Only one faction per server

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  1. TheBlade009

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    The problem is once again as was much discussed in the beta. The Fourth Faction. the large group of people who join whatever side is winning currently because they can and have no allegiance to anyone. they simply want easy kills. I commend all those who fight for your side with honor and integrity.
  2. Elbryan

    That's the rest of the "over half" I mentioned in my last post.
  3. ThereIsNoTry

    So does it solve the issue?
  4. TheStink

    Play a dirty NC and a scum bag TR? That's crazy talk! :)
  5. Fleabag

    Fourth empiring ruined Ps1. There was no worse patch in its history, even BFR's or Black op's weren't as bad.

    If you want to play another empire, go to another server (or make another account if you must). It's not a big deal.
  6. Mirror

    I'm glad the rules are in place as it means that people don't jump to the winning side.

    But this create another account thing could be a problem.
  7. Xandax

    I can only support 1 faction per server for me. It removes many grievances while introducing few.