Opinions on Directive Weapons?

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  1. Campagne

    What are your opinions on the directive weapons you've unlocked?

    So far I've unlocked the GODSAW, Fortuna, and the Executive, and I guess the auraxium knife too.

    GODSAW -- Good, I like it. Suffers from the same issues as the standard SAW does, but does have a few little benefits. Namely, the significantly better damage drop-off, AV firing-mode, and shortened reload time. The smaller magazine isn't great but at 65 rounds it's workable with the better reload.

    I do wish the AV mode would be left alone and not given out to the Spiker though.

    Fortuna -- I'm not sure I like it. I don't know if it's the gun itself or just me, but I just don't seem to do very well with it compared to the other carbines I've had to use to get it.

    Don't like the lack of a grip, laser sight is kinda okay. Underbarrel shotgun is pretty fun, actually rather handy from time to time. Soft-point ammo is okay enough as well.

    The beef I really have with the Fortuna is that it seems like it's supposed to be a more short-ranged version of the base Mercenary; The soft-point ammo, laser, and shotgun make this rather obvious.

    I don't see why anyone would actually want a short-range version of the Mercenary though. What I love about the default is that it is highly versatile and follows the right parts of the NC arsenal. Just slap on a grip and a 1x sight and take it everywhere! Fortuna though... Poor at range, even at mid-range. So I have to use it in short-range combat, where's the suppressor? The versatility is gone in my opinion, and it doesn't even carry in any real benefits to short range. The Bandit would be much better for this purpose.

    Executive -- It's pretty bad. No way to really sugar coat it, worst non-joke weapon in the game, including the Magscatter. Better since the velocity was buffed from underhanded baseball to slingshot.

    The entire premise of the thing is the same velocity (because of said buff) and damage range as an unsuppressed Magshot while having a suppressor. Whoopdiedoo. The final product is a Magshot with no versatility or options and two less rounds in the magazine. No laser, flashlight, or other hidden benefit.

    There was a time where I once idolized the Magshot, but that was six or seven pistols ago. Quite frankly both the base and the Directive versions do nothing special or serve any purpose or niche that another NC or NS pistol could not perform equally if not better.

    I've aurax'd the GODSAW, and I suppose I intend to aurax the Executive eventually once I run out of other pistols. Don't really know if I even want to aurax the Fortuna, there's still a coupe other carbines I could do first.

    Working on the Gauss Prime now, don't know how great that will be. After that, I suppose I'm already nearly done the sniper rifles directive. I know already I won't be using the Moonshot if I ever do get it. Temptest could be OK, don't really use any SMGs. Directive version of the Warden, whatever it's called, would be less than useful.

    How do you feel about your directive guns?
  2. JobiWan

    I recently got The President. It gets a lot of bad press but I quite like it. It suits stalking quite well but as a back-up to a primary there are better choices.
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  3. MurgNC

    The ones I've gotten:

    I agree the Godsaw is fun. Aside from finishing off already burning vehicles the alt fire mode isn't very useful. But I like having the alt fire mode even if I seldom use it. The lower mag size doesn't bother me at all as it's still more than enough bullets except in the most desperate point hold scenarios. I feel it's a solid medium range gun.

    Fortuna -- The laser sight plus underbarrel shotgun means it's OK for LA who hipfire a lot, but I wouldn't use it for my Engineer where I prefer to fight at range with ADS. It's the only carbine I've used where running out of ammo has actually been a problem. I think that's not just because of the low main ammo pool, but also that LAs are often not in areas where they can grab ammo packs. Most of my attempts to use the underbarrel shotgun have not ended well -- you basically get one shot, and if you don't get the kill you're in big trouble. At this point I'm just pretending the gun doesn't have a UB shotgun.

    Gauss Prime -- Pretty boring for a directive gun. It felt just like the regular gauss rifle.

    Auraxium Slasher, Auraxium Mag Cutter, C4 ARX-- They look cool, especially the C4 ARX, but the stats are identical to the base item.

    And wow, you got the Executive? That's one of the rarest directive weapons!
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  4. Mehanal

    I like The President as well. It rewards you like a regular repeater if you can land all of your shots. The slightly reduced size for the magazine (1 burst less worth of bullets) punishes you if you don't land your shots. Overall I think it's in a good place. Not sure about the other directive pistols though. I'm currently working my way towards the Bighorn and the DMR. I really like the shiny banner you get when you unlock the President.

    The directive knife is eh. It has the cool Auraxium coating, but that's it. It'd be neat if it had some sort of ability to really separate it from the regular knife, but I'm fine with just having a cool camo for a knife. Plus it's bragging rights.
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  5. CaptCran

    Meh. For TR I have a lot of them, they LOOK cool, and have some perks to them but, meh.

    It's got a bigger clip than the SMG-46. Feels better on the hip firing, like most SMG's.
    What I like to call out when I kill someone with it "EL PRESIDENTE!". Good gun. It's silenced and has the stats of it's counterpart.
    Side grade to the other battle rifles, meh.
    BIGHORN .50M
    Great gun! Was very pleased with it when I got it. Had it to AURAXIUM in no time flat.:( They could have made the sound more "deaf cracking" as stated in the description.
    Nice shock weapon. Quick reload clip. Got a lot of tells saying "you spray and pray". F___ING DUH! IT'S A SHOTGUN MORON!!!
    Thought it was going to be activated knife(power). Description was misleading. One of the first things I went for AURAXIUM on.

    In conclusion, most of the AURAXIUM weapons are just side grades to previously used weapons with shape shifting skins.
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  6. Droid15.24.3

    I read the description on it, not sure why you'd think it'd be more than just an auraxium version of the knife.

    On another note, I feel the directive weapons should be a sidegrade with some faction flavor, if not slightly better with enough skill applied.
  7. CaptCran

    Legal possession of an Auraxium Chainblade is considered a badge of honor amongst the Terran Republic. Only the most revered TR soldiers will ever wield this powerful and highly desired miniature chainsaw.

    When you think Chainsaw you think something gas powered right???

    It's like with the "Thermals" getting a new discription. Actually, getting totally pointless from what I heard. Never used them, never cared about them. It's all the wording right?
  8. T.A.94

    I only unlocked the Fortuna by now (I don't let the ARX-Magcutter count). I mainly play Light Assault and as previous said there it truly shines :p .
    If I compare all the three default carbines the Mercinary is easiest to controll because it only has a horizontal recoil, same as the Fortuna (tested the other two on the testserver).
    I am highly satisfied by the weapons performance, because for me it works in almost every situation, maybe except when I get suprised from behind (underbarrel + knive sometimes solves the problem).
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  9. Blam320

    I recently got the VS LMG directive weapon, the Beetlejuice. That thing spits out bullets like nobody's business. I've yet to get used to the cooldown mechanic, but I think it's going to be a favorite of mine in close-midrange fights. Not requiring ammo means I can sub out Ammo Printer for Regeneration, or some other implant to pair with Assimilate for maximum independence and sustainability.
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  10. Droid15.24.3

    The default is a chainblade (mini-chainsaw). They are just tokens of dedication that let the enemy know that you mean business.