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  1. ThereIsNoTry

    The problem I have with this is that not everyone is running in a "dedicated" outfit that exclusively plays NC, VS or TR. I play in a gaming community outfit and we run two outfits, one for VS one for TR (sorry smurfs).
    During beta it was a lot of fun as you could switch between factions and always had someone to play with on the same server where you did know the other outfits and the like. In addition we used to make even teams and meet up and tried to get the bases the others defended, which always was great fun and made good stories.

    Now, that's no longer possible as we can only have one faction per server and every of our outfits wants to play on Miller as this is were the major outfits went. (Which were the one who were able to get a lot of the organized open squads running) Of course we now "simply" (not that simple. Not at all) have to settle which outfit has to move to another server but I still wonder what would be so bad to have at least two factions per server? Did it throw the population balaance out of the water? Didn't seem so during beta. Or is it just a question of enforced faction loayality?
  2. Selest

    One of the worst decisions that Sony made with original PlanetSide some way into the life of the game, was to relax the one faction per server rule, and allow players to create characters of any faction on the same server.

    What started to happen was that, if one side was winning significantly, a huge number of players from the other two factions would switch sides and join the winning team. As you can probably see this led to massive balance problems and was incredibly frustrating for the losing empire(s).

    I would suggest that you create one of your Outfits on Woodman - I'm sure you will still find worthy opponents to fight against!
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  3. ThereIsNoTry

    Other MMOs already fixed this issue by putting timers on factions. Once you log in you have to wait 4+ hours from your last logout until you can log in with another faction on the same server. Problem solved.
    PS1s system simply sucked. That doesn't mean that it cannot be done differently (and better) in PS2.
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  4. St0mpy

    Im exactly the same, I used my reserved name to get my main TR account on Miller and then went to sign up a second account also on Miller so I could play with my clan who want to be NC and was blocked.

    So we are forced to make multiple redundant station accounts just to join Miller again, thats stupid, why would SOE do this to us? Means we get no alpha squad benefits, cant share SC and end up having a stack of station accounts for one person, just to play with all our friends.

    They need to find a better way - I could live with a 4 hours break, the block isnt stopping anyone its just making it tedious, lets get a decent solution to SOE?
  5. Marked4Death

    I believe it's good for everyone to play the "other side" for some time at least, just to get perspective and see that their weapons aren't as OP as they thought.
    For aussies, this will always mean the experience of the other factions are worse by virtue of higher pings (+200ms mostly) as they are forced to US servers for any alt chars.

    Another way to put this, as the poster above said, is that SOE is encouraging multi-accounting. That's not the end of the world in an F2P game, but it's redundant, a time waster and does not in fact solve the problem of empire switching as it only takes another 30 sec or less to log out / in fully.

    TLDR: this BS is just a waste of time.
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  6. Jestunhi

    As long as it had multi-hour long timers between factions to stop people logging to the winning side, I'd not necessarily be against it.

    But I have no problem as it is.
  7. Kediec

    Couldn't have said this better .

    I sincerely hope that SOE never remove the 1 faction per server rule, It destroyed faction pop balance in PS1 when they did .
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  8. Fuse

    This was made very clear prior to launch. If you were in beta you really should have seen this coming and discussed it as an outfit. It is in no way a surprise.
  9. kill

    Create another free account.
  10. Nocturnal7x

    Your e8400 will go to 3.6 if you change your multiplier, no need to change anything else. :D I had one at 3.6 for a long time, 4 is easybut you would need overclockable ram. 3.6 is reachable with the ram @ 800.
  11. Envenom

    Choose your allegiance. No defecting.
  12. Erendil

    That wouldn't stop empire hopping either. All you'd need is a single Outfit member with a different account for each empire and a Teamspeak server. People would hop to the "winning" Empire before they even logged in.

    If your Outfit really wants to play on 2 Empires on the same server then have your players make a separate account for each one. It means you'd have to have 2 separate Station Cash pools which sux, but it beats the alternative of letting anybody hop empires.

    Right now only those who are determined will do so and it'll keep the 4th Empire (i.e. - the droves who'd switch to the winning side whenever possible) in check.
  13. Dkamanus

    LEAVE IT AS IT IS. Sore losers end up going to the winning side, and start TKing the winning side (blowing up sunderers and stuff).
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  14. Marley

    Please fix it even if it is just 2 characters per server put a 12 hour cooldown for all i care its just i haven't gotten to play VS or TR because of other servers having extreme lag and not wanting to delete my main character
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  15. St0mpy

    Yes, its just driving people to have multiple SOE accounts to do the same thing, itll be seen as normal- not a deterrent at all.

    Swapping should be allowed but with a time delay, then casual switchers wont have to have multiple accounts and anyone that does will be more suspicious.
  16. Elbryan

    Having different faction characters for a server would cause a lot of griefing and 'spying'.

    Limiting it to 1 character / server was an excellent move by SOE.
  17. Feroc

    I don't really get it, too. If I want to spy (even though I don't really know what's worth spying for) or change to the winning team, then I'll just use a different account. Things I bought won't transfer to other chars anyway, so it doesn't really matter, if I have a second char on my main account or if I have a second account.
  18. Azren

    This is all fine and good in a pay-to-play game, but in PS2 you can have unlimited number of accounts, so there really is no limiting factor other then the time and money you already put into a character.
  19. Elbryan

    I think having to make another account for griefing/spying increases the threshold just enough so over half of the would-be-griefers, choose not to go through the hassle of creating a new account.
  20. ThereIsNoTry

    Banned cheaters have to buy their precious Counter-Strike or whatever they play again and again. Never stopped anyone of those from cheating. If they want to, they will. And really, creating an account, which takes like 15 seconds, being too much of a hassle? I think you really underestimate those people.

    And everyone can make up statistics.