One Night Sniping....A Happy Occurrence

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by jhwoody, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. jhwoody

    So, last night I am on Indar for the first time (I know, I don't get around much), and I deploy to a Sunderer sitting on a bridge near The Crown. Not knowing very much about the territory, I swing over to the edge of the bridge and take a look. As I am sitting there, I notice several VS moving about on the hill to my left, so I start sniping. Luckily, they are busy enough with the TR from my sunderer that they don't see me, so I get several kills.

    However, I then notice after a minute or two that my Sunderer is gone and there are now a flood of NC coming across the bridge I am on. How they did not see me, I have no idea. So now I have NC behind me on the bridge and VS in front of me on the hill. All I can think to do is hug the edge of the bridge where it meets the bridge abutment and kind of perch on the outside of the bridge support.

    So, here I sit perched on the outside of the bridge with absolutely no way to hide. *** hanging out in the breeze. Well, I think, at least I'll go down shooting. So, I get five more kills, 4 VS on the hill, and 1 NC who stuck his head out off the bridge.

    Finally, I am seen, fire starts to rain down on me so I cloak and run away from the main fight, hugging the outside of the bridge. While running, I fall off and somehow manage to land on the supports underneath the bridge.

    Ok, I think lets see what happens. So now I have VS to my right on the hill, NC above and an NC sunderer below me. I hug up to a bridge girder and start shooting.

    Twenty unanswered kills later and I am out of ammunition. The rest of that drop involved sneaking back off the bridge girders and getting back to a TR sunderer to resupply before returning to the bridge and getting another 7 kills before finally having the area overrun with TR and having no more targets.

    What started out as a serious sweat fest turned out amazingly. Woot!
  2. Benton!

    And here we have people whining that our class is weak.

    Try to do that as any other class. I swear you can't.
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  3. Warez

    He wasn't infiltrating, as the class's name implies. He was sniping. So from a sniper perspective, the class is fine.What else did you expect from a sniper rifle? Lol, now run along.
  4. Evilmonky

    Honestly the class (as it is now) is so far from the infil from PS1 it's not even funny, but stuff like this shows that it DOES still have a purpose, even if it's not close to what you would think if you just it from what the name says.
  5. Yasser

    That could be good if Infiltrators were named Snipers instead. Your comment is useless.
  6. Evilmonky

    He still has a point, if you use the tools that the class available it can do some fun and cool stuff. Try looking at the story as a inspiration.

    We need to go from where we are (sniper/scouts) and try to get SOE to expand the actual infiltration abilities of the class (several good ideas in this section already if you hunt through all the crying about guns)
  7. Yasser

    Yes Evilmonky but the thing is that I feel deceived, I am an Infiltrator not a Sniper. I find myself sniping a lot because infiltrating sometimes its plain suicidal. Sniping should be something very optional / situational, main role should be sabotage, as our name implies.
  8. Evilmonky

    I agree completely. When I saw that is was a class option in beta I thought "AWESOME! I loved sneaking into bases and back-hacking/blowing gens/causing general chaos" But when I selected tha class I spawned with a dang rifle and a cloak that lasted 12seconds no matter what I was doing.
  9. Yasser

    I've just been arround for a week, and I don't need more to notice that us Infiltrators are handicapped at what we should excel at, sabotaging.

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