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  1. d3adline

    You mean like this




    or this?

  2. FateJH

    I had prepared this earlier today for another thread. The original topic was evidence that the weapon is getting used more often after the buff due to how powerful it now is. (Hyperlinks to Oracle of Death have been underlined for convenience.)
  3. Quontex

    I see no problem with the vulcan as is, If you are alone in a vehicle and cannot defend yourself you are easy prey for someone else who spots you. The vulcan requires you to be almost next to the target and have rear hits to have the effect others are talking about. The way I see it is, If you die to the H. vulcan you didn't have the backup you needed to sustain yourself.

    If you are anti-vehicle you look out for things like this and support your allied column, if you are anti-infantry or anti-air you should have others watching your back. This is a teamwork based game, I know it's hard to tell that from an over glorified deathmatch but it is. If you don't want to involve yourself with teamwork while others are, They have the advantage.
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  4. Silkensmooth

    If your heavy tank is dying to a single harrasser then you are bad.

    If 2 harrassers are killing you then thats 4v1 or 4v2 and they should win.

    I drive a vulcan harrasser all the time and we cant kill heavy tanks unless they are bad.

    Vanguards are completely unkillable if manned by a competent crew.

    Magriders are doable but its very dangerous and if he has a saron hrb on nm, your harrasser will get scrapped every time. If hes good you will die every time.

    Its good against lightnings and unmanned sundies and thats about it.

    Something killed you so you want it nerfed.
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  5. Cyropaedia

    I would trade any NC/VS-H gun for for the Vulcan-H. Make a NS version of the Vulcan. (You could have made this case with pre-nerf PPA). If many share this sentiment, then you know it's overpowered. The issue is power parity not so much due to the "lack of skill." Argument applied to VS: You couldn't dodge my pre-nerf PPA orbs? Too bad…don't make yourself farmable.
  6. d3adline

    Sure, if we can get NS versions of Lancer, Vortex, Raven and MAX shotguns then I'm all for it!
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  7. iller

    As an MBT weapon ... it's exactly what the TR's gunners needed to incentivize them getting into a giant Square soon-to-be-Coffin anytime another MBT sneaks up on it while it's still in LockDown. TR deserved some kind of mid-range Tank brawling secondary.

    As a Harasser weapon>?? ...
    umm yeah, I'm gonna join the chorus in asking the Designers exactly what were they thinking when they put ANY of the available secondary guns they made available to the Harasser that were more effective than the default Basilisk / Python??? I die WAY more to the Vulcan on a Harasser while I'm infantry, than I do while in a vehicle. It's identical to C4 fairies at this point. It can literally go ANYWHERE. It's just as bad as still letting them have the Halberd IMHO. ..and I say that as someone who tried that out and found it embarrassingly easy to get kills with yet still no where near as versatile as the Vulcan harasser. It even shreds ESF's and makes jullienne fries

    IMO? ...it should have a 300m/s projectile speed and a buttload of inheritance physics to deal with so that it actually takes skill to unload while zip zop zoobity bopping all over the place....
  8. Jachim

    Hey guys, all you need to do is not get snuck up on! I mean, that's easy right all you gotta do is always look in every direction always for when the harasser creeps over a hill slowly and oneclips your poopchute.
  9. Towie

    ...yes those are some pretty sad stats - although I said there are lies, damned lies and statistics I think those are pretty representative to how they feel.

    BUT you won't see me defending the Raven, nor the severity of the Banshee nerf - however - SoE have already said they will nerf the former and buff the latter so all is not lost ;)
  10. Leeloo

    I drive a Magrider and the only thing I actually fear is a Vulcan harrasser.

    Lightning tanks take half my armor before dying. They never ever have a chance.
    MBTs depends on situation, enemy gunner / driver skill, etc. But I can at least run away.

    With Vulcan harrassers every engagement starts by me losing 80% of armor before I can actually get them in sight... ever tried to turn a mag round? Even at max mouse sensitivity, they can run circles around you if they are good. As to hitting a bat out of hell harrasser with the Saron, you need a good gunner and even with a good gunner you will need two main cannon shots to put them down for good.

    Increase the damage of the main cannon against harrassers, so I can splat them in two main cannon shots and I will call it balanced. As it is now, the fact that a harrasser is the main threat to an "MBT*" by a large margin is a joke.

