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  1. iller

    It doesn't need to be Weakened, it just needs a real Arming Interval .... one that TAKES INTO ACCOUNT the target's round-trip Latency giving them at least 1.5 seconds just to react and get out of the inner-most blast radius

    As it stands right now, the detonation timing is more Client side than server side and that's only fair to the C4 Spammers

    No it did not, that's an egregious exaggeration. And you only drain Nanites quickly if you die too quickly while failiing to actually destroy ANYTHING while spamming it
  2. Scroffel5

    I just think that it is dumb for them to fail, come back, get more, do it again, fail, and keep doing it until they succeed. If multiple people do it, one of them is gonna blow up your sundy, and there isn't much you can do.
  3. ican'taim

    Simple: Make C4 as a deployable as in PS1, and make Light Assaults not be able to carry it either.

    This is coming from a C4 wielding, sundy-destroying Light assault btw. :)
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  4. DirArtillerySupport