Operation: Make Faster Game - Release Candidate 1

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by codeForge, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. codeForge

    So right now on Test Server is our first Release Candidate for OMFG: PU01.

    We really couldn't be more excited about this. What this update represents is not only an increase in frame rate, but a release that exemplifies how we all want our game updates to go now and in the future.

    As we thought about efficiency in the game, we also were able to take a deep look at efficiency in our process. This update reflects a new commitment to engaging the players on the Test Server to help us improve the game, and a renewed focus on taking the time to find the big problems and fix them BEFORE they go Live.

    Right now, we are focusing our efforts on fixing crashes, tightening up some loose ends, and heavily monitoring the players' experiences on PTS. With today's patch, we feel we're in a good place to go into the weekend with a little more bugfixing and polish.

    ... And on Tuesday, 11/12, we feel confident we will be able to move this update to Live!

    There is nothing patronizing in saying that we could not have gotten here without your help. The outpouring of time on PTS, and comments in Forums and public social media has been a huge boost to everyone here. So many edge-case issues were found and fixed because of the tens of thousands of players on PTS!

    I invite you once again to jump onto PTS, look at what we've got, shoot a few of us with bullets, and see Planetside 2's next step.

    Thanks again, and see you on Test!


    LINK TO TEST CLIENT HERE------> http://launch.soe.com/installer/PS2_Test_setup.exe
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  2. gigastar

    I look forward to it.

    And may as well ask, if PU01 is ready then what is the pogress on GU15?
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  3. MurderBunneh

    Sorry I know it's test and all but it's not fun ever to be the faction with 10%. It looks to be pretty solid build from what I saw in the 10 minutes I could stand being farmed.
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  4. daniel696

    Don't give deadlines... Alright, we need get it the PST today ? What time?
  5. Pikachu

    I like codeForge more than Higby.
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  6. gigastar

    You wont get flamed for 4th factioning on PTS, you know.
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  7. MurderBunneh

    Why would I test factions I don't play?
  8. gigastar

    The objective of this update is performance, not balance.

    Therefore it doesnt matter what faction youre playing.
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  9. MurderBunneh

    Um yes it does I want to see how my weapons perform under high fps during big fights.

    Sorry I can't think of anything more important. And if it doesn't matter then how bout you and your buddies play NC for a while then?
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  10. Gammit

    I usually join the faction w/ lowest population, but then i get frustrated with all the trolls that decide to camp the spawns. :(
  11. SpaceKing

    I like Higby's hair better than codeForge's. I wonder if SOE will sell HigbyWigs.
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  12. HadesR

    Bit off topic ...

    But certain other Dev's could learn a thing or two from Code's communication with the community .. It's been a breath of fresh air and much appreciated ..

    :) *thumbs up* :)
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  13. whitupiggu

    If only Sanchez was so active. He works on probably one of the most important aspects of PS2 and took almost a year to post anything.
  14. MrMurdok

    Missed the release date by a day. Damn. I called the 13th.
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  15. DeadliestMoon

    Bring your outfit mates or /yell for some people to switch over to your side. Or you can just switch sides yourself.
  16. VSDerp

    can ya spawn 3 sundies each faction and make them non destructible?
  17. blueangleofdeath

    I gave it a run through and everything feels even more smoother for me now. However now my frames are lower then before about 15 and now have hitching. Textures now seem to blur less then before but there are still some that causes issues.
  18. ScrapyardBob

    Which goes back to the long-standing complaint that SOE has not done enough to encourage balance among the factions. There needs to be more dynamic, automated systems.

    • Continent level bonus is fine as-is.
    • Bring back the server-level bonus, advertise it on the server screen, make it the same size as the continent bonus, then stack it with the continent level bonus.
    • Calculate a local bonus based on the hex you are in plus the surrounding 7 hexes.
    • Monitor faction population on each server over the past 2 weeks, drop 20-25% of the lowest server population time periods. Then figure out which faction has least active population. Use that data each week to offer new player sign-up bonuses that gives a 7-day +50% XP boost on that faction. Maybe even go with a 14-day +50% XP bonus (get them hooked on it). To limit possible influx, only hand out N bonuses each day (maybe 100/server).
    • Swap the warp-gate positions weekly -- in a random manner, for every continent/server. There's only (6) possible configurations for 3 warp-gates, so roll a 6-sided die for each continent and rotate the warp gates.
  19. Rockit

    You should probably get away from the PU abbreviation. Makes me think of something emitting a less than desirable odor.
  20. doombro

    Running well on my end. Looking forward to tuesday.