Only solo players build bases, zergfits are incapable of planning ahead

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  1. OSruinedPS1

    The only thing zergfits do is pop dump. That's it. Ever since 2001 in WWIIONLINE, that's 22 years now, zergfits have proven themselves completely incapable of doing anything but pop dump. They pop dump and only pop dump. They don't even pop dump pop dumps, they only pop dump empty hexes. Nerfing construction won't mean more zergfits utilizing bases, it just means less solo players will build bases. It means nobody will build bases, especially f we can't even defend against 1 stealth infantry with a cortium bomb.

    Bases are for defense. Only solo players play defense. Zergfits are intellectually incapable of playing defense, playing defense does not register in their brain at all. You could have the best base layout to block progress of an enemy zerg, but you only need 10 players defending your base, and those players will never show up because they're too busy inefficiently pop dumping a hex where they outnumber the enemy 20:1.

    We need defensive tools, tailored for solo players, not zergfits.

    Turrets are the first thing to go when a zerg arrives to your base, but they're the only thing slowing down 1-6 numbers of enemies harassing you.

    Still doesn't address players wasting cortium while grinding for XP, and then putting their silos on top of cortium spawns preventing any new cortium from spawning for HOURS! Giving us the ability to drain other players silos (if it isn't locked), would alleviate this obnoxious problem. No XP for filling up your personal silo would alleviate this problem. Not building a silo within 150 meters of a cortium spawn would alleviate this problem. There's plenty of ways to alleviate this problem.

    Still doesn't address other players screwing up our bases by adding sh** and draining your silo with their sh**. Let us lock silo, let us lock ability for other players for sh**ing up base up by adding anything at all within a silo's radius.

    "Finding the Fun in Attacking Construction"

    You must be joking.

    In the real world fieldworks were designed specifically to make attacking NOT FUN.

    You know what artillery was invented for in the real world? To destroy fieldworks.

    Daybreak has everything backwards, they think fieldworks are for offense and flails/OS are for defense.
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  2. OSruinedPS1

    Whenever you see a solo made base designed to block a road, or defend an area, we are pretending to play defense. We know 4 out of 5 times the moron zergfits won't spare 5 players to show up to defend, they're too busy pop dumping empty hexes. We are just pretending, roleplaying in our heads, imagining what could be, not what is.
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  3. AuricStarSand

    Yes I've said this all for over a year. Ant's are for solo players. and the outfit resource panel made zergfits a monopoly of ninja zerging. Yet they were ninja zerging before the resource panel, just to fly their flag on the map. Many of the times ignoring the bigger farms, yet they've gotten better at not ignoring bigger farms. Yet they'll still redeploy for the alert too often than just simply RUSH A WARPGATE DOWN & STAY THERE FOR 1 hour. When the alert starts to base the alert off a unique warp farm, unlikely.

    The only way to solve this is to give other means to win a alert, other than having to always " redeploy to ninja " heck I just had 2 collosus 30 min ago & I was driving 1,000 miles to reach the platoon at Xelas bio Amerish (right side of the map) then the platoon would redeploy to Scarfield (left side of the map) so I'd drive there and back, 2,000 miles, then die when left stranded. We did (tr alt) win the alert, which was nice.

    Tho still woulda been also nice to just rush the NC warp past scarfield, past Kwahtee for once. I've actually never ever for 6 years of playing, ever not once, seen anyone from any faction, go beyond the Kwahtee amp station to the nc warp from the top left side of Amerish. Similar to how I've never seen anyone attack the top left side of Esamirs Warp.

    How to fix? Simple make new objectives to win alerts half the time. or 1/3rd of the time.

    - 1/3rd of alerts are the regular ninja region zerg stuff. Where you pop dump & ninja redeploy shuffle
    - 1/3rd of the alerts is a deathmatch at the enemy warpgate to win the map & not from capture territories
    - 1/3rd of the alerts is from defending the 10 least played bases of every map for the hour.

    So one alerts for ninjas and pop dump. One alert for warpgate dm's. & one alert for alamo least played 10.

    Then ant's have the warpgate region to stay safe at with outfits helping them defend, & ant's have the least played base mode to set shop with everyone helping them defend. Till then ant defenders has only been working for mid mostly & not so much outside of mid.

    As yes the outfits will leave your silo undefended, and the more new items they add, the more time you put into wanting to keep your silo safe, and if its outside mid it got left in the dust by a outfit who redeployed to secure their outfit resources elsewhere.

    The short term solution is to just add a steele rain module for your pub squad to be rained down when you need help defending. Once per 10 min use steele rain module " e ". & the steele rain has to kick start right away, not a 30 sec wait.

    The other solution would be just to rid outfits, make pub squads way more important than outfits, give rewards to random pub squad leaders, & have the outfit resource page given to all players. Similar to how I have a solo outfit and stock everything myself, yet they win resources for their own personal panel, not from outfit caps. From ranking 10 or 20 on the scoreboard or something. While giving freeby resource points to anyone below rank 60 from the mission panel only allowed for those under rank 60, get solo resource missions.

