Orion masterrace wins again!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Negator, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. Negator

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  2. gigastar

    Context and explanation please.
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  3. Paragon Exile

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  4. DatVanuMan

    Miller was VS, so he's saying that although they had access to the Orion, they were defeated. Not sure why that matters, Emerald is better than Miller:D
  5. Ixidron

    Well, the Orion is a default weapon, still has 1500 more kills than the Gauss saw.
  6. IamnotAmazing

    the ah farm was real
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  7. Yeahy

    If you go to the link and click on the "wepons" tab, you'll see that anchor had 2700 kills vs about 2000 kills of the Orion, in the latest server smash.
    Usually everybody looks at server smash stats, where Orion usually performs well, and then they claim Orion is OP.
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  8. Shanther

    NC was using Anchors.
  9. LibertyRevolution

    Emerald played NC. That would explain why the Orion master race didn't win, they were playing NC with anchors.
    The Orion master race is a term I use to describe the Emerald VS top heavy assault players, they don't actually all use Orion. ;)
    Visigodo and the like will wreck my face with a Pulsar LSW just as easy as his Orion. :(
  10. Solidpew

    This just in: a weapon can be good, but a player makes it better. :)
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  11. FateJH

    How did TR get 1%? I don't trust anything that doesn't know what 0% is or how to display it.
  12. Tyrant103

    Not this type of thread again..
  13. Solidpew

    TR controls neutral territory at the start of the SS, but the only players on the TR are the 'fun police' (I think they watch out for foul play). One base, Rockslide Outlook, is out of play the entire match and cannot be capped. This accounts for the 1% TR.

  14. Regpuppy

    Waterson and Matherson, the top two competitive servers beforehand, merge with the all-time most epic smash in smash history. Then said server goes on to brutally bash a server, one that lost to a server they had beaten by a comfortable margin beforehand, with VS no less, and people use this as an excuse for weapon balance arguments?

    Dat forumside

    At least that's the vibe I'm getting, which isn't taking into account a lot of things. If anything, it proves a more skilled group of players that organizes well will win regardless of what weapons they're given.
  15. bladedcross

    This so much.

    As for the Anchor, it's always been a beast of a gun. However, with the new weapon sights it's twice as deadly, because now bullets actually, you know, go where they're supposed to go. Now the headshot masters can finally put this weapon to good use in CQC.
  16. InoxGecko

    Miller lost because they have no ******* clue.
  17. Negator

    This is not a commentary about Miller. It is commentary about all the second raters who complain on the forums every day about 'VS this and VS that' in regards to what happens on Emerald.
  18. KenDelta

    Typical Miller , even if this was BF3 with pre-nerf M16A they would still lose.
  19. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Roy's analysis of the match and why they lost.

    As one of the members of GOKU that played in this match I can tell you that the individual players of Miller weren't terrible. They covered points in cap holds well, they were good with their weapons/classes and all that, and while their leadership wasn't the best they weren't nearly as bad as Connery's when I played against them in that server smash. (I can't comment on the Emerald vs. Cobalt since I'm in Emerald Team 1 and that was Team 2)

    I will say that this match didn't prove that any faction is OP/UP, or that certain weapons are OP/UP on factions... it just proves that Emerald is where Higby tests his faithful. Before the match the PL for GOKU said to the new people that were with us this time around "to everyone else, server smash is a frantic two hours of non stop redeploying, securing, or resecuring bases... to GOKU it's just another Sunday" which is the reason why as an outfit we're afforded such a long leash on these and also why Emerald (Mattherson) is still undefeated since every prime time alert on our server is just as intense as server smash.

    Huge props to Co0p for mirroring our role up north and for being awesome to play against every day, to our air that finally got to have their Reavers and proceeded to absolutely dismantle Miller's air, and to everyone else that played, /y EMERALD FORCE RULES.

    Oh, and I think I only used the Anchor at the cap Barrik and the Cyclone for Tumas. Every other time I was on an ex. mags EM6 so yeah Anchor/Cyclone/Orion/SVA-88 is OP and all that. :rolleyes:

    Really, every LMG that's in every empire has strengths and weaknesses with one lemon (EM1/Pulsar/Rhino IMO) and it's knowing which to use in which situation that's key.
  20. Posse

    Hopefully I'll stop reading people say "Orion OP" because it topped the kills in a server smash match.

    (if anything, the one thing I can take from those boards is that AV nades are killing way too much lately)