OMG Higby looks at the VS MAX stats and admits to them!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by treeHamster, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Primarkka

    Nah, you did!
    Higgby and co. only look at the stats they pull from your actions!
    VS either a) Played so extremely well that EVERYONE in a VS MAX outperformed everything in this game, or b) ZOE MAX is extremely OP to the extent that its stats get massively inflated, even if more players use it.
    Occam's razor, lets use it?
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  2. TallPaul_S

    I would think there are very few TR HA's who don't use the striker, seeing as it's our factions best AV launcher... It's that or use the annihilator, which is inferior. So yes, I use it. It's on one of my HA classes, the other 2 use decimators.

    What does that have to do with ZOE maxes? Please, whine on about other things that have no relevance in this thread.

    Simple facts, I pointed out that your were in fact wrong with your assumption that the ZOE max could be killed with a single decimator rocket. Lets keep thing on topic, please. There are many, many other threads where you can whine and moan all you like about the striker, or whatever else you feel is imbalanced in this game. ;)
  3. Machine Spirit

    tbh I just want that guy fired, nothing good has come from him.
  4. illgot

    Highby forgets to mention a lot of detail in the statistics he loves to toss around to justify his faction loyalty.

    Either he is so faction loyal he will screw up PS2 to help his faction or he is just an idiot who refuses to look at the whole picture. BTW I am mainly an NC player.
  5. Primarkka

    I'd like to have you banned, for you're too young to play this game.
  6. Vixxing

    What has the fact that you carry around a lock on launcher that cant dumbfire with the fact that you hate Zoe-maxxes to do with each other? hmm... no clue... really... cant think of any!
  7. Machine Spirit

    oh? so mature.

    do explain what balance he actually did do well, judging from the fact you calling me ''to young'' I'll assume that saying ''I want you banned'' is mature. Clearly you overestimated your own intelligence, I'm entitled to my opinion, it has nothing to do with age, so I suggest you deal with it.
  8. TallPaul_S

    Ok, so thats what you were trying to say.

    Do you honestly think that the only launcher TR HA's use is the striker? There's a reason why each character has 3 loadout slots for each class. ;) Go to a biolab, and check to see what any TR HA's are carrying. The vast majority of them will be using either the ML-7 (standard issue dumbfire) or the decimator.

    Is your argument that we hate ZOE maxes because we all carry strikers 100% of the time and therefore have no dumbfire launcher to deal with maxes?

    If so, you really need to work on some better arguments. I'm actually stunned at how stupid you are for even thinking this way.
  9. Dvine

    He doesnt like veichles either! It preplexes me how in a combined arms game someone in his position can say "Infantry shouldnt be afraid of veichles" and get away with it. I'm afraid that he will CoD this game so hard that one day we will log in to killstreak rewards and ****z.
  10. Xasapis

    Such are the woes of a veterans only faction at this point.

    If anything, his comment made it clear that zoe had little to do with the actual K/D ratio compared to what the more than double amount of maxes pulled did to that number.
  11. Goretzu

    It's always been useful too. :)
  12. Nyscha

    To all the whiners about ZOE l2p and listen to this good mans advice.

  13. crusher1234

    Either way this game is unbalanced If I would start all over again I would clearly choose VS they have overall the best stuff!!! There is absolutely no skill whatsoever needed to get kills!
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  14. illgot

    sorry, but hearing a TR say that...
  15. crusher1234

    VS is clearly the dark side ;-)
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  16. Goretzu

    Yeah that's always hard to quantify.

    The (PS1) Lasher 2.0 was a beast of a weapon and massively overpowered........... however that was massively compounded by literally everyone using them.
  17. crusher1234

    Maybe it's a pay to win game after all so you can have all your favourite weapons available at each faction and therefore choose the faction which is a bit overpowered at the moment :D
  18. Izriul

    It's all he does. Quite frankly I think he is nothing more than a glorified troll, not even a good one at that, but he doesn't need to be as his faction flocks to him like sheep because "a dev said it! it must be true!" Time and time again he's been called out on things, he twists words to make it look like something's OP or broken, then make sure he leaves loop holes in his quotes to say "I never said that exactly".

    I'm pretty sure he said before, K/D means nothing. So why does it suddenly mean something now? I can't find the score sheets at the moment, it's rather a big coincident that since GU09 the google doc sites that held the scores seem to have been removed. I don't know if there's some somewhere else or not. However, the K/D between all the max's before GU09 were EXTREMELY close. Many developers state that if something is within 10% of each other then it's as balanced as it will get (for many reasons) I don't remember exactly but I'm pretty sure the K/D was much lower than that, but! The NC max score per hour was much higher. K/D isn't anything to go by, score is. Buzzcut whatever his name is made some thread before about K/D and higby agreed, so again, why NOW is it different?

    He always ignores and misdirects things said about his own faction, but strongly plays on things said about the other two, especially VS, it's blatantly obvious that he has something against them, hell, even with comments like "it's an amazing weapon, VS just haven't learnt to use it" in regards to the lasher - Yeah, the WHOLE faction hasn't learnt it, makes complete sense that. The JH is a fine weapon, and personally my favourite shotgun, perhaps the WHOLE of NC haven't learnt to use that either.

    Amusingly, "vs only use OP weapons" You mean, the weapons that THEY give us? I assume he implies the magrider there, oh, people are using our only MBT. Shotguns? Same across all factions, yet I see more NC use them than TR or VS across all 3 servers, SMG's - pretty close to each other, so what are all these so called OP weapons that VS only use? Hell, on my server since the novelty has worn off I see 3x the amount of NC max than I do crabs, but that's "different" right? I mean, it's his faction. AV turret, the easiest to use weapon in the game, given to the NC max, just dual arms, ridiculous charge up mechanics, boring, bland, idiotic given not once, but twice to VS and shunned on the most part, so because VS aren't using them as much, it's because VS only use OP weapons, not because the others are crap or uninteresting / not fun. I could go on and on with things such as the only faction with 200 damage weapons, best starter LMG/Sniper, easiest to use max, easiest to use tank, ESRL etc etc but I won't bother, it's clear how biased he is, and I use to play all 3 factions but as of late I really don't want to associate myself with that so I'll stick to TR / VS where we don't have a developer holding our hands.
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  19. TheBillOf3D

    VS players have problems with anything that can't simply be rammed into the enemy. I'm sure there is a Freudian explanation.
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  20. IronWarrior

    Xasapis, before Zoe was added to the game. He said that VS Maxes had a higher K/D then both TR and NC. (Even through VS complained that they had the worst Max which isn't true)

    After Zoe was added, the K/D jumped to K/D 3.4 from K/D 2.6 (correct if am wrong, going by memory) but also the number of players that pulled VS Maxes doubled too.

    Which he comments, that VS are funny players in that they won't use something if it's not OP'ed. (His words, not mine)
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