    Then everyone plays with eachother, nobody just plays with " their outfit " they all make pub platoons equally who redeploy less & try random stuff more. Solving the ghost cap issue, which outfits are MAINLY the ones to blame for ghostcap zerging. Why do we need outfits? Uhhh they have to teamspeak. Why? Pubs have teamspeak so no they don't need outfits for teamspeak.

    Essentially you want to get rid of the monopolizing, yet if you rid the monopolizing for resources, as years before resources, you still have " I'm tryna zerg ghostcap win to wave my outfits flag to be known as the outfit that wins the most " so you have to rid wave flagging as well, to just have people who play for fun. & not people who play to wave flag. Win alerts for fun, but not to wave your outfits flag around or monopolize bases. Then & only then, will more pubs strategize for random events & not just to ninja alerts as their only focus.

    Yet they may then win for the extra certs, so ye you'd just need new modes, altering the zerg ninja strats.
    Not to mention some factions don't even have a single " elite sauce outfit war tryhard outfit "

    I don't mind, don't take ps2 serious anymore, tho if they ever make PS3, for sure PUB squads with random leader rewards (similar to the mentor chat sig reward) is far better than outfits or guilds. Just pub squads.

    Maybe outfits help with planning teamwork with the vets who knows how to hang with eachother, as some know how to max crash together or plan some valk flyby's. Yet maybe not as just vets who get use to hanging with other vets may see similar teamwork.

    All they'd have to do is have a " teamwork pub page " or organize the pubs to a " theme " pub squad for pilots. Pub squad for medic teamwork. Valk drop highlighted pub. " Infils who sneak together " not titled from the players, dev organized selection of displayed themes. A dropdown button of 10 themes for pubs. Pub squad for tank crews. Ect. Just list each pub squad as a dev made theme title.

    I've contributed to 100's of alert wins, from a solo squad, placing shield & attack beacons at the right spot, for years now. All hour. Even placing better attack and shield reminders than all the outfits have for tr & vs of my server. Yet no recognition and the outfits are so full, wouldn't ever be able to recruit. Is what it is.

    The outfits even hog potential pub recruits for pub squads or platoons. As the outfit members feel obliged to have to stick with their outfits squad & remain their like a obedient dog. So less pub people to invite " this person already belongs to a squad ".

    Outfit wars isn't going to evolve this game, so if outfit wars isn't a weekly event, than why must outfit squads outshine pub squads?
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  4. OSruinedPS1

    Imagine WWIIONLINE where Europe is modeled at half scale, and it takes a real week to walk from one side of the map to another. The "organized" players did the exact same thing. They'd attack one spot, face a little resistance, and respawn somewhere else 500 miles away thinking that just cause it's 500 miles away the defender is completely incapable of comprehending 500 miles in a game isn't the same as 500 miles in the real world when you can teleport all over the place.
  5. RabidIBM

    Construction works as intended when PLs and builders know each other in game. I had a base defending the bridge at Berjess the other day that got attacked and it held multiple times, but that's because I have an outfit who I have a name with and will protect me. That said, it shouldn't take that much to make construction work as intended.

    It may have had a chance with this game's 2014 player base, but after years of devs who remove everything that requires thought the game's player base has been brain drained to the point that anything which needs a room temperature IQ to figure out will usually go unused. The ability to control who can use my silo was taken away to simplify things. The 20 VP system for continent control got removed because it was too complicated. Yes, HIVEs were toxic, but they weren't the stated reason VPs were taken away, the mid map farmers not knowing why the continent locked were.
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  6. Demigan

    Are you really suggesting that a part of the GAME shouldnt be fun and still take you seriously?

    Even MILsims dont go that far, as they use the roleplay and higher stakes per life to make the effort put in more worthwhile.
  7. Johannes Kaiser

    Attacking bases should be fun, but also defending. Having some zerg **** 30 people at 2 defenders is NOT fun. Losing the AI modules soon just means building will be absolutely pointless, as there will *never* be enough defenders, even if only 5 people attack. Last time I saw a base actually being reinforced was 4 years ago or something in that ballpark.
  8. OSruinedPS1

    I'm sure hacking is fun. (smiley face) Flying around in a max and instant headshotting everyone. But it sucks for everyone else (sad face)
  9. Demigan

    That is no excuse to advocate defenses that arent enjoyable to fight at.

