Once again, TR is screwed over

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  1. Ned

    So the new infiltrator gold/lumberfiber armours are now out, and NC/VS gets some pretty damn cool looking new armour.

    But TR? TR'S new armour is composite armour with gold/glowy bits stuck on, thats it.

    We don't get any new cool armour, NC/VS get a whole new nice looking set, but TR get composite armour with some textures stuck on that must have taken 5 minutes maximum.

    Don't believe me? go in VR and see for yourself.

    Good job.
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  2. WyrdHarper

    It's a shame, too. There was that really cool-looking TR armor concept floating around a few months ago which a great many people would have snapped up over "Composite 2: Swag Harder" which makes your stealth class character even MORE visible.
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  3. Rogueghost

    I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure we will see that ingame sometime in the future as heavy assault lumifiber

    And I was willing to spend cash on some infiltrator lumifiber, but 4 little lights is hardly worth 500sc.
  4. Aractain

  5. WyrdHarper

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  6. Rogueghost

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  7. Tycoh

    I blame TR's "Rounded-esque" art style. Rounded surfaces do not look menacing or scary. Hell it looks more like the TR military is going for a "Safety First" mind set.
  8. NBA JAM

    Oh, you actually wanted to look different? No, sorry, wrong game. This is PS2 where everything looks moderately the same as the other copy and pasted armour/camos.

    Sorry friend. :(
  9. Aander

    Whoa... yeah, the new NC and VS armors look SWEET. TR's looks to be a straight re-texture of the already terrible composite armor. How disappointing...

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  10. d3adline

    Yeah, I've made a b*tching thread about it a week ago over on reddit, I've got a lot of people to agree with me that this is just a shame, calling the devs out on their bullsh*t.

    Because that really makes you feel like they don't care about TR at all, not that I personally would've bought that silly gold or glow armor, but the obvious lack of effort when it comes to TR equipment being it "Empire Specific" (I use quotes because TR empire specific equipment is usually nothing but slightly altered/recolored/remodeled NS stuff) or even just cosmetics like that is kind of disturbing.

    But - of course - there was also the "QQ TR, stop complaining you have no right to complain cuz you had overperforming stuff for like 4 months" contingent, downvoting the thread, making it disappear from the front page way too fast. Sad.

    At this point, it almost feels like a business model. They nerfed TR and VS and started to sell heroic boosts, so the fourth factioners buy them for their new NC toons. As soon as TR complaints get adressed, Vulcan being made viable again, a sound pass on our infantry weapons, a bit more diversity in our small arms arsenal they will start to sell the new armor, I'm willing to bet money on that.
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  11. Wyll

    I am quite disappointed I do not have my TR excluse chair-leg club. I am all for granting the NC a bat with nails in it and the VC a sack of doorknobs, but in order for the TR to look and feel special, I demand a chair-leg club for my knife slot.

    With lumifibre.
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  12. Aegie

    Dropping the persecution complex and just intelligently and calmly providing feedback on things would probably help the cause a little more. I know I too am guilty of letting my o_O get to me at times so I'm not trying to throw stones, just tying to help.
    These look good (though the backpack in the first is a little too much TMNT) what happened to them?
  13. CrashB111

    Had to correct your statement for you.
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  14. TommyXXL

    there won't be anyone to use it anyway...
  15. HadesR

    Could do with bigger shoulder pads but NC's is growing on me ..


    What's the TR look like ?
  16. WyrdHarper

    Remember when you were like fifteen and thought you were really cool cause you could make an awesome or "unique" signature or skin or something because you downloaded G.I.M.P/stole photoshop and learned how to use the recolor tool? It's kind of like that, except worse:
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  17. HadesR

    Oh wow .. So basically they just threw some gold splotches onto it and that's it ..
  18. Jleel

    It's as if they just gave up on once they got to TR.
  19. Ned

    For reference here are some pictures comparing composite to trim




    I was so looking forwards to my new armour, what a disgrace, they literally retextured the black bits into a golden colour, I mean its not as if they have an entire art team that could spend a little bit of time working on some new TR Infiltrator armour, its not like we already had some concepts in the works.[IMG]
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  20. KatieCross

    At least your armor doesn't look like a bunch of wet leaves with glow in the dark paint on em. Would take your armor in a heartbeat..