Orbital Strike is forcing players' hands

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  1. Silkensmooth

    What noob tankers are you fighting that you just grab a LA or heavy and kill them? Lol, i smell a tanker here. If you dont mind dying 15 to 1 you might, just MIGHT get a tank kill.

    If it was as easy as you claim there would be no vehicle zergs, but they are at every major battle. Even at smaller battles there is always someone in a hesh tank on a hill with radar so you cant sneak up on him.

    But i agree with what you said about the orbital strikes. Nothing is less fun than attacking a player made base, except dying to an orbital strike.
  2. NXR1

    Am I suppose to cry on the forums everytime someone kills me "without my consent"
  3. Friendlee

    Yep yep yep all good points.
    Only problem is, I don't want ps2 telling me I can't load out as a max unless i want to die and lose 450 nanites seeing the circle of death enlarging.
    so...i must choose medic instead now? don't want to!
    ps2 never forced your loadout choice, now it does.
  4. Friendlee

    looks like you're offended by my observation shared by MANY.
    all caps get under your skin too?
    go cry to mommy little man.
  5. Blam320

    That's really too bad. PlanetSide isn't telling you to do anything. You, and by extension the rest of your faction, are the ones who allowed the enemy to build, charge, and deploy that Orbital Strike. You could have easily pulled an AP armor column and wiped it off the face of the planet under a barrage of shells.

    It's your own fault you failed to prevent the enemy from locking down the territory, unless you were completely zerged out (interesting that you're not complaining about so-called "force multipliers"). OS's are strategic assets that are, in fact, just as dangerous to friendlies as they are to enemies.
  6. Hereyagoboom

    The OS as is ruins good fights. In my opinion if you are in the interior of the building (thinking tower) you should survive and not be impacted. Use construction to support infantry not ruin good fights. Right now it doesn't benefit infantry at all.
  7. Blam320

    Some think destroying enemy Sunderers constitutes "running fights". It seems to me like you're one of the fabled "infantryside" who complains about footmans not being able to tank a HESH round to the face.

    OS-ing a lattice base is already completely negated by Res Grenades. Quit complaining and actually make tactically sound decisions for once.
  8. FOC-SpikE

    Ok now here is my opinion on OS.
    Constructions are PART of the Game. Its not a Game inside the Game, as some have mentioned. A well placed, well builded base can make the difference between an important base gets captured or not. And if it has a OS, u can even see it a long time before and get it down if u fear it.
    If u dont do that, its your own fault that it hits u. Its the same as if u ignore a MBT behind u and then cry about it has killed u.

    And to be honest. They almost destroyed constuctions by now, cuz they´ve made it so much weaker, that its even more easy to destroy for a small squad. And even the OS is pointless if u dont use it wisely. 10 secs visual and sound warnings!! If u dont react to them in ur MAX suit, then blame urself if it gets killed.
    Its even impossible to destroy a sunderer with it, even if u have fired the OS directly on it!!!

    And just that u know it breeje, u are wrong. A small part of the Player base is unhappy with the constructions.
    And u are even more wrong. DBG doesnt make a lot of money with PS2. If u dont believe that, rethink why it isnt in SOE anymore, but in DBG ;)
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  9. Hereyagoboom

    Nah I've invested quite a lot in construction. I despise infantry. Never assume. I'm just saying construction to be viable is going to need to help infantry somehow to be "accepted" in the game. I was just on Indar, TR had 2 OS's set up near Quartz Ridge. VS kept pushing TR back because mainly a few guys kept spamming OS's to the point in chat TR was yelling for them to stop so they could fight. When they did they took the base. VS put up a good fight but we were overrun. It would have been a lot quicker had they not been doing what they were doing. There was literally no support for TR by what they were doing.
  10. Blam320

    Can you retype this? Because none of it is coherent. I literally can't tell what you're trying to say. Was VS spamming OS's or TR? If it was TR were they TK'ing their own troops with the OS?
  11. Hereyagoboom

    TR.....sorry, recovering from surgery. TR was spamming the OS.
  12. Icedude94

    I ignored construction until base redesigns created stalemates in infantry versus infantry fights. I got the orbital strike specifically for its ability to pop deployables and push infantry around just so my side could have a chance of breaking stalemates.

    You could say that it's players forcing me to use orbital strike.
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  13. iller

    Only 2 things I think they MUST do to address Orbital spam and the Counter-Play there of:
    #1> fix the geometry EXPLOIT that allows us Builders to place the PillBox (short Square building) directly on top of Respawns and Repair Modules. This exploit makes it way more difficult than it should be for a handful of attackers to destroy that PMB.
    #2> Reduce price of the Flail & Glaive and MAKE IT CLEARER IN THE TEXT what their intended pruposes are (removing other PMBs)
  14. Friendlee

    {YOU SHOULD do this and yes YOU SHOULD DO THAT...}
    I stopped playing because of exactly that controlling-type mentality that has infected PS2 since the newer Devs replaced the original ones.
    I'm sorry, but T.I. alloys is a clusterF**k now thanks to idle hands that obviously need riddlin or something similar.
    And thanks for blocking doorways that we needed downstairs out of the lower spawn at the Crown.
    These newer Devs are just playing with the sourcecode like it's their little toy.
    I get vertigo now everytime i sight my lightning.
    Anyway, the OS killing Maxes fighting on A point from a remote hive was the last straw for me. So sorry that offends you.
    So...ByeNotPS2. Sorry you were sold. Not my problem anymore.
  15. Friendlee

    WOW. Thank you for saying it better than I ever could!!!!
    I LOVED ps2 when it WAS just ps2.
    -have a great day friend
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  16. MasterDk78

    The 1160 kills directive for orbital is why everyone is using it.
    Every base builder wants that shiny mining laser.

    So sit back, watch as everything get nuked/farmed, coz nannites
  17. karlooo

    You serious, Devs added that???
  18. Andru

    I have a question about the damage circle of the OS. Twice over the weekend I was right on the edge of an OS when I heard the voice message that it was incoming. I easily sprinted outside the circle, or at least my icon on the minimap was clearly outside the circle when the strike landed. In both cases I was still thrown through the air and died on hitting the ground. A bug or WAD? Thanks.
  19. Pacster3

    Well, just outside the circle just isn't enough. So maybe the circle should be shown a bit bigger on the map. The circle is the "death zone from impact"(so don't be in there when it hits...or at least be in a building), I think. Try to stand against a wall to prevent being thrown around. It's rather easy to prevent lethal damage from OS...some just don't know about it or do not pay attention to all the warning signs and sounds.
  20. Andru

    There was no building anywhere near me. We were attacking and out in the open. I agree that if the circle does not show the correct death area then the circle needs to be fixed as I was clearly outside the circle as it showed on the minimap. Thanks.