Orion/ Betelgause Nerf?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Lekaseta, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Lekaseta

    I have played lots of HA. Auraxed 4 LMG as TR and also played a little bit VS HA and NC HA. I can say with my experience that Orion/ betelgause are just BEST LMGs this far. Better ADS move make major impact to that fact who will fall first in HA vs HA match up. Match ups with NC are more equal than against VS. Against VS HA i get mainly killed by Orion or Betelgause when against NC HA weapon pool is much wider. For my mind Orion/betelgause ADS move should be more like 0.6- 0.65 or SOE should downgrade Orions/Betelgauses rpm. I hope SOE does something about it.

    -More balanced game in future
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  2. moriarrr-ceres

    I don't think it's orion/betelgeuse problem. Well most of people don't aim for the head, and all cqc lmgs (orion betelgeuse,MSRW, Anchor) are Way too effective, even if you don't aim well. It take the role of carabines(and with bigger magazines), while being on the strongest class for 1vs1.
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  3. Gutseen

    750 rof, 0,75 ADS speed + server lagz+ hit reg bugs = its the best bug glitch using lmg in the game.

    im tired of killing dem VanuHa AD spammers with AIR shots

    and dont even compare Orion with MSW-R, cuz that tr gun is packing recoil compared to high tier NC guns
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  4. RainbowDash9

    but msw-r is easy as **** to use.... o_O
    idk what youre talkin bout :p
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  5. Gutseen

    And a guy with KD not even in 1.0 rating and without Auraxi on MSW tells me that.
    U mad brah? [IMG]
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  6. Kociboss

    I play every faction and let me tell you...Just look at my outfit's name on VS :D
    0.75 on LMG is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I rerolled VS only to use Betel and Winrion.

    My predictions are that NC/TR won't get 0.75 ads lmg anytime soon (perhaps never) and VS will still live in denial :D Honestly though, don't ask for nerfs just reroll VS and enjoy shreckoning mate ^^
  7. ATRA_Wampa-One

    That's because he's being farmed by all of us Orion/Betelgeuse wielding VS. :p

    Also, I have about the same number of kills on my Betelgeuse as my MSR-W. Betelgeuse and Orion both have about the same accuracy rating but a worse head shot rating... so yeah the MSR-W is easier to control than the Orion/Betelgeuse.

    And no, 0.75 isn't what make the Orion OP, it's the "F" key.
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  8. Robertooooo

    It's not the amount of recoil that's the problem with the MSW-R. It's the awkward horizontal recoil angle.

    That, and the fact that MSW-R is just a slightly inferior version of the Orion. It's just not worth sacrificing the 0.75 ads for ALS and softpoint ammo.
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  9. moriarrr-ceres

    I just given my advice. If you are not happy with that try to play something else than heavy assault. It's just sad, people always have it easy. That's why we have so many maxes spams, outnumbering bases...etc.
    You want a good gun for your tr? Go play medic you have plenty of good guns or take a jaguar.Your MSW-r is amazing even without .75 ads.
    This game become boring because of these same Adrenalin/nano armor heavies (on all sides). Devs have to fix hit reg/lag not the weapons.
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  10. RainbowDash9

    my kd is less than one because i started back when there was nothing to teach us and you had to learn through multiple deaths and ive never restarted my TR. also i spread my usage of weaponry across all weapons. i never stick to any one weapon that much. except the M77.....that thing is my baby.
    not to mention i used to platoon lead a lot.

    so no im not mad bruh. but tips for the pinkie lol
  11. KoRneY

    Sounds more like excuses to me. My kdr for the first month was 0.34, and I've also never restarted my VS. Once you stop making excuses you might actually improve.
  12. RainbowDash9

    constantly using different weapons means constantly adjusting to different scenarios. not an excuse, and again, platoon lead. we all know how that is. and lets not get into the whole pushing out with no back up cuz everyone else in TR is a ***** deal :p

    and anyway its not like im some uber pro, i just play when im bored. im above average at best.
  13. Corezer

    Actually, it's both...

    the extra mobility provided by .75 ADS increases survivability by a %

    since you have to shoot heavies more (due to F skill) so you have more opportunities to miss more shots due to the ADS multiplier and thus you see more effect.

    I am ok...ish, with the NS15 having .75 ads because it is the lowest dps LMG in the game, but the orion/sva/bg is a no-no. It seems like a VS nerf but only because there are no .75 LMGs on the other faction. Being on the only faction to have exclusivity on a .75ads weapon class can make one feel paranoid that "they're trying to take my precious!"

    I have felt for a while that these 3 LMGs need the modifier removed and compensatory buffs to other areas.

    I also feel the flat damage shields (NMG/Adrenaline) are OP, because they cannot be mitigated as a threat. If you use a nade to soften him up by 500 damage you are still at a disadvantage overall unlike with resist where it can be mitigated by maneuvering and getting surprise attacks which damage them before they flip it up. A delay wont fix this it will only make the problem less consistent which is why I don't like the idea, I would go with 300 shield (sans 600) on an 18 second recharge (instead of 45) which is more durability over time and more consistent on if the heavy will have shield up when you encounter them, and it still has the same problem really but 300 isn't as much to surmount so I feel it will be a lot better, while still leaving them better for their role as the front line fighter

    Flare needs work too, I am thinking buffs to FSM/settle speed, horizontal recoil and reload speed.
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  14. ATRA_Wampa-One

    So why is the Orion / Betelgeuse considered OP while the Carnage AR, NS-11a, H-V45, TAR, and GR-22 is not?

    Also, it's not just the Flare that needs work, it's every VS weapon outside of the Orion, SVA-88, VX6-7, Pulsar C, and Terminus. What most people don't understand is that the VS only really has 5 weapons that keeps them competitive, and people calling for nerfs to 2 of them... which are both LMG's so weapons on the most popular class, would be a massive nerf to the VS faction in general. That's why the VS defends our 0.75 speed LMG's because nerfing them would be nerfing the VS by at least 40% across the board and completely kill our faction. Bring the rest of our arsenal up to par and we'll talk about nerfs to teh SVA-88 and Orion, but it can't happen before.
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  15. Corezer

    maybe I didn't make it clear enough...
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  16. Corezer

    you can keep bringing up other classes, but that's another topic for another time, I wont even dignify your sidetrack attempts with a response next time.
  17. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Sure 0.75 ADS makes you miss more, but TR and NC have a higher average damage per magazine when compared to the VS so it's balanced.
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  18. Corezer

    that is the most illogical argument I have heard, I am now reporting you for trolling, only a fool would fail to see through your feigned ignorance.

    DPM has nothing to do with performance in a particular engagement, since all LMGs pack the requisite firepower to complete an engagement. You are right, NC/TR are less likely to be reloading between engagements, because they are more likely to be respawning with a full mag.
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  19. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Wow, since when is being honest about something considered trolling?

    And the fact that you think DPM means nothing just shows your TR faction bias.
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  20. Corezer

    The fact that since dec 2012 I have made BR 43 on the character shows that I don't play TR.

    again, sidetracking, focus on the topic, tell me what about heavy assault, not VS, not medics, not LA, not engies, not infiltrators, not maxes, tell me what about heavy assault justifies having additional mobility on a more durable (overshield) frame while using high DPS for the class weaponry?
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