapon early and im enjoying a lot,is very good weapon,but now with the Vanu LMGs nerfs i wish DBG dont touch the Lasher...
  12. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Sorry, is that a serious question?o_O
  13. Scr1nRusher

    No they are not nerfing the lasher.

    Also you should really look at the "nerfs", VS LMG's actually got buffed.
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  14. ATRA_Wampa-One

    *Only applies to the Pulsar LSW and Polaris.
  15. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Let's agree to "they got changed".
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  16. Scorpion97

    Let's agree to "they got screwed"
  17. SwornJupiter

    Fixed. Have a nice day.
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  18. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Well, no.
    I mained VS heavy a long time, and if it wasn't for my love of faction diversity, and thus, the heatsink system, I would still, instead of trying to level other weapons to get more of those.
    And as someone who mainly used higher ADS speed to round corners faster, sacrificing that for improved hipfire, improved movement accuracy, and less bloom (for once something actually unique) isn't actually a bad deal.
    I'm not sure it's a specifically good deal, either, but it'll sure make me use the Pulsar LSW, a weapon that so far didn't really have a reason to exist.
  19. Scorpion97

    The only reason that made people play SVA was the .75 ads but since it will be removed and the pulsar is getting first shot multiplier buff and extended mag,the SVA will be the new weapon which will have zero reason to exist

    Besides,you said before that .75 ads isn't op which means that you have no problems with engaging .75 ads heavies,right? So tell me,what makes the Orion better than the MSW now and don't tell me ADS COF because it's similar to a pack of non VS LMGs and and don't say bloom because this was never a problem in any infantry weapon in the game
  20. Scorpion97

    Screwed for Orion,SVA and BG
    Balanced for anything else