Operation "Miller Boycott"

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by blashyrk92, Sep 12, 2013.

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  1. LordMatt XLVIII

    That's pretty much the same on Waterson, but nobody really complains about it over here.....
  2. Sekaszy

    More like this....
  3. Rhoryn

    What are you smoking, the population is fine until alerts start.. Then people from VS and NC hop on over to our side, you might want to look closer to home if you want people to blame.

    TR have lost a lot of alerts recently as well, Vanu are very good when they pull their finger out but NC are just terrible and i don't think i have ever been on when they have won.
  4. MGP

    Yes. At this exact moment.
  5. Gustavo M

    Nah, that's too emo'ish/autistic.
  6. huller

    if your first reaction to an allert as an empire is to: (sorted by popularity)
    a) go anywhere BUT where the allert is at cough indar cough
    b) drama in yell chat
    c) make a rage thread on the forums detailing just how scared you are to fight the big bad TR
    d) comlain on the forums how it isn't fair that the TR win just after stating "we do not bother with allerts anymore"
    e) actualy fight back instead of whimpering in the warpgate.

    do you honestly even think you can win?
  7. MGP

    TR 33%, NC 36% atm. Outside of alert time, pops are pretty much ballanced.
  8. Sekaszy

    Ehh but that how i feal after Most of the alerts. We try so hard but cant do ****
  9. UberBonisseur

    Bases never last. The map "resets" every day. Winning is pointless.

    On the other hands, Certs are permanent.

    On Indar.
  10. ThereIsNoTry

    Populations can be fine on miller. But not during alerts. Once an alert starts you can sit back an watch tr population rise with every minute. It doesn't make any sense to try to fight an alert as VS and NC anymore. They would have to double team the tr. But that simply isn't fun and is no solution to the problem. It's just the easy way out for a problem the devs introduced to the game and now have to fix already.

    As if those forum posts would or newbies would read those. There are plenty of other things in this game which already scare away newbies. Starting with the tutorial that doesn't teach you anything an amoeba couldn't figure out on its own.
  11. IronWarrior

  12. MGP

    World pop. WORLD POP. Can't you read at all?
  13. asmodraxus

    If the an empire starts to win said alert the 4th faction players switch (at least on Miller), thus making an all ready losing empire lose that much quicker, and the worst part, they get rewarded for it.

    Make the alert XP based on the time spent fighting in the alert multiplied by the enemy population difference so if an empire has a higher population the XP bonus gets reduced, possibly to lower levels then what the losers get.
  14. MGP

    Because people are overreacting.
  15. Kociboss

    You mean all the xXxN0Sc0p3z360Bl4zeDatSh1tEvrDay420xXx dudes who claimed that Miller has the highest "skill level" (lol)?

    Maybe they got shot?
  16. Niamar

    Being the underdog is fun, most of my kills are from when we are in a tower and we are outnumbered 10+ to 1.
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  17. Sekaszy

    But this is no Alert time, whole point of this problem POPULATION DURING ALERTS.

    Biggest xp for low pop
    Character lock for 2h
    Change spawning time
    Change alerts a bit(like 'Take as many territory from most populated fraction" or SIMPLE only 1 cont alerts)
    Better resourse gain for low pop fraction

    Lots of good ideas that MIGHT HELP, but SOE do **** about this
  18. IronWarrior

    Miller server is fine, best server. :)
  19. MGP

    Well, if instead of using your standard "OMG he's TR! I must disagree with everything he says!" behavior, you've looked up the comment i've replied to, you would've noticed, what i replied to the guy claiming what TR got highest pop 24/7, i.e. "overreacting".

    Jeesh... why i even wasting my time explaining this to you?...
  20. MGP

    Yes. Exactly.
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