Orion/ Betelgause Nerf?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Lekaseta, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. ATRA_Wampa-One

    No spin, just facts which you are incapable of producing when it comes to backing up your opinion of a mechanic being "broken".
  2. Scr1nRusher

    You can keep trying to do what you do, but I see what your doing and others should too.
  3. Donaldson Jones

    But..your KD is roughly equal on your NC?

    So let me guess. You played TR first and earned your skills there, then rolled NC and VS. You clearly got better by looking at your KDR.

    So you are either saying you are the same shlub in different pajamas, you earned no skill; and just NC and VS weapons are above TR weapons by ~1.00 KDR.


    Your play has improved overall and the weapons are somewhat balanced when you account for the higher KDR due mostly to skill/

    They both can't be right,

    Based on the time you have been playing your NC and VS toones my bet is that you are simply a better player then when you started as TR and the weapons really aren't that big an issue.
  4. Zoobe

    “I play VS aswell.

    0.75 ADS is gamebreaking on LMG's.”
    Can you link your chars in game that show the differences you get. Be interested to see where your coming from

    Guess you are not going to show us how you break the game with the orion compared to your NC char then. Are you going to provide any evidence, or keep on saying this same rubbish. I get 32% plus on NC Saw accuracy, higher KDR than my VS main, I find the NC LMGs awesome accurate, easy predictable recoil. As you are so adamant it is superior to all other LMGs, I wonder if your stats demonstrate this.
  5. Peasnriz

    KD is a pretty flawed statistic on its own. Comparing the Gauss Saw to the Orion is like comparing chalk to cheese, and the ADAD you get from Orion users is very cheesey and honestly at times when there is 96+ against 96+ the game does not handle it at all well, like how you get people rendering in on you 5-10 meters away.

    I find the assertion that 0.75 is not a game changer slightly ludicrous when in all other regards in terms of recoil/cof the Orion and Betelgeuese are inferior to most LMGs yet they statistically out perform them, with the Anchor pushing them close. However the Anchor is a 1k cert gun so the people that buy it would have to have some reasonable amount of investment into the class.

    I find it slightly amusing that people are defending the notion of 0.75 movement multiplier not being important, it is somewhat akin to climate change deniers.
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  6. Kociboss

    This is absolutely true, however being a better a better player than before (and still not totally MLG) I can immediately tell the difference between weapon's features.

    Also, my NC character KDR is padded a lot by Shotgun harasser.
  7. Shaggath

    Is like that from start this weapon who cumule vanu trait nanite trait tr trait.
    For me 0.75 ads have to be only on nanite weapon with less ttk and smg, weapon with light design.
    Orion is not a weapon with light design.
    Orion herited 3 trait and there is no reason max lmg rpm no drop 0.75 ads.

    The better in game this attribute is not documented.
  8. Kulso

    Leave my Orion alone. :D
  9. qiray12

    1 you, maybe i rage because smgs can kill you with 1.0 movement speed over 25m and carbines can do the same over 15m. But ye smgs seems to be balanced cus everyone but maxes can wield them.

    Orion is strong but its not the 0.75 movement multiplier that makes it strong.
  10. Scr1nRusher

    The 0.75 ADS is a stat that the LMG weapon type shouldn't have.
  11. qiray12

    And why shouldnt it have it, now give us solid facts so we maybe can agree with it.
  12. Scr1nRusher

    Because LMG's & the playstyles with LMG's are the opposite of strafe strafe revolution.

    Also how 0.75 ADS mitigates the HA shield movement speed penalty when the HA ADS's with shield on.
  13. pnkdth

    If the 0.75x movement speed isn't such a big deal then why even keep it? Oh, for faction "diversity." Right. Gotch'ya. ;)
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  14. qiray12

    If it isnt a big deal there is no point removing.
  15. pnkdth

    Because the best source of determining this is to ask for the opinion of VS forumside warriors, and the ferocity of which you guys defend it only proves how significant of an advantage it is. But please, act more defensively, you'll convince everyone how much you do not care about this...
  16. strid3r478

    I am not sorry this thread is stupid and created by ignorant TR fanboy , ok nerf all your TR weapons first, like bullet spread, clip size, recoil to match vs guns and lets not forget the flinch that enemy receives from TR guns ,then we will have a talk.
    but not sooner.
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  17. Gutseen

    can u handle T9 Butchers recoil "right from the saddle"?
  18. StaHoo33

    Anyone knows what's Betelgause? Must be some mythical wapon, can't find it on my toon...
  19. pnkdth

    Completing the LMG directive(getting 5 purple medals on 5 different LMGs).
  20. Alzir

    Personally I wouldn't mind if they removed it because it throws my aim off when I switch to MSW or anchor/gd22s on other characters, but it has to be replaced with something. Faction diversity is fine in theory but just creates these stupid debates.

    The BG is also not as OP as people say, the problem is that people who use it are mostly good. When I run into a really good player using something like the MSW, I will almost always switch out to an Orion or sva for the attachments, where I can complete. The BG is fine against most people, so I use it more than anything else on my vs because it gives you staying power against crowds of poor players, but there are better non directive weapons on all factions when proper competition is necessary.