One Man Army - Heavy Assault montage (featuring AMR-66 and T4 AMP)

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by BigIronRanger, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. BigIronRanger

    720 or 1080P for 60 FPS enjoy :)
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  2. Asageh

    Glurb glurb glurb.

    That's the sound I make when i'm drooling.
  3. BigIronRanger

    haha thanks
  4. illithic

    Are you also "BigIronBriggs" ?? Or is it a fake lol
  5. BigIronRanger

    Thought it was just a coincidence at first but im like hold on he has the name of the server i play on in his name, not to mention the first two words of my name also.

    Probably a fanboy but it definitely is not me, that Brick outfit has a lot of good players. He sent me friend requests on 2 of my characters but i haven't been able to catch him online since.
  6. MaxDamage

    A one man army with an AMR-66...
  7. Trebb

    Yeah inside bases there's generally no reason to play anything but HA, as evidenced here ;)
  8. Covah

    AMR what ?
  9. Erilis

    Your fps is sick. Averaging 80... I hate you! :(
  10. Erilis

    I never noticed before how few death animations there are. They seem to always lift their gun up into the air with one hand and crumple onto the floor. I guess there are like 3 death animations? : /
  11. Allin

    1. Good music
    2. Nice to have HA ES that works on it's own, and does not require enemy platoon setting up themselves for you
    3. You enemies... oh my... I mean, how on earth... they seem unable to hit you at all, aspecially after your shield drops.

    ADAD macro? good camo? Seriously I play HA a lot, but I feel like fighting AI bots from first Farcry...

    0:36-0:40 that's a weird suspicious moment, you got 4 kills, and only couple hit markers markers, on huys that just spawned and were rather almost full HP. You didn't fired enough bullets to kill them.

    Guy at 1:15 - dies from your shot to the chest, no hit markers. Next guy after that, damage but no hit marker on him either. 3rd shot fives a hit marker.

    People generally are shooting onto a place you were half a second ago, that VS heavy with orion in your face... he just couldn't miss. 2:37 - you were in the doorway, no way he dealt that low damage in that time even hipfiring (and he was ADSing)

    3:20 - look where that VS HA is shooting, by the time you kill him he turns to you. It was just impossible to not nottice you, so he did, but you were somewhere else.

    It looks like client packet manipulation a bit.
  12. BigIronRanger

    nice analysis, everything is fine on my end i can assure you :) just getting in good positions keeping a tight aim.
  13. Trebb

    That's not client packet manipulation, mate. *THIS* is client packet manipulation! :

  14. Ianneman

    Unreasonable amounts of bumming right there