[Suggestion] Option to double tap 'E' to exit esf?

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  1. xXAmaggardXx

    I was wondering if it could be considered for exiting air vehicles to have to press the 'E' button twice. I don't know about other people, but I personally over the past few years I've been playing this game, have accidentally jumped out of my ESF while trying to reload, or just bumped the 'E' button accidentally for whatever reason, and fell to my death as I frantically press the 'E' button again to try to get back in. A good way to avoid these accidentally suicides, is to have it to where you have to press the 'E' button twice, in quick succession, so if you do press the button while trying to do something else, you won't be rocketed out of your vehicle to your death. I know some people might not like this, so making it optional, to where you can choose between pressing the button once or twice, would be a good way to combat this. I know I am not the only one who has accidentally killed themselves this way before, so I really think that this should be considered.
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  2. Taemien

    You can set exit air vehicle to a different key as the one to enter it.

    I've got mine set to 'Y'. It doesn't mess up using E to exit seat slots other than pilot for things like Libs, Gals, and Valks.

    And it does prevent me from accidentally ejecting from ESFs.
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  3. JobiWan

    Yeah I do it all the time, but I mapped the key to 4, it's just above E and not used in an ESF anyway.
  4. Liewec123

    i know the pain, E is handy so i wouldn't want to rebind it, but double tapping to exit is a great idea :)
  5. ObiVanuKenobi

    Rebinding E was one of the first things i did when i started flying.
    I'm currently using Z for it, no more random bailing.
  6. St0mpy

    tilde (the key left of 1) is a good placement for a panic 'i need to hit this fast' button

    just dont use it for infantry, it doesnt work fully with terminals if you arent in the US (because DBG still havnt worked out how to implement anything other than a EN-US keyboard format) but its great to map as an escape from a burning plane
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  7. breeje

    double tapping is a great idea especially for someone like me who almost never fly's
    rebinding E is not a option i do not want to panic and punch the wrong key and look for the wright one in the heat of the battle
    we need to keep our keybindings simple for the things we hardly use, with double pressing E we can set it on for every vehicle
  8. WeRelic

    Not a bad idea. Frankly, we'd do well with double and triple tap bindings. I think it would make a few things better. Specifically, double tapping for class ability on engi so I stop throwing ammo boxes in enemy faces :oops:

    As someone who is writing a game, I can tell you that it's a much bigger hurdle than it sounds like it would be.
  9. metrotw

    i use the numberpad "minus" key for this and have since like day 1.

    give it a shot
  10. Moridin6

  11. St0mpy

    As a junior code monkey I would hate to have to implement globally masked keymaps myself but its not rocket science for a (so called) professional company and is just another small issue swept under the carpet hoping nobody would notice.
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  12. IcEzEbRa

  13. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    Using X - then bound X to a mouse button.
  14. AirPilot

    Excellent idea. The 'E' key is already embeded in my muscle memeory and a lot of other pilots muscle memory.
  15. Garedar

    There are some really nice keyboards that can make this happen.
    Or you could modify the E button on the keyboard you have. Many ways to do this. If your "fat fingering" the E key make it smaller. Or find a replacement key has a smaller head.
    If you are hitting it instead of the W key put some texture on the E key or epoxy something to the top of key like a Dime.
    You could try super gluing an eraser that has been formed to a desired shape to the top of the E key.

    Maybe one of your hot keys on your mouse ...