Orion VS54 /SVA-88 /Betelgeuse 54-A

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    Then.... why not just give the Orion & SVA-88 more attachment options?
  2. Jubikus

    The lmg changes do need a bit of compensation i like the idea of slightly better ads accuracy while moving im not sure what numbers would be needed. Its nice to see the TR getting a little love as i believe the pros in farmers league tend to not like getting the faction which leads me to believe that the pros think it under preforms i wouldn't really know personally i spend most my time sniping which is the only thing in the game that is basically perfectly balanced across all factions.

    Bighorn .50M = The Moonshot = ParsecVX3-A
  3. SW0V

    Snipers, scout rifles, battle rifles, shotguns and non-ES launchers are all 'balanced'. ie, they are all identical.
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  4. DegradedM

    Why not indeed. And yet the only additional attachment offers we got was extmags for the pulsar lsw and the laughable flash "self-nerf" suppressor on the polaris.

    Sigh, the devs really need to think this through. Or maybe the changes are destined and my fate is to main reaper dmr medic
  5. Scorpion97

    Also,the reload spd for pulsar LSW is good enough while horizontal recoil is annoying without the grip so why extending mags when the short reload is fast enough,the forward grip is still the superior attachment for pulsar.
  6. Scorpion97

    Don't ask us,ask the devs!!
  7. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Because starting weapons don't get a lot of attachment options, possibly to not overwhelm new players.
    It's always been that way.
    As such, the SVA-88 might, the Orion will not.
  8. UnpopularOp1n1on

    Just Limit the .75 ads to NS weapons and be done with it. While you are at it do something about the broken heat mechanic. Force the user to hold it while it cools down or add a cool down animation where they have to take the hot part out to cool it off or something. It's just silly to be able to pop 2 medi packs with my overshield running while I "reload" I feel silly and mean when I do it.
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  9. Larkaywatt

    This kinda makes me sad :(. Everyone loved the Orion for its 0.75 ADS speed, and now its getting removed. I feel like the Orion, out of all the LMGs, should keep it. Otherwise, I'm okay with 0.75 being stripped from everything except SMGs and pistols. And maybe the NS-11M.

    In regards to the heat mechanic, I think it's awesome. The Darkstar, Eclipse, and Battlegoose (and most of the other directive rewards) are really just commemorative versions of the standard-issue guns, so they need something besides a glittery sheen. The heat mechanic is useful and practically screams SCIENCE. But, like UnpopularOp1n1on and others have said, it is a bit cheap to med-kit spam while your gun reloads itself. Maybe just force users to practice careful trigger discipline with a middling speed reload when you overheat it all the way?
  10. Baracuda

    This nerf is a long time coming, hopefully it goes through without the vanu sea of tears drowning the devs.
  11. Scorpion97

    You have been saying the same phrase like 7 times in different forums and I for the seventh time as well I will tell you "flexibility is a VS trait"
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  12. Vivicector

    Looks like soon all VS will be using NS weapons only. I remember the same crap a looooong time ago in PS1. Do devs learn?

    Look at VS tanks. I started to see much, much more Lightnings now from VS side. Cause Magrider with a driver only is a poor helpless thing.
  13. Scorpion97

    Also,majority of VS prefer halberd over Aaron and kobalt over PPA
  14. UnpopularOp1n1on

    Everytime I read things like this my mind translates it to: VS deserve to have mechanics that no other Faction does. Not CoF, Not Damage, Not Range or Bullet Drop, Not magazine Size or anything else.
    We should be able to move faster and Reload without holding our guns blah blah blah.

    OK fine let the VS move faster give NC and TR more hit points on every class. Do it for a month. NC and TR their new trait is "Better Armor" now. All their classes get an additional 500 HP. See how well that goes over.

    It's a dumb argument no faction should own "I get to move faster, derrrrr" Especially in a game that punishes getting hit. And rewards accuracy: here is the big "and" Planetside has lag/client-side hit detection.

    Faster movement for one faction over the others is not comparable to any other trait; PERIOD!

    I did say this in like 4 other posts, it's just about all I care about in regards to this games balance anymore. To the point where I've canceled my Sub and explained why in their exit email system, once my currently paid months lapse, I will be a non-member for the first time since beta.

    It's broken and they aren't getting any more of my money till they fix it.

    I voted with my wallet.
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  15. Scorpion97

    You are talking as if the VS LMGs win 100% of the time which doesn't,just becouse my weapon is lighter,doesn't mean i will always win any fight,not to mention jackhammers,but I really don't want to tell you haw many times I got killed by MSW-R or anchor,if you still think 600rpm,167 dmg with SPA or 750 rpm with SPA aren't comparable,so I'm sorry,you have differentiation issues

    And if you noticed,VS weapons are the smallest in size which means which is reasonable to make them mobile

    No bullit drop (for infantry only) is a joke trait,unless the weapon muzzle is less than 500,you are supposed to have no problems for bullit drop
    This trait is only useful for vehicle weapons

    You are tremendously weird!about 3 weeks ago you said you are going to quit and play other games on the way and here you showed with your endless complains again

    and again,VS isn't about firerate or clip size or damage or but it's about Good CoF for moderate RoF weps and good ADS for high RoF weps
    You can go ahead and say "tweak the anchor or the mswr" but you can't just show up every day and say "nerf the VS"

    But I see now,you are obsessed with needing the VS :p
  16. Scorpion97

  17. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Don't feed the troll.
  18. moriarrr-ceres

    I'm all for a .75 ads removal on these weapons. But look at our LMG, we haven't very good choice. And it's the main reason why ppl stick with the orion, the other aren't different or worse. Same look, same damage model, nearly same rate of fire or worst recoil. If i could have one good lmg with soft point ammo at least.......In fact i loved the first pulsar LSW it was a beast, and everyone used it at the place of the orion.
  19. SwornJupiter

    I'm sorry, but exactly how many "traits" do you think the VS own? Ive seen your comments pop up and they range from 0.75x ADS to flexibility to mobility... while still retaining benefits of other factions such as damage profile and rof?? ...decide already.
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  20. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    The truth is that there is no truth.
    It's hard to decide what are the traits for VS because they don't really have any that are universal enough to be called out easily.
    The factions do have a sort of triangle when it comes to damage output, with NC having more damage per bullet, and thus in the magazine, TR having bigger magazines, and VS having somewhat faster reloads.
    But other than that...
    NC has 200 dmg weapons, TR has the highest firerate both at the peak and on average (though not by much), and VS has a little bit here, and a little bit there, and... uhm...
    Tactical mobility is probably the closest to the theme, with their ARs and carbines more often then not having above average moving accuracy, soom to be joined by some LMGs that in turn forfeit their 0.75 ADS bonus. That paired with faster reloads and the few heat weapons might give the impression of a skirmishing focus, and that's not a bad call, it just so happens to also be really indistinct.

    Tell you what, I liked the extra damage falloff VS weapons originally had, on CQC weapons (and only on those).
    It certainly was flavour, and potentially offers drawbacks and bonuses equally (I'm not sure how it was actually balanced, long time past).