[Suggestion] Operation Make A Less Boring and Predictable Game

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  1. xxSparkyxx

    I love this game all and all, and I want to keep it that way. Just I can get bored of the game within 2 - 3 hours and I know others can relate. I can guess the alerts now so add some for the sanity of all that love this game. I have seen this and heard this from AngryJoe and Wrel and we all know SOE listens to Wrel so how about I just state it again and MAYBE it will get noticed. Anyway the way to go is add enemy AI, and have this as an extra, randomly occurring alert. I say it happens at the end of an alert, like at the end of a domination alert. Or really close to the end of a domination alert, have the humans or Vanu or something like that raid. Then their would forced alliances, but they can still backstab and risk war again with that faction, and the humans. The color of the enemies would be white, kinda like the Peacekeepers from Hunger Games, with the same generic design.

    Also make it so there are Platoon/Outfit Bases. Right now we are having to use unoccupied continent bases/the warpgate, which are boring places to be. I think this would be a good implement to the Hossin update, but anyway let there be drawing boards where we can interact with a map of the desired continent and show it on a big screen. This would give organized attacks to PS2 so the defenders have to have a well defended base in order to end in victory. Or just add a tactical feeling to the game.:D

    I know this will make it seem like an Arma game or something but on the ads it says, "Massive Tactical Warfare"
    and the game isn't very tactical.
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  2. MFP_TK_01

    Doesn't want boring and predictable.

    Asks for scripted computers.
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  3. Vamperial

    No. No AI. Wait till they are done with the resource revamp, adding Hossin and the BIs, and Cont Lattice. That will fix most of what you mention. AI will not make the game less predictable. If you are bored, as I and my friends are, play a different game until they put this stuff in.

    Platoon/Outfit ideas are good though and probably in the works.
  4. LordMondando

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  5. TheMercator

    We need different capture mechanics and something to make it possible to really defend a base without a counter attack.
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  6. xxSparkyxx

    I never said anything about scripted computers. Take a look at Star Wars Battlefront 1 or 2
    The A.I are never the same, and that was an OLD game. Imagine what they could do now. So no not ******* old fashioned scripted computers
  7. LordMondando

    What do you mean 'imagine what they could do now'.

    A.I technology has barely moved in video games since the early 2000's. Counter strike and various other HL mods still have some of the best A.I you can find in video games.
  8. Epic High Five

    With how much there is to do in this game, and in how many ways you can do it, if you're exhausting all your interest in 2-3 hours then the problem may be that the game isn't boring, but rather you are.

    Seriously, I just hit BR100 and over a year since I started and I'm STILL finding fun new stuff to do. My latest pleasure is suicide wraith flashing super extreme menace mindless HE farmers :D
  9. TomoB

    I get bored too sometimes, but I know I'm boring. Non-boring people like to learn new stuff but I like to stick with my 3, maybe 4 classes like an autistic person and completely ignore the rest because I don't like their playstyle.
  10. EmmettLBrown

    Sometimes I get bored playing this. That's why I have other games installed.
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  11. Czuuk

    It'd be really hard to make a decent AI for this game. You could throw some dumb omni-aim bots in of course, but ultimately all that would do is reduce the number of players.
  12. RogueVindicare

    New Alert types would be nice. Some random ideas

    Territorial Trifecta: Control (Base X) on Indar, (Base Y) on Esamir, and (Base Z) on Amerish.

    - Control The Crown on Indar, The Octagon on Esamir, and The Bastion on Amerish
    - Control The Palisade on Indar, The Traverse on Esamir, and The Ascent on Amerish

    I chose bases with "the" in the name because it sounds cooler/more thematic, but the bases can be changed for strategic importance/feasibility quite easily.

    Mechanized Warfare: Achieve vehicular dominance!

    Empires score points by either killing enemy vehicles or making kills in vehicles.
    - Destroying a vehicle as infantry grants 5% of its resource cost in points.
    - Destroying a vehicle in another vehicle grants 10%
    - Destroying a vehicle in the same class of vehicle (ESF vs ESF, MBT vs MBT, etc...) grants 15%
    - Killing infantry as a vehicle grants 5 points (same as infantry destroying a Flash)

    So killing an MBT on foot would grant 22.5 points, 45 points in a vehicle, or 67.5 points in an MBT. Points are awarded for killing infantry as a vehicle to prevent empires from trying to "deny" enemies any chance at points by never spawning any vehicles.
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  13. xpsyclosarinx

    "Platoon/Outfit ideas are good though and probably in the works"

    They've been "in the works" for a year and a half now FYI. Outfit base capture, outfit progression, outfit base redesign (base editing) were all promised.

