Operation Must Fix Game

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Bullborn, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Bullborn

    With all the server crashes, login issues, stuck at 96% etc, that has been happening over the last two+ months, I think its time for another operation.

    While the Operation Make Faster Game is highly appreciated (at least by me!), we now need Operation Must Fix Game.

    Currently my guild has been forced to play on US servers during ops nights because Miller is too unreliable (either you're stuck on login, or the server goes down). It is wearing people's patience thin.

    Go grab some coffee, call a meeting, prioritize those blockers and inform the community what you are doing to fix the situation. if there's anything we can do to help you, let us know. Silence just fuels the rage.

    It is not easy to make an MMO, but it is not hard to make a forum post to let us know what's going on.
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  2. Hegenov

    It would be all good, if patches would be testet as they should be, before release :(
    I would like to get my FPS back
  3. Imthehunter

    SOE, we want to at least hear that you acknowledge the problem!

    Letting us know you're still actively working on it would be even better.

    I'm rather disappointed that the login times, even after the login server upgrade, are still quite long. Waiting in the character screen for 5 minutes isn't exactly pleasant.

    Additionally, almost all the progress made with O:MFG has diminished for me. The only real gain I got from it was that it dealt with my seemingly random FPS drop issues and they've slowly crawled back into the game.

    Just better communications and keeping your game together with something else than spit, sand, and some duct tape would be cool.
  4. FleurDisLee

    i see this game is still broken and full of bugs! i quit the game month ago and thinking of coming back, shame! i rllly miss this game
  5. Shadowhunter1

    it's true SOE. if you guys took the time and tested the patch before actually releasing it, then maybe there would not be so many overlaying issues. since the ESF patch the game has steadily become more unstable, and i see no signs of it getting better anytime soon. please sony, focus on making the game stable and reliable before introducing anymore items. that way you can get all the people back that stopped playing, and then you guys can make even MORE MONEY!!!. what a idea!!!!