On which setting this set up can play planetside 2 properly

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by ZeroErrorz, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. ZeroErrorz

    so i got a old pc with i5 3570, 4gb ram and a nvidia gt640 that i got from buying a prebuilt pc that i modified with gtx-680
    as for the monitor i got a 60hz 1600x900, just wondering at which setting this thing can play the game with 60fps
  2. Paulus

    Until you upgrade and get 8GB of RAM I would strongly recommend you do not go higher than "Medium". Your PC is actualy reasonable, so Medium should play well. The reason for me urging you to upgrade your RAM is that the game crashes when it fills up all available RAM and playing on above Medium makes this happen a lot faster if you don't have the recommended 8GB.

    One thing I would say though, your CPU is going to let you down in the biggest fights and you will dip to about 35FPS, so stay away from the massive multi-platoon clashes and stick to the medium sized 24-48 sized fights on your map and you'll have a great time. Staying at or above 60FPS in all fights isn't really a sensible target unless you have an overclocked CPU, even then, chances are the shear number of people on the screen drag your FPS down below your stated requirement of 60FPS. The best thing to do really is ignore your FPS in the same way you should ignore your K/D, and just play the game.
  3. ZeroErrorz

    welp thx, im just wondering anyway and i dont plan on upgrading this one, since i already have a rig with 6gb ram ,i7 3770k and a gtx-680.
  4. Jerox

    Does 8GB of ram actually make a difference for PS2? Just wondering.
  5. Paulus

    Yes. There is a very good reason why it is down in the Recommended Specifications list. Beyond 8GB doesn't make much difference, but up to 8 does, especially if you're running on a Platter type HDD rather than an SSD. The reduced amount of data shuffling between your pagefile and your RAM have a significant impact, as well as the well known "out of available RAM" crash which comes from trying to run the game on High or Ultra with less than 8GB of RAM.
  6. ZeroErrorz

    uhh sorry but, im been playin fine with my 6gb <------- i dont understand how the hell HP envy h8 got this thing..., anyway do adding 2 more gigabite worth it ?
  7. Paulus

    Zero, you can indeed play just fine with 6GB, but the difference is there, as are the out of RAM crashes if you try and play on Ultra. I'm guessing you either have some unusual 3GB RAM strips, or you have to share some of your RAM with an onboard GPU. I'm not sure its worth you changing both your RAM strips for the 2GB gain if you are happy with how it is playing at present. If you are looking to upgrade however, I would start there as RAM is not overly expensive. Don't get me wrong, you will see less of a significant gain compared to someone who has 4GB to start with, but its never a bad thing to meet the Recommended Specs on as many tick boxes as possible :)
  8. ZeroErrorz

    welp actualy the main problem for me when upgrading is the compatibility, i mean sure i can just add ram but do they work instead of being a dead meat in my pc, and also lastly my pc runs at 3*2gb strip
  9. Paulus

    3 x2GB? Well ok, that's a little different (most are usually either 2x available RAM slots or 4x), but nothing that's going to stop you :) First thing to do is find out what Motherboard they used in your PC and check (either in the owners manual or online) what grades of RAM are supported. There's no point you buying 1600MHz DDR3 if your MB will only support up to 1333MHz DDR2 for example. So long as you get the compatibility right, they will work. Conversely, you may find your MB is stocked with midrange RAM and you have the capability of taking not only a greater quantity, but also a higher clock speed than that which your PC was shipped with.

    You've already upgraded your GPU, doing the same for the RAM is even easier. They will only go in one way round, and there are no power connections to worry about. Just be careful, methodical and make sure your hands and workspace are clean and free from static.
  10. ZeroErrorz

    so after searching awhile this is the pc i bought except i only got 1 tb hardisk instead of 2
    i only changed the gpu and power supply but everything else remain the same,anyway what do you think of it ?