(Once the "killcam" is removed) Here's what devs should focus on adding the game next.

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  1. Owen W.

    WARNING: This is my oppinion, please don't act like Eric Cartman on it. Thank you.


    Here are the order of things to prioritise in Planetside 2 if I were the SOE developers:

    1. Hossin: The wait has been too long now. I know a continent takes time to create, but Hossin was originally planed for April, but pushed back to May for an unknown reason ( maybe more optimisation, I dunno ). Just release it ASAP.

    2. Resource revamp: Giving Planetside 1's resource system to Planetside 2 is ESSENTIAL. It was what made PS1 into a very strategic game: "Where do we go with these ANTs ? How many tanks should we dedicate to guarding them ? How many ESFs should cover the air above the ANTs ?" These questions will one day have to be answered in Planetside 2. Also: TACTICAL AMBUSHES.

    3. Removing all non-satellite outposts and most towers from the continents: this is another thing which made Planetside 1 so great: because there were no little outposts around the whole continent, defenders would not be spawn camped every 100 meters and they would gather up and retaliate, creating battles which lasted HOURS, sometimes DAYS, without little outposts slowing any advance down. Planetside 2 should have had this since Beta in 2012, it is now 2014. I don't see why this change hasn't been made yet.

    4. More Empire Specific traits, less MLG, class revamps: yup, I'm saying it, MLG is a plague to Planetside 2 and doesn't fit into what the game is made for at all. CoD is made for MLG, keep it there. In addition, more class revamps should happen to add more traits to our three waring factions, not the opposite ( the opposite being 3 NS weapons per update for 1 weapon specific to your empire ). More empire specific stuff ! And something interesting and NEW for each, not just burstfire for TR, not just shotguns for NC, not just charge-up for VS.

    5. The continent lattice, sanctuary, and (as a result) metagame: provided everything I have mentioned before is done, this last piece of the jigsaw will make Planetside 2 perfect.

    I know that with current bugs and death "kill cams" that this is not going to all happen instantly, but it should be manageable so that Planetside 2 has a comfortable release to the PlayStation 4 with all of this implemented.
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    I just want class-specific buggies. The models and textures are completely done. It should be trivial to put them in.
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  3. OneRedBlock

    I just want another vehicle to strap C4 to.
  4. sustainedfire

    Link to pictures? I follow the game pretty closely, and have seen only concept art, which is not necessarily what they will appear as in game.
  5. Owen W.

    Had no idea that was in the works, maybe it should out with the class revamps and empire specific stuff...
  6. asdfPanda

    I want to add in Glacier Station. After Hossin comes out, the dev team should definitely take a look at Esamir again. Many good bases were taken out, or changed for the worse in the Esamir revamp.