On which server are the NC most underpoped?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by libbmaster, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. libbmaster

    Like the title says.

    Looking to make an NC alt and put some time in.
  2. AuxiMoron

    Gonna have to go EU if you wanna find a server with depreciated NC
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  3. libbmaster

    Sounds okay. Any specific servers?
  4. AuxiMoron

    Only time I've played off-US was Briggs with my first Vanu a looong time ago, but other than that I can't say anything about NC outside the US other than I've heard of their underpop complaints on EU servers in general. I can say definitely, however, that Mattherson is probably your best bet. It'll save you abhorrent ping and the NC there are usually dwarfed by the TR and VS from my fomer encounters.
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  5. Pikachu

    NC on Woodman keep complaining over vanu overpopulation there so maybe there is where to go. On Cobalt we have very even pop with minor NC advantage sometimes.
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  6. libbmaster

    Thanks for the advice. I have a TR alt on matherson from the good ole' days, I guess I'll dust him off and check the NC pop.
  7. uhlan

    I don't believe any faction currently adheres to a specific religion and therefore doesn't require a figurehead of any kind.
  8. SnipersUnion

    Miller NC seems to be joint underpopped with VS - although they have been outdoing us lately.

    It's actually getting really balanced now. Every faction has it's population moments during prime time throughout the week and it's actually true to the lore of the game. It wouldn't make sense to have a majority NC or VS - So I kinda like it this way.

    Plus of course, Miller is just the best Planetside server! ;)