    By your reasoning it would be OK for the developers to make this game absolute crap just because cheaters exist.
  10. OSruinedPS1

    I'm getting dejavu I've had this conversation before. (snaps fingers) Oh yeah I remember. It was 2006 and I got into a flame war with the entire forum brigaders who thought defensive play was boring. Well we had it your way with weak or nonexistant defensive tools, and guess what, the game is a financial wreck. You can pretend it isn't, but it is.
  11. OSruinedPS1

    Construction update we'll probably get:

    -10 different wall skins including pink, black, giraffe, and iridescent rainbow
    -3 new structure shield skins: diamond, circle, and plaid
    -5 different audio plays whenever a turret kills a player including womp womp and clown horn
    -2 new audio plays whenever a player spawns a vehicle or aircraft: fart noise and "thank you sir can I have another!"
    -an extra terminal in the bunker
    -fireworks launcher module
    -player launcher module
    -module launching module
    -A random button on silo, spawn anything random at twice the cortium cost
    -Silo locks for non-silo owner at 5,000 cortium instead of 20,000
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  12. Johannes Kaiser

    Honestly this does not even matter. It will always be more expedient to plink bases to death form afar, so that's how it's done. Even if figthing in them would be engaging, still few if anyone would do it. And even if by some miracle someone decided to attack a base on foot, it'd be 20 people against 2 or along those lines, so defenses again would not matter all too much.
    As long as pushing is rewarded far above holding, this will not change, not matter what RPG does. Why bother defending a point if you'd be 5 facing 40+, if you instead could be steamrolling the enemy 90 vs 3 when you join a zerg elsewhere and get more points plus outfit resources?
  13. OSruinedPS1

    I had been trying to make the point since 2006 that the command tools in PS1 (reveal enemies, EMP blast, OS) or PS2 (spawn any vehicle here, pocket OS, bastion) alter player behavior in cancerous ways. Online multiplayer games have always been cancer (we're lag exploiters, cheesers, griefers, hackers, farmers), these grind for your I-win buttons just makes it unnecessarily worse.
  14. Johannes Kaiser

    I don't even dislike the outfit assets as a concept (even though some of them sure could use a rework and Light Anvils should be removed bc an outfit member of ours constantly insists on buying as many of them as possible for some reason ... but I digress). What would already help is if defending were worth just as much as attacking, in any form of currency there is, and the bigger the fight the greater the reward.
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  15. Demigan

    It does matter.

    For one, you can alter the gameplay like they are doing? If plinking a base to death from range does not work properly if the targeted pieces are defended then someone is going to have to go into the base.

    For another you can make defending more worthwhile. While they failed to add incentives so far for players to defend bases in odd places, having the Silo on open point bases that were supposed to be designed for base defense does work, especially if they fix the spawn times when using the elysium tube. It means that players are more inclined to spawn there and defend the base.

    Also if the correct gameplay is in place and they finally adress the Zerg problem, then everything falls into place much faster. Sure its better to first fix those incentives for Zerging, but that doesn't mean that you can't improve other stuff right? No sense in saying "don't do something good until you fix that thing!" if you don't have a good shot at actually getting that thing fixed.
  16. OSruinedPS1

    Solo players who build bases provide content for other players. Zergfits do nothing but consume content. Zergfits are like a swarm of locusts that roam from one area to another sucking the life out of every battle they touch.

    Having a fun 20 vs 20 battle there? TOO BAD! Here comes 40 players to drop on your *****, now it's 20 vs 60.

    Have a nice base there? TOO BAD! Here comes a 40 player sunder ball.

    Having a nice 40 vs 40 player battle there? TOO BAD! 30 players on your side just packed up and left, now it's 40 vs 10. Enjoy sucker, hahahahhaahaha!

    Swarm of locusts.
  17. OSruinedPS1

    As it is now there is nothing stopping an outfit from building a base, or even a string of bases, to completely block an enemies advance up a lattice line and then defending it with 48 players when enemies arrive. A well defended base is more effective than a bastion at defending a lattice in some areas. But these zergfits won't do it because they have no imagination, they lack vision and they are stupid; all they are capable of doing is pop dumping.

    Only solo players build bases.

    I have on rare occasions seen a zergfit build a string of bases in a sad attempt to defend a lattice line, but then they do the dumbest thing: they attack UP the lattice line making their bases they just built useless. You morons! The point of building defensive fieldworks is so you can put LESS players in an area you intend to defend so you can allocate player resources to offenses SOMEWHERE ELSE! SOMEWHERE ELSE! SOMEWHERE ELSE! NOT THIS LATTICE LINE!


    They do that every time.
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  18. Johannes Kaiser

    Sure they can fix little stuff as well, nothing against it, but I've yet to see 5 peopl say "let's storm that base" instead of "let's get 5 tanks and blow it to bits". That's my main point. How fun they are to fight in is currently unfortunately a non-factor.
    There'd need to be something in place that can deny vehicle plinking in some way, but turrets aren't it (against focused fire they get destroyed before they can do anything meaningful) and walls are also more of a delay than a defense.
  19. Johannes Kaiser

    That's why zergftis exist: because a large amount of people then doesn't have to think anymore. Now give them eladers with elss imagination than a mountain goat and see what happens ... zergs that clockwise cap the map because meeting each other head-on is less desirable than capping unopposed, zergs that push into places they really shouldn't and then double down, etc.
    Bases indeed get built by small teams or solo players, bc they need to try something to make their low numbers count. Even though bases aren't really worthwhile, but hey.
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