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  1. Xasapis

    The stats after the massive nerf to PPA showed that the number of VS Harassers dropped from 6 times those of the other empires to half (aka from 6x to 0.5x). So no, VS pull less Harassers than any of the other two empires, with good reason too.

    The Enforcer projectile is faster than the Halberd and equal in speed to the Saron. In other words, it shares a spot in the fastest AV secondaries in the game. Did you have another weapon in mind?
  2. Yuki10

    harassers are quite soft and go down even from small arms fire. I run one and die no less than anyone else who plays this game for fun and not stats. Working in a team helps a lot, regardless of vehicle type. We can have flashes take out MBTs, I also seen yesterday flashes take out harassers - as in chase them down and kill them repeatedly with Furry and shotgun (forgot what it's called). Now if you add to the fact that Flash has a forward facing seat - run infil for driver with cloak, then add heavy with rocket launcher... get close from the back and own the opponent.
  3. MikeyGeeMan

    Yall need to get tactical.
    All I need is some cheese to go with this whine.
  4. asdfPanda

    Vulcan Harasser is as OP as the Enforcer and Saron against sunderers.

    The only area where the Vulcan is arguably "OP" is against MBTs and lightnings.
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  5. Leeloo

    1.) The most telling part of the imbalance is that I can see the Vulcan harrassers not even being afraid of the mag. I've been reported for aimbotting them, so I am quite decent but still, since the Vulcan buff they are fearless. And that alone pretty much sums it up, as it is based on their experience.

    2.) It is very rare that you encounter a lonely harrasser and no other enemies are around. After losing 80% of your stuff, pretty much anything kills you.

    3.) You can't run away, as the harrasser is way faster.

    4.) Harrasser can always run under the mag where it becomes untouchable.

    Not sure if the mag is designed to kill at a distance, because it has the slowest projectile speed. I think it is more of a hunter/seaker. Surprise the enemy from medium range and if it goes well, magburn in for the kill. It is terrible in duking it out from a distance as it has the lowest health from all the tanks. Strafing helps only against total noobs, or in very close quarters when you peek out only to see the enemy tank's very corner to shoot at and duck back behind cover.

    But hey, the MBT changes are up on the PTS now, we will see what changes. I just hate it that vehicle combat starts to feel like infantry combat with its 0.5s TTK.
  6. Yuki10

    - that's what FUN is all about, not KD.
    - don't venture out in the wild in a slow moving vehicle without a secondary gunner

    - until it is burning, then it is very slow. When it blows up, it's pretty stationary.

    - false. I've done it a few times, had to pull a new harasser.
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  7. Flag

    TR has a Vulcan (and the Marauder is easier to use than the PPA atm), and accuse the VS of having "easy weapons".

    Good one.
  8. Hatesphere

    the only problem is with the H variant. they need to town down how much ammo the H-Vulcan has in its mag to at least get people to run harassers in pairs or play smart to whip tanks off the map. As it is now it just should not be on a platform like the harasser in its current state.
  9. Leeloo

    Interesting way of answering the opposite of my actual points.... congrats for the talent.
  10. Goldmonk

    And Vanu with PPA before the buff weren't fearless? Being in a vehicle does that to people. I'm a mean S.O.B. when I'm in my Prowler.

    Well that's called tactics, buddyboy. Nothing quite like having a convoy running down the road. The Harasser protects the infantry from other vehicles, while the infantry protects the Harasser from other infantry. Think of it as the PS2 food chain.
    Well duh. Big *** lumbering heap of steel is going to be slower than a little dune buggy.
    ****, anything can go under the Swagrider. I do it all the time in my Prowler.
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  11. grazr

    Why are you completely ignoring the fact that the Harassers main advantage is its speed and manouverability, making it difficult to hit in the first place. It doesn't need the armour. Sure, it's difficult to put into hard numbers so you can just look at armour points vs damage and mitigation to figure out a base equation for survivability, but that doesn't mean it has none just because you can't do it for "dodging stuff". The Harassaer isn't supposed to take a lot of hits.

    That was my favourite trick as a lightning, since you were garuanteed to lose in a straight up fight i learnt to just ram my tank under a Mag and give it a good tickle before i went out in a blaze of glory.
  12. HappyStuffin

    I keep reading that the Vulcan Cannon is balanced from some, and that it is not from some others. Both camps have reasonable arguments.