    Still nothing on the horizon a year later.
  14. Spartan101

    Another alert idea. Randomly triggered at the end of a domination alert, Take-back alert!. For the next hour the 2 losing factions gain these attributes.
    • +50% exp gain while fighting against the force that won the alert
    • +50% resource gain (to make up for not having territory resource income)
    • - 50% exp while fighting against the other faction that lost the alert
    • Faction leaders engage an advanced nanite generator within the 2 losing warpgates that allows free spawning of vehicles for the first 5 mins. (to encourage people to transfer to continent.)
    • Any remaining forces for the losing factions on the alert continent immediately receive full resources for remaining on the alert continent.
    The winning faction gains this attribute:
    • +50% exp for the winning force for fighting in regions they own. (to encourage them to stay)
    This would occur as a once in a blue moon event but would certainly liven up the state of affairs from an otherwise boring ghost cap and redeploy to Indar that occurs at the end on a dominating alert.
  15. Czuuk

    Outfit progression was definitely mentioned at SOE Live. As with everything in this thread. Instead we, can now report a bug if we get shot by a mean tank or airplane while we're defending a base.
  16. xpsyclosarinx

    It was also mentioned a year ago when they went into detail about how they wanted to do it, doesn't really inspire any confidence unfortunately. :(
  17. Vamperial

    All because they stopped 6 months ago and spent time on optimizing the game. So the game was in a good state of change for 6 months and then they stopped everything for PU1 and PU2. I'm not making an excuse I'm simply stating that the game has technically only had 6 months of post-launch development. We have all been very aware of why. It's not like they suddenly were silent for 6 months.
  18. xxSparkyxx

    I love the amount of hate I can get. ;)

    I love how people think I am boring and people do not even get the amount of technology there is today. AI for enemies in this game is crucial, because you need to be able to have the feeling there are civilians here too. Auraxis was colonized, meaning there are people on the planet, rather than a ton of armies that just hate each other ever since the the TR was formed. So there need to be civilians running around AT LEAST.:p

    So what I am saying since NOBODY gets technology, is that the game gets boring, since all the game is, is take base, lose base, regain base, ALERT! Then that alert is Power Rush and everyone is camping in the Amp stations they hold, no progress, half of platoon leaves after alert, yeah, so you get the idea, playing this game for a while can get boring, especially with the way SOE is nerfing everything, making it impossible for any real progress. Think, this game has been out for a year and there is STILL no way to truly win a game/dominate a continent. :rolleyes:

    So when you think about the AI in games like halo for the enemy, or for the AI for the enemies is Skyrim, this would be a game-changer. Think, if you have a friend in the NC and you are VS, then when the human/vanu alert happens, you could team up. And now just thinking of it, just have it be the vanu because they can use the same type of AI that was used in Halo's Covenant. AND IT WOULDN'T INFRINGE COPYWRITE IF THEY MAKE IT THEMSELVES.

    Then to really cap up the I am the boring one. Ok Epic High Five, good for you, you are BR 100 and you what? Suicide? Yea I would do that, just I like to keep up my KD even though this sucks. And for all of the new players, this would be fun to surprise them. They could be hot dropped into the middle of a Human/whatever his faction is and yet not know who these guys are, because they are not in the lore. If this war has been going on for a year now then it would have someone notice, at least something like that.

    Yes I know this would be a hard update, and it would be a brutal amount of data, but it would be an AMAZING update, just think, there has not really been a real gameplay update other than OMFG1 which ultimately failed, at least for me.

  19. Ash87

  20. Alarox

    Continent locking + Continental Lattice + Resource Revamp

    It seems we're a long ways out though. First we need the Amerish revamp in February. They they need to finish Hossin. Then we can get continent locking and continental lattice. And then the resource revamp, but that will take time and will require reworks to all 4 maps.