OP MAXes?!?!?!?

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  1. L1ttlebear

    So I have been playing this game as an NC since early BETA and ever since early BETA I have seen threads about my MAX being OP.

    While i understand that getting insta gibbed is a frustrating experience, one thing that I do not understand is why people come on the forums and complain about something being OP while they are attacking said thing with the same methods over and over and expecting different results.

    As an HA, I will lose almost every time to a MAX (NC, TR or VS) that is supported by an engi so if I run in guns blazing and die again and again, how can i possibly complain that the MAX is responsible? I will share two methods of killing MAXes that are almost 100% effective and fairley easy to do.

    1) cert into C4 and concussion grenades as an HA, equip your C4, throw your concussion into a room, run in the room, place C4 at MAXes feet, run a few feet away, blow up C4 killing the max. If you are foolish, you might run in front of the MAX and allow him to shoot you while he is stunned but at full sprint he will have about .3 seconds to do that. I use this method ALL THE TIME and rarely take damage once i isolate the MAX.

    2) Cert into flash grenades and C4 with LA, repeat above. Its not as effective as the concussion IMO, but it eliminates the MAX's ability to kill you when you run in front of him unless you, again, are foolish and run in front of an already firing MAX.

    So there you have it, with a LITTLE bit of skill and thought into your attacks, you can easily (and as a solo cholo) take down a MAX AND his support group if you want. So when people claim that NC MAXes are OP I have one question....Are they really OP? or is this just a true definition of L2P? (no insult intended). I played on a TR account of a buddy of mine and determined rather quickly that it is the latter
  2. phreec

    Stop making sense. You're scaring the zerglings!
  3. Molotov

    The reason players have been coming to these forums for months to vent their frustration about the NC Max is simple. Every thing that they once enjoyed for their factions have been nerfed by Higby's team due to the complaints coming from this very forum. So when they see what happens when frustrations get voiced they come here and expect the same treatment from the development team, but unfortunately time and time again they fail to act so people continue to come here because what other option do they have when they are fighting against an in game feature that is unfair?
  4. Konfuzfanten

    Works like a boss against TR (and vanu - i presume - playing vanu myself). Its my favorite way of killing MAX's.

    If you dont have C4, you can still rocket launcher, then concussion + empty your orion/carv into the MAX, that will kill it before its gets out of the concussion effect - but just barely.

    Now the main problem is against NC MAX's. If there is only one way in/ the MAX is in a corner/back against the wall i have experienced getting one-shotted by the scatter/hacksaw MAX shotting blindly. Cant get luck every time.
  5. L1ttlebear

    Did you even read the post? or just the last couple lines? My point is that the NC MAX is not OP or "unfair". In CQB it shines sure, but it is by no means unkillable or unfair. It just requires a different set of skills to take down.

    Its like me complaining that Tanks are OP because I cant kill them with an infiltrator....All i need to do is swap out into an HA or LA and i can kill the tank.

    Nice profile pic btw
  6. Littleman

    Shotguns are just plain super powerful, period.

    Alas, I must be the only person in PS2 that actually ENJOYS facing off against a MAX, even the splatter max. Machine gun to face -> rocket to face, in that order. Eerily, this has worked really well so far. If I had to put a label on them relative to other games with the "little mook, big mook" varieties of enemies, they're the boomers to the grubs. The brutes to the grunts. The hell knight to the imps.
  7. Molotov

    You asked a question and I simply answered it, or were you asking a rhetorical question?

    I guess we will wait for Soe to try to take this game MLG and see how balanced a professional gaming organization that requires a game to be fair, and balanced, with no favorable advantages feels about the precious NC Max. The choices will be balance the Max or no MLG.
  8. Veri

    I've downed MAXes as a HA quite a few times.
    LMG.....move.....listen for where they are (I use a headset not run around like I need a piss) bring out the Decimator, shoot, move, but by now you will hear the MAX running away from the location to the closest engineer.
    locate and shoot them in the back with a troll faced grin then go tea bag them if the coast is clear.
  9. Paperlamp

    Not everyone has C4 or a rocket launcher, and not everyone who has them spots the MAX at a safe distance, often people instantly die before they can do anything to it.

    Also, Falcons are not entirely balanced either, I've used the stock MAX a lot on my NC character and you can kill non-flak wearing infantry in a single shot with it from decent distances. The Pounder is fairly useless against infantry relatively. Can't speak for the VS AV weapon's effectiveness vs. infantry since I've only used it like once with just stock AI + AA.
  10. sindz

    Glad you are missing the poitn completely. Im glad you as a NC doesn't think its OP, but it is. And here are just some of the examples.

    1. Its able to do what no other max ingame is even remotely close to doing. Yes its worse at longer range than other maxes, but TR and VS maxes doesnt insta gib or even remotely take down people fast at ranges. You cannot react vs a NC max, you are dead, instantly.

    2. It excells in CQC as you said, and the hopeless OP factor here is, in biolabs or close spaces you CANNOT kill it, unless you zerg with xx amount of people.

    -"throw in conc. grenade": They still have their aim on the door and will spam regardless, so thats out the window.

    -"fly in with jetpack and drop c4": Works well in theory, try flying in vs a door, you will still reach the same **** choke point as your conq. grenade theory. Insta gibbed the second you pass the door threshold.

    "flash greande": Same ****, cant see anything, NC max doesnt need vision on chokepoitns, when a grenade go off, spam your mouse and still not any closer to killing it.

    And here is the kicker, all of your strats still needs cannonfodder people to die before you can pull it off. And god forbid there are more than 1 max, you have no idea how frustrating it is to play vs NC max that requires 0 skills what so ever. The dmg should be lowered, with other faction max's you have teh ability to react before getting killed.

    I love NC trying so hard to defend this by bringing up ******** ideas, nothing you suggested will make the MAX shifts its aim, because you dont have to, the ******** 2 shotguns have such a big CoF its beyond sad.
  11. Purg

    The major complaint is the disparity between the NC and TR/VS MAX and within that, I agree. While I prefer Dual Mercy over any of the NC MAX shotgun weapons, to me they're not quite on equal footing. I'd like to see the CoF reduced and RoF buffed a little on both TR and VS MAX weapons and a RoF nerf on the Hacksaw - which, ironically for me would make it a better weapon.

    I have a couple of hundred hours as an NC MAX and I'd ditch my shotguns (which I slug) in a second for Dual Mercy if I were given that option - but I don't want to see faction traits eroded and MAX essentially becoming the same except for a different shape. There was a sale on left arm Mercy yesterday so went and created a new TR on another server and threw Mercies on him.

    HA with Rocket and Carv worked wonders on my previous TR - even in Bio Labs. Perhaps due to the fact that I know where most ScatMAX sit (and where I avoid) it's very easy for me to know where to go to flank and kill them before they even know what's going on. Another thing I noticed yesterday after making a Dual Mercy MAX that seems to be largely overlooked is the noise an NC MAX makes. You can hear them from 50m away. Lined up a Decimator at a door and fired just as I heard the clomping rounding the corner for the rocket to meet him perfectly. I was ~30m from that door and the couple of shotgun bursts he fired did about 4 bars of my shield - sadly, someone else capitalised on my rocket and finished him off before I could.. :( I did 95% of the damage to him but denied the kill!