Orbitals Gotta Stop

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by P-Nice, Feb 20, 2023.

  1. P-Nice

    Orbital strikes are toxic - they ruin armor fights, they ruin max rushes, they ruin point holds, and they ruin any thing you try to do as a big group. You get more than 30 people together in one place - here comes the orbitals. Also, they are way way too easy to acquire. 5,6, 7 orbitals during the course of one base battle is just toxic!

    You guys gotta do something different with orbitals they just are not working in their current state.
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  2. RabidIBM

    Fully agree. I called it out as soon as they added pocket nukes that this was going to be horrid.
  3. melioa

    i thought that the main reason behind the 'Orbital Strike' was to counter player made construction sites, not to repeatedly spam the A ....B....or C points. :confused:
  4. waystin2

    Used correctly they can turn a fight. Unfortunately I see them used mostly to gain kills or out of spite. They sure are pretty to watch though. The most I have seen in one fight was like 6-7 over an hours time. You get pretty good at running to the edge of the circle when you hear the call "An Orbital Strike has been..."
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  5. Johannes Kaiser

    I like them used against enemy forces on a hill or to delay a push for the few seconds it takes to finish a cap (even if all enemies survive by shelter, the time is what counts). Actual strategic value, not just some XP.
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  6. MonnyMoony

    What I don't understand is - why can you drop an OS on friendly forces - and not instantly get a weapon lock.

    You hit a few people accidentally with guns and you get a warning - but you can kill dozens of friendlies with an OS with no repercussion?
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  7. Yaesu

    #2 on my list of the 3 things that have ruined this game for me.
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  8. RabidIBM

    What are #s 1 and 3?
  9. Soma24

    I won't say what orbitals do because everyone knows, however, as a non orbital user, I really don't see the big drama behind it, one orbital, as massive as it is, can't kill a player with full hp, nor it can kill a vehicle, if not by making it fly across the map and make it land on its roof. Players work together to reinforce a specific point of the map with some bases and orbitals, because they judge that this specific base is of key value, so this scenario is only expectable on the crown or tl alloys for example, other bases further away from the center of the map are lucky enough if they see any orbital strike at all.

    Also another key function of the OS is to make the game more dynamic, it discourages camping all together in one spot, it forces people to disperse, move away for once, if they were to remove the OS from the game, we would see endless, boring fights, with one faction camping on the hill, and another on the spawn point, the OS breaks this status quo.

    So as I said, the OS is a blockade remover that allows for a more dynamic game that discourages large groups of units, may it be land vehicles or troops, from being stuck in one spot and not advancing.
  10. MonnyMoony

    Erm - yes it can. I have been killed from full health as a Max whilst inside a building. I have died countless times from full health as an infantryman to OSs.

    It's especially bad if you are caught outside. Even if you get outside the primary blast area and the blast itself doesn't kill you, unless you are running safe fall implant, then the knockback effect that carries on far beyond the map indicator circle and resulting fall almost certainly will.
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  11. Soma24

    My mistake then, although I never happened to die at full health from an OS for some reason, my opinion that it should remain unchanged remains, sometimes I even hope for an OS to "unblock" the game not caring if it comes from my faction or the enemy's.
  12. OSruinedPS1

    The most toxic part of orbitals isn't even the gamey farming aspect to it, the most toxic part is altering player behavior to acquire orbitals: capping bases is all that matters in acquiring outfit resources, even if that means zerging empty bases, OS/bastion/anvils/etc has made zerging and ghost capping worse. The EXACT same thing happened in Planetside1.
  13. tigerchips

    Oh honesly just remove the outfit orbital strike...
    ...or turn it into EMP strike which only kills vehicles, maxes and other electrical equipment.
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