Orion VS54 /SVA-88 /Betelgeuse 54-A

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    true, however overall the changes on the PTS do look good.
  2. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Only if you're motivation is to nerf VS into being UP.
  3. Scorpion97

    Of course these changes are endless and will never come to final as long it's another VS nerf and here are my expectations:

    2 months later,they are more likely to nerf the vortex and lancer and their explanation will be "they are pretty effective and easy to aim and shot against anything which is OP"

    2 months later,they will target the terminus and HV45 and their explanation will be"such firerate with such accuracy accompanied with SPA and .75(for HV45) is OP"

    2 months later,their nerf plan will touch the pulsar C and zenith and serpent and their explanation will be just like the previous one.

    2 months later,VS members should pay to say their opinions in forums and their explanation will be "lots of whining and offensive hostile interactions becoz of the nerfs

    2 months later, the word "VS" will be considered as profane in DBG identity.

    *enjoy the game*
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  4. Scr1nRusher

    Victim complex & feeling like everyone is against you.
  5. Scr1nRusher

    I think your losing it.
  6. ATRA_Wampa-One

    ROFL, you've been lobbying for nerfs to VS for months to the point of being obsessed about it... so in your case yes YOU are against me and I am a victim of bads like you getting something over nerfed on my faction and then gloating on the forums about it.
  7. gigastar

    Honestly mate ive been reading your posts tonight and i think youre the one who needs to leave the keyboard.
  8. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Wow, rude.
  9. Scorpion97

    Why are u even still opening the forums??u keep abusing it,pissing everybody off and they all blindly hate u!!
    U even don't want to stop being an *** since emerald shadow's topic!i don't only think that u are a kid but I guarantee that u are sending all that crap from the womb!!
  10. Mikey Two Guns

    I wouldn't quite say they are good quite yet.

    I agree with removing .75 ADS movement on all LMGs (except for the NS15M because it is not empire specific and it has awful DPS anyways). However, I think the Orion and Betelgeuse need some compensatory buffs in return. Otherwise, they will be objectively worse than the MSW-R.

    Orion/Betelgeuse needs the following:
    • Soft Point Ammunition (SPA).
    • Moving aim accuracy decreased from 0.4 to .35 (Note: lower value means more accuracy)
    • Much faster reload speed all around. Needs to be faster than MSW-R perhaps
    Overall, I am confident DBG will make the necessary improvements before shipping the LMG changes to the live server.
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  11. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Actually, an interesting take on rebalancing VS LMG's would be to buff their moving aim accuracy 0.35 across the board while a few weapons getting buffed to 0.3 moving aim accuracy (i would suggest Ursa and SVA-88 since people are so upset about the Orion/Betelgeuse) since having a better than average moving aim accuracy is what our assault rifles have over TR/NC.
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  12. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    That'd work, too.
    Ultimately, VS weapons always have some sort of flexibility going for them.
    That can be blazing fast reloads, better ADS speed, or it could be better moving accuracy.
    If that'd be the case, which gets a bonus should mainly be dictated by which had something taken from them, though.
    (Also once again +1 to the Polaris getting the Hipfire treatment as well)
  13. Scr1nRusher

  14. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Well, as all the cry babies gloating here have shown there is an irrational hatred for the Orion and VS so it's probably for the best if that is left over nerfed for a while so they can think they're actually good when they manage to kill someone using it.

    Also, the Ursa has always been in some serious need of love so why not right?
  15. Scorpion97

    I vote for that,but do u think there will be Day when they will return to Orion/betel and do some other good adjustments for them??

    I realized something about DBG that when they decide to do something they will never mess with it anymore.like,do u think they will do any buffs to ZOE in the future?even the raven when they nerfed its muzzle and splash?
  16. ATRA_Wampa-One

    From my outfits connections at DBG most of the people that worked for SOE are still there which really doesn't bode well when it comes to going back to things that have been nerfed into the ground since SOE was horrible about that.

    The resource revamp part 2 is still MIA after something like a year, ZOE is still a worthless piece of crap again after something like a year, the PPA is absolute garbage with all proposed changes not addressing the core problems that it has right now. So no... when the crybabies get the Orion/SVA-88/Betelgeuse nerfed into the ground I would absolutely not count on them revisiting them for at least a year given SOE's past since the majority of DBG people were SOE people.
  17. Erendil

    This is exactly what I want, along with a horizontal recoil and Tolerance buff for the Orion/SVA. Let our LMGs have increased moving accuracy like our ARs and carbines do.

    The Orion and SVA both used to have .2/.2 horizontal recoil and a .35 moving ADS COF. If they reverted those nerfs and cut their H Tolerance in half (to .45, Anchor is .4 and MSW-R is .55 so they'd be in the middle) I'd be perfectly happy for them to remove their .75x movement.

    It would also help out the Flare which also used to have a .35 moving ADS COF but is currently just a downgraded SAW S. And the Ursa, which is a downgraded take-your-pick-of-NC/TR-167-LMGs.
  18. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    The Ursa is actually rather amazing.
    Unlike the Flare. But I digress.
  19. Scorpion97

    Don't forget that there should be flexibility in our weps,hence,decrease the ADS speed but not to .75,but it's very rare problem when people aren't satisfied with the current life accuracy,as for me,I don't find a big difference since I already have a grip for Orion and never hip fire with LMGs

    But I'm still curious why do they want to nerf the muzzle again??one of the very main LMGs features is to have a high muzzle (at least 560)while these new muzzles for MSWR,Orion and betel are carbine ones
  20. EmeraldShadow

    This is so ridiculous! They're turning the orion into a crappy MSW-R without the cool attachments, and they're turning the sva88 into a crappy Carv-s without the cool attachments!

    The attachments on these guns are REALLY powerful, especially soft point ammo.