OP Vulcan

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  1. Klinkin

    One thing I haven't seen discussed much in this thread is situations besides 1v1s: one tank, one harasser. I know one tactic is to pull a wolfpack of vulcan harassers and go after...well, any type of armor, really. And it works. You know why? Not because the vulcan is overpowered, but because it's effectively three to five vehicles, and six to ten players, against one to four. There might be a dozen tanks in a rough line, but the harassers only go for one or two of them, and focus their fire. AP Lightnings could probably bring down armor even faster like that, but they'd be less mobile and agile. All three ES harasser AV weapons can pull that off, it's just the vulcan that has to be in your face and noticeable to do it, and therefore gets more attention, and, from a balance point of view, a faster TTK to compensate for lower effective range.

    On a 1v1 basis, I've found that even a Viper Lightning can beat a harasser; an MBT has a good chance of winning. It comes down to a few things: first, situational awareness; second, not letting the harasser get behind you; and third, hitting it. Really, in this game, anyone that can take you by surprise, dump shots into your tailpipe, and that you can't hit back, is going to kill you anyway. On another note, at close range, the NC's canister anti-infantry cannon can actually out-DPS a vulcan at close range against light armor.