(on a side note) NERF the universal 3 shot sidearm kill

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  1. Rooklie

    That moment when I'm literally emptying my heavy assault LMG magazine into someone and he or she, half way through, pulls out a sidearm, and "pop "pop" "pop".
  2. Campagne

    How and why?
  3. Rooklie

    how and why what?

    how to nerf sidearms?

    why to nerf sidearms?

    I thought that was obvious, the TTK on sidearms is lower than pretty much every other gun.
  4. Campagne

    How do you want "the universal three-shot sidearm" nerf'd and why?

    Why for both why it is to be nerf'd and why it is to be nerf'd in this particular way.
  5. Rooklie

    Or if you prefer, I can write the same thing I wrote, but use different words for it :)
  6. Campagne

    Buff the Gladius

    Because it's bad
  7. Rooklie

    copy paste is great, no need to even type anything ! :)

  8. That_One_Kane_Guy

    So if we take your word at face value here, your opponent killed you with a sidearm (presumably the Commissioner) that he was not only able to draw mid firefight, but then to fire multiple (three) times while you shot at him with a light machine gun. And this was halfway through the engagement.

    That is over two seconds of sustained fire. I kind of doubt the fault here lies with the sidearms.

    Anyhoo, since you're being recalcitrant, let's play:

    WHICH sidearms do you want nerfed? Is it a blanket nerf or one or two offenders? If so, which ones and why?
    You suggest you wish to nerf the TTK, so HOW do you want to go about that? You can accomplish this by either reducing damage or fire rate, so which is your preference?

    By the way, all this has so far been under the assumption that your statement here:
    is accurate, but let's circle back to that real quick. Can you show us mathematically that this statement is true? Because if you cannot that kind of torpedoes your entire argument.
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  9. Campagne

    And to think I wondered why your first account was banned.
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  10. That_One_Kane_Guy

    You are the absolute last person to lecture anyone about trolling. In this discussion in particular you have refused to contribute meaningfully beyond an admittedly masterful impression of a two year old dragging its heels at the supermarket. When asked simple questions about your rather incoherent OP, you responded first with childishness, then with insults.

    Insert here the obvious Aesop involving certain kitchen implements and their color.
    In all truth though, this time you have been reported. I think we've allowed your vitriol to pollute these forums quite long enough. You have nothing to contribute, and your presence here is a detriment to rational discussion.
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  11. Trebb

    I have to ask: are you posting a nerf thread for every death now? There's plenty to ****** about balance wise, but I can't figure your pattern out yet!
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  12. Rooklie

    if you could translate this to English, that would be great, and even better, it might allow me to answer your question.
  13. hansgrosse

    If you get the jump on someone AS A HEAVY and they have time to pull a sidearm and kill you with it then the problem is you, not the sidearm. Provided the fight is 1v1, there is no reason you should lose in this scenario save for a difference in skill between you and your opponent.

    This isn't trolling, it's just fact.
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  14. Rooklie

    Maybe, yup, but still, the TTK on "shot by shot" sidearms is way to low.
  15. Wadelma

    I'm with One Kane Guy. It's okay to ask for nerfs but you gotta be more constructive about it, provide metrics and ideas on how you would go about the nerfing process. Throwing a tantrum won't solve anything, verbally lashing out to people asking for such or who are providing a counterpoint even less so.

    Before your next thread take a walk outside, calm down and read a book or watch netflix for a moment. Clear your head. Raging online is fun to nobody.
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  16. Rooklie

    Well, it's nice of you to share your thoughts about metrics :)
  17. That_One_Kane_Guy

    No, it isn't.
    TTK of Orion at 10m? 480ms
    TTK of NS-15M at 10m? 580ms
    TTK of Commissioner at 10m? 700ms

    Unless you hit headshots, the TTK of the Commissioner is slower than almost every primary weapon in the game. The NS-15, a gun is built around the necessity of hitting headshots, is faster.

    Almost across the board sidearms are outperformed by primaries, even at point blank. As the range increases the disparity only gets worse. Sidearms are fine.

    Now either dispute these numbers with some of your own, or concede. If the math to do so is beyond you, then you have no business calling something too fast or too slow.
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  18. Rooklie

    yeah head shots .; (duh)
  19. Rooklie

    and wtf is this?




  20. Hegeteus

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