    * I know, Mag is not an MBT

    By the way, personally, I am fine with playing against OP stuff, even Ravens, because I enjoy the challange. But to call things fine as is and balanced is simply bullsheet.
  11. Popejustice

    Not liking the new vulcan i get. But please for the love of god do not tell me the old vulcan was ok. It was not.
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  12. The Red One

    i basically ONLY use harasser, why? because flash is too weak and prowler lightning and sunderer are all too slow harasser can only be effective when driven by a pro driver or gunner but i see your point saying that vulcan is op its accualty not but in what i have experinced the best weapon to kill harassers is ethier skyguard or lock on rockets cause the harasser is a vehicle that depends on speed so that nothing can hit it but lock on rockets dont miss that much and skyguard does WAY to much damage to harassers. harassers are not OP they are perfectly balenced with all the other vehicles if a harasser stops for even 1 second in a tank battle its dead so if you are trying to kill a harasser make it stop
  13. The Red One

    ik what you mean since i killed many magriders by driving around them but have you considered that it may be because vanu weapons are designed to kill people before they get close to you so at close range you are basically dead, unless a second magrider comes to help you or a lock on rocket cause those are the main reasons that i die when im the only harasser around
  14. FateJH

    This is the Harasser Vulcan that was being discussed, remember that. I was supporting Fireinspice's assertion that the Vulcan-H was being pulled more after the buff than before, and then I continued to point out that the average number of kills the Vulcan-H only grew by an average of 2. That's either two vehicles or one vehicle with a driver and a gunner. Before the buff, the Vulcan-H was being competitive with the Harasser Saron and the Harasser Enforcer, though only slightly above the second place holder in KPU.

    Since the buff, it has been getting pulled three times as much and its raw kill count has gone up by about three times as much as before. There are two possible explanations:
    1. The Vulcan-H is actually no better after the buff than before the buff and the minor KPU statistic increase is actually being deceptive. The ability to directly scale the increase in usage paced to the increase in overall kills suggests this is possible, but the KPU increase is still hard to account for and can not be completely dismissed.
    2. The Vulcan-H is much better after the buff, but the number of people who are pulling it includes people who can't apply it very well, so they are keeping the KPU increase subdued and the raw kills equivalent to the growth in usage. The average BR is slightly down and Q1 KPU has seen an immense growth. Q4 KPU is holding steady, suggesting that all that has been accompished is making Vulcan-H easier to use, not more lethal (we'd see an equally large Q4 increase if that were the case).
    All in all, the statistics after the buff are currently conflicting, as I have pointed out, so neither of these explanations are perfectly satisfied. The second one seems more likely but the growth in popularity frollowing the buff is making it harder to judge the numbers. More collection should paint a picture with less ambiguity.

    Statistics, however, paint a clear picture that the original Vulcan-H was doing good. You can dislike the Vulcan-H for its implementation but that doesn't mean it didn't work well. If you won't accept data when it's presented to you, don't ask for it.
  15. The Red One

    people keep saying its OP then there are unexperinced harasser drivers saying its UP thats cause only the most skilled AV harasser drivers use vulcan
  16. TheBlindFreak

    Prowler Vulcan is fine. The Harrasser Vulcan needs to be reverted. They made the same mistake they did originally. They gave a swift and durable vehicle the powerful tank vulcan. It overperformed on the harasser (go figure). Then they nerfed both the harasser and tank variants.

    Now they buffed the tank variant because it was garbo and buffed the harasser variant at the same time. WTF
  17. Xasapis

    After the buff, pretty much anyone that feels like pulling a Harasser, pulls a Vulcan. The popularity grew three times over that day after the patch alone, and is still growing. Saying that only pro Vulcan crews use it now is exactly like saying that only pro PPA crews were using it before the nerf to the ground.
  18. The Red One

    i meant that only the unexperienced vulcan users say its UP while people who use big slow vehicles like sunderer or any MBT say its OP
    and BTW vanu have the easiest weapons which is probably why there are more vanu people using harassers than any other faction
    and the enforcer is good to hit slow vehicles with but it cannot hit another harasser unless it is right in front of it
  19. HappyStuffin

    Stats can be quoted about fairness all day long. But my experience in-game, team and solo, is the Vulcan/Harraser is just ruining the game. It simply slows down the pace of the game and there is little recourse once you start to hear the annoying buzz of the Vulcan cannon.

    I'm a full time Sunderer driver. I like to contribute to advancing my team. But once I know there is a Vulcan/Harasser around I just stop pulling Sunderer's. It's pointless. With the continual bullet spam it isn't even possible to spawn and return fire.

    Bottom line: The Vulcan Cannon / Harraser combo is making the game less enjoyable, regardless of stats and/or balance arguments.
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  20. The Red One

    solution i have seen a armored sunderer with dual bulldog tear through me and 3 other vulcan harassers before running away from a prowler due to the damage we caused