Operation "Miller Boycott"

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by blashyrk92, Sep 12, 2013.

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  1. blashyrk92

    The situation has gotten out of hand. Miller is unplayable. There have been many threads with suggestions on how to fix population issues but SOE doesn't care.

    So, I'm calling for a boycott on Miller. We should massively create characters on different servers and leave the TR on Miller by themselves. They certainly won't have a problem being the only faction on the server as they already seem to like winning without a real fight. Maybe if there's nobody but hardened BR>90 veterans left on Miller in factions other than TR, SOE will be forced to shut down Miller or do something to enforce playable population levels.
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  2. Kodaa

    Fight the power, bro.
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  3. Cougarbrit

    What happened to "miller server, best server" bros?
  4. blashyrk92

    Maybe it used to be in the early days. Now playing on Miller makes the game downright broken. The experience when playing on that server is the same when playing any other FPS against cheaters because it's exactly that - numerous unfair fights and nothing else.
  5. Kronic

    Shut it a feed me alert certs b1tch.
  6. TheRighteous

    I agree the TR population is quite large :S
    But a boycott?
    How about VS and NC combine and take back what is rightfully the NC's!
    Uh...That is, ours...
  7. MoonRaven

    I actually disagree with you. The problem is not the TR, when I look at normal times when I login, it's around the same percentage for each faction. When an alert is busy and the TR are winning, the TR have around 40-50%. The only reason I can think of is that VS and NC are swapping to the TR. There should be a huge penalty when swapping faction during an alert or even swapping from one faction to another in the same hour on the same server. I am TR but I'm sick of winning. The times we are NOT winning is when the NC and VS are fighting the TR together and not bothering with each other. Annoying for us because we don't have a real chance, but understandable.

    Only fix in my eyes is a penalty for swapping factions.
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  8. MoonRaven

    I can't talk too much about guns being OP or not. I've played SOME NC and the guns were about as effective as the TR guns as far as I noticed, but yeah... 4th faction ******** is annoying. I liked it more when you couldn't have 2 different faction characters on the same server...
  9. UberBonisseur


    Let's pretend I switch from my VS "main" to my TR "alt".
    What's the point ? If VS is effectively my main, why would I even swap in the first place ? I don't directly benefit from the certs I earn with my TR. If you have a main on VS or NC you're better off unlocking everything on a single character rather than going TR for "winning".

    If anything, the swappers, provided they exist, are new players with nothing to lose or with no faction/character fidelity
  10. LordTankT9

    OMG! Vanu betray spandex so easily?! :)

    But really, I remember when Vanu dominated events and I don't remember TR where QQ. So pull your spandex butts together and fight!

    P.S. Really situation is that VS and NC fighting us there both and it's about 50/50 odds to take something, if they play it smart...
  11. Copasetic

    As a TR player since beta on Miller I logged in today, saw 42% TR, logged out again and played something else.

    12 hour locks after switching factions and server transfers. Please.
  12. Goretzu

    Just join TR - it's literally the only thing that stands a chance of working.
  13. MoonRaven

    The reason? Because people just want to win, they don't want to progress and they have no loyalty.
  14. Nonorf

    Youre obviously not playing on Miller.

    TR has a minimum of 35-37% pop all day long.
  15. DirtyRoger

    WHEN do you play?
    If you play between 16 - 20, TR are the most populated, sorry (maybe because we are all young and fresh :p)

    During 21-00 CET the TR population is pretty equal to the NC. If not lower! VS are just enough to fill Indar, but how DIGT and IVRI shown, they can still win alerts.

    Do not boycott, change hours
    And stop doing such posts, you are scaring the newbies
  16. Sekaszy

    The Biggest VS world pop what i seen was 39%, MONTHS AGO in the middle of the night and ONCE. We were winning becouse we were a little better, not because we had more troops than enemy ammunition.

    P.S Do you know most of players are randoms who dont want to join outfit and listen to anyone ?
  17. tuxtard

    This game disregards the main concept of every FPS game - team balance. It really does not matter if there are ppl who switch factions for alert or not, game shouldn't allow such population difference. Would some of you play, lets say, Counter Strike or Quake Team Deathmatch in ratios like 1 VS 4 or 2 VS 6? Would you play chess if your opponent have 2x or more pieces from the start? I really don't think so. Who cares about some extra XP you get when fighting against overly populated faction when you always loose alerts. There wasn't a single alert in the past couple of months that anybody except TR won. All games in human history were based on a one most important principle - fair play. This game disregards this principle on purpose. If this game wasn't so cool in other aspects of the gameplay, no one would ever play it. Now, even monkeys understand whats fair, take a look at this video:

    So I call for management of this game to take a look at Miller alert and population stats and to try to do something about it.
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  18. Goretzu

    The truth is often scary. :eek:
  19. MGP

    At this exact moment the TR are 34% and NC are 35%. Your argument is invalid.
  20. Gustavo M

    Excuse me. This thread needs a theme.
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