Opinions on Mattherson/Waterson Merge?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Alarox, Apr 22, 2014.

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  1. Brahma2

    Connery is war as hell. It's full of huge zergs of players and counter-zergs. It has incredibly good infantry, large numbers of armor, and it's air has a good group of very scary individuals who are constantly snipping at eachother... and makes up for it's smaller amount of good players by having an ocean of mediocrity as a buffer.

    Connery is what Planetside 2 was advertised to be... war. It's what Mattherson and Waterson would be if they ever combined, and the way it's looking, that will never happen. I don't know who's telling you anything about harmony, because damned if all the different factions aren't passionate about murdering each other.
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  2. ILoveLucy

    I have no doubt you want to believe these things you say. It's clear that you are not only trying to convince your audience, you are also trying to convince yourself. Your intentions are your own. Are you having fun? That is great. Party on Wayne. Hey Briggs people, on Mattherson, we know competitive fun, not just mindless zerg. You may ping a bit higher here, but we party like no other.
  3. RoyAwesome

    Yeah, it has these amazingly large zergs that manage to ghost cap in a circle, never fighting eachother.

    I swear, Conner zergs are allergic to actually fighting.
  4. EliteEskimo

    Connery may have numbers but I'd be willing to bet they don't see half of coordinated stuff that Mattherson sees. Whether it be coordinated tank columns, Galaxy drops to switch the base cap in the final seconds at a highly contested base on a regular basis, several large outfits coordinating their troops together at once, AV Nests around every corner, ect. If SOE mans up after Hossin and makes the right call by merging the servers we'll have both the population and epic fights only possible due to the high density of coordinated outfits on Mattherson.
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  5. TeknoBug

    VS are extremely coordinated on Connery, one night last week with 29% they were able to take territory from NC that were 41%! NC are just an overpopulated zergfest these days that I can't be arsed to log into my Connery NC anymore (except for the daily +48 certs). Connery TR aren't bad either and some days they can match NC's population, I just don't like their weapons that much.

    I honestly haven't found that much coordination on Mattherson.
  6. EliteEskimo

    If you haven't found that much coordination on Mattherson I'm assuming you don't run with any of the major well known outfits or try to follow them.

    The most coordinated forces on TR are BWC/903rd (Haven't worked with VG enough to know how coordinated they are, but they coordinated with BWC/903rd so they are doing something right).

    Most coordinated NC forces I know of are SG, TENC, and VCO seems to do a decent job theses days.

    VS- Seriously how do you not see coordination on Mattherson considering Mattherson Vanu are always pulling last stands and coordinated last second take overs during alerts. Best examples are NNG, DA, GOTR, GOKU.

    In terms of coordination on Mattherson it goes VS>TR>NC, best time to look for it is on prime times and specifically during the weekends when the outfits are running ops. The single best to look is prime time on Fridays, as those are epic.
  7. Bankrotas

    Sorry, Eskimo, but server BMing can be done, only when enough matches of Server Smash are played.
  8. Akeita

    If you haven't found that much coordination on Connery I'm assuming you don't run with any of the major well known outfits or try to follow them. :rolleyes:

    You have no right or whatsoever to judge a sever when you haven't even try to get in the competitive level like your character on Mattherson. And, you and every single Mattherson players always talking in a way that extremely bias with almost no real experience ( I don't consider an alt under BR 60 is having "enough" experience in that sever ). But, of course, Mattherson is god sever, join the pros on Mattherson and come to Connery to farm some noobs... Everyone know that Mattherson have that "high skill celling" already, that doesn't mean that you people get the right to be arrogant and say that sever X is casual and sever Y can't be as good as us, stop being arrogant.
  9. Engine91

    I dunno...

    I don't think ill ever see another server match a heavy weight slug fest when 3 zergs and the best Outfits collide head on like I've seen on Mattherson. Still remember flying a Gal headlong into a 3 way at Mekala to strike at the Tech plant Balcony with my CML buddies and only seeing masses of tanks, troops and aircraft everywhere as I flew. Magriders defending the tech plant with cyan beams streaking from everywhere, TR attacking from the south with prowlers and swarms of troops our NC pushing from the North with Vangaurds and lightnings.

    Or holding out at the Ascent Alamo style as VS poor from every direction and many other epic fights.

    Im sure Connery has good fights and all. But I've always considered Mattherson the heavy weight arena.
  10. Phrygen

    Except TGWW and QRY are the same outfit at this point. Frankly, PREY flies for DA as well.

    Its all the same "auraxium pilots guild" fly for DA thing. Most of them prefer reavers.
  11. Negator

    and N is dead
  12. GoEErs

    When I first came over from Briggs to Mattherson TR I had heard all the hype and passed it off as players just being partial to their server. Nope. Mattherson kicked my *** for months. It was horrible. My K/D was dreadful as was my SPM and I was really having doubts as to making the move. I stuck it out and I am very happy I did.

    I have improved greatly since leaving Briggs and don't really cringe when I see names like DasAnfall, Azure Twilight, Vindicators, Higby's Heroes, Sturmgrenadiers, etc... I get excited because they are the best and I will only get better by playing against them. But hey don't take my opinion as fact. Come to Mattherson and pit your skills against some of the outfits I mentioned. Bring your A game. You will most definitely need it.:D
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  13. Attias

    I'd go for it for the sake of a bit of change. On a rare good night, playing VS on Waterson feels like making a brave, coordinated and honorable last stand before getting wiped out in a tide of blue or red as they roll on to alert wins. On regular bad nights, I pretty much feel like I'm wasting my time serving as cheap content for other people.
  14. GoEErs

    I would say the 666th Devil Dogs are equals to the VS on Mattherson. Never played on Connery but just the shear amount of streams available to watch them tells me they are nasty. The cool name doesn't hurt either.
  15. VSDerp

    no offense to 666 but personally im not really impressed with them. im sure they are bunch of cool ppl but i wouldn't say they are equal to vs on mattherson. VS on mattherson are just god like lol
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  16. AdmiralArcher

    recursion and future crew are the only outfits i would say are competent all the time
    666th used to be a decent foe...but they went downhill really fast and now they are a joke

    well....Recursion has been said to cheat...it wouldnt suprise me, but they have great players, future crew doesnt cheat...

    but both outfits suck the fun out of the game completely whenever they arrive at a base....it stops being fun when you run into the same guy 6 times in a row in different parts of the base and he just.doesnt.die

    i hate playing against them, i used to find it fun when i was VS and just begining as TR, playing with FCRW and against 00 was awesome, but playing against them now.................it just makes my blood boil when i do
  17. RoyAwesome

    I wasn't aware 666 still existed.
  18. LordMondando

    Solution to Indarside is continental lattice, not server mergers.

    Also your effectively removing a lot of capacity for PS2 to expand (sure that'll get people going nuts, but it likely is a thing, once a lot more content drops) by reducing the net sum of U.S servers to 2.

    I mean if you guys finally want to concede that this is an EU dominated game with our mighty 4 servers, sure.
  19. GoEErs

    As far as I know Evilpig is alive and well and still kicking. The unit is still functioning and involved.
  20. GoEErs

    They used to be. I wasn't aware they took a turn for the worse. And I am quite familiar with the VS on Mattherson as I am TR on Mattherson. VS God-Like.... no. Very good....yes. Cry me a Reaver is also very good. I forgot about Goons too. So many good outfits on Mattherson. RageQuit for VS is another good one. I'll shut up now.
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