    Let's assume that it is balanced. Well then, that just means it is balanced in such a way that isn't fun for many of us on the receiving end.

    Let's assume it is not balanced. Well then, obviously it needs to be balanced in such a way where it is fun for everybody.

    In all cases, SOE, you must re-evaluate the Vulcan Cannon to make it fun and not a burden.
  13. Leeloo

    Most people prefer to win rather than have actual balance and fun game play.
    In fact, the I WANT TO WIN is the cause for not being able to see that something is out of balance.

    In short, most people function according to this rule: If it is good for me, it is fair. If it is not good for me it is not fair.
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  14. d3adline

    The exact same can be said upon reversion, people like to win, so they will also say something is too strong, and keep whining about it on the official forums of game developers who are known to let forum whining influence their design decisions and also go way overboard with nerfs, just so they have easier prey, so to speak. This has already happened, there is a video of some smurftard floating around on these forums where he admits exactly that, and laughs at the TR when it worked and the Striker got "redesigned" (as in nerfed again.)
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  15. zombielores

    Driving under a Mag only works on bad mag drivers, all they have to do us make a J or hook pattern turn and the lightning can't keep up.

    Against a Harrasar on the only hand is harder to get out from under you due to the fact Harrasar turn speed is very fast a very good Harrasar driver and follow mag right under it without exposing itself to the main cannon. Now if the Mag is sporting a Saron secondary, the only Harrasars that are able to survive this point blank engagements are Saron and Vulcan ones as the Enforcer and halberd doesn't have the point blank TTK as the other ones.
  16. Xasapis

    Unless of course the enemy vehicle gets stuck underneath the mag. Rare, but happens.
  17. orbital

    this thread was a fun read. lot's of it feels OP so it IS OP going on.

    basically it got a slight buff because the devs saw that it was underperforming. before the recent buff you actually couldn't kill ANY infantry, it was like chasing dudes around with a low pressure water hose. because the COF and range was so bad you had to be right next to any targets - about 50m that's waaay too close so you got killed. it would make all kinds of awesome noises but the tracers were going all around the target at > 70m, it was comically bad for an AV weapon. my outfit stopped using the Vulcan and reverted to the Halberd. it could only run and gun and encountering an Enforcer or Saron it sounded like this before we died - BLAP BLAP BLAP.... BOOOOOM. so we didn't pull many harassers, since the Halberd isn't all that fun either.

    since the COF and range changes I can occasionally kill infantry, there's still some chasing, but the best part is that we can run by and actually land most of the bullets on a vehicle target so the TTK really is like the 3 way video demonstration above. BUT - it's still balanced against the other harassers because you still have to actually aim to land all those bullets since it still has a large (but not ever increasing) COF. the influx of TR pulling Harassers again could be the TR coming back to an old friend we thought we lost.

    I have 778 kills in a TR harasser to date.... I've seen some things....
  18. orbital

    when I read the first few posts of this thread I thought, those guys have no idea, NO IDEA!

    the Vulcan Harasser in the spring / summer of 2013 was so crazy OP it was... CRAZY. they buffed the armor and they buffed the Vulcan to have more ammo per clip and more total ammo, an insane range, low COF and higher RPM with a better damage type with higher velocity - it could totally gun down ESFs in one clip while being chased. IT WAS THE MOST FUN EVER. we would run Harasser squads with these and kill so many tanks, we'd camp warpgates on the hills and gun down Liberators that approached and only leave when we ran out of ammo. you have no idea how OP and unbearable it was. I had friends on the other factions who would come over to TR just for this.

    of course that had to be nerfed and they nerfed it sooo hard. so I'll say, with a bit of experience, it's in a good place now and not remotely OP.
  19. Popejustice

    Sorry you're right I appreciate the numbers. Just dreading vulcan nerf hammer 2.0. Would like to see more reasonable tweaking rather than the dramatic nerfing/buffing. I don't just say this for the vulcan, but for the PPA, ZOE etc. etc.
  20. hidden8lade

    To be honest I am more afraid of the Enforcer than the Vulcan because unless you are spectacularly good then the Vulcan's effective range is 75~ metets