OMG Higby looks at the VS MAX stats and admits to them!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by treeHamster, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. NietCheese

    Nice guessing there hombre.

    Couldn't have been the highest KDR because it was simply the best "overall" Max?
    People just didn't want to use it, I guess they were too busy HE farming spawns in their Magrider.
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  2. VS-rm7

    So I wonder what is wrong with that, exactly? :) Looks like we tend to be good at figuring out which tool (gun/vehicle/ability/etc) is the best for the job (killing enemies), then go and use it. One could just as well say VS are smarter on average than TR/NC who go and use whatever herps their derp because it looks cool or whatever.
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  3. Phrygen

    he still said it the mag was OP, and thus it was nerfed.

    case closed.
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  4. Nocturnal

    Yeah I just do not understand why people are so upset with his comment.
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  5. Phrygen

    he seemed to imply that in fact the vanu ignored perfectly good weapons (i.e. the pre zoe max with the highest K/D). In otherwords, he was saying there are great weapons available to vanu, but once they decide they aren't good they never touch them, and wait until they are completely OP to utilize them. he has said the same thing in regards to the lasher.
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  6. Nocturnal

    I know what he meant but i still dont get why ppl get so upset over such trivial comment.
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  7. moooosa

    VS MAX is and has been very viable without ZOE. It just became the cool thing to say that VS MAX was bad and people believed it.
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  8. Phrygen

    cause it always hurts when a top developer disses you regarding the game. A developers words are heavier than lead my friend.
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  9. freeze

    because this hasn't been the first time...
    it seems as if the VS, for whatever reason, pissed him off and he repeatedly posts comments like that.
    be it on these forums here, twitter or some random stream chat.

    I don't particularly mind the ZOE nerf... it was bound to happen.
    but there was no need for anything else.
    it's not the fact THAT it's getting nerfed it's the fact HOW he presents it.
  10. Clutchstep

    You can't take Higby too seriously, he's the guy that said Magriders were fine one day then the next day made fun of VS players and said Magriders were obviously OP and needed a nerf.

    Regardless, I do think its weird that most VS think Lashers and Lancers suck, so he speaks some truth there. I have both and I think they're both awesome. They're not going to rack you up a lot of kills, but you will get a lot of assists and they both work well as area denial weapons (for infantry and vehicles, respectively). They're both really fun to use too.

    Higby's comments imply that he thinks the lack of momentum is what makes the ZOE so strong, so I'm curious to see if they make any more changes after that. One thing I wonder about for the KDR comment, is whether having fewer VS MAXes around actually contributed to that because there'd be more engineers around to repair them, and whether the boost after release may be from sheer overwhelming numbers. Personally, even though I want to use ZOE, I haven't actually used it on live yet because I see so many MAXes in need of repair now that as a compulsive engineer I run around repairing them all instead of pulling one myself. I wonder if the increase in KDR will persist once the novelty wears off.
  11. Nocturnal

    Yes its obviously personal :p
    Dont be so cereal.
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  12. treeHamster

    Did I say anything about it being OP or not? No I was simply correcting his statement because the information he provided was wrong.

    Yeah and then it took him over a month before he listened to us and tested the Mag build to find out that, what would you know, they did break the Magrider.

    I'll still use ZOE over Charge unless they really screw it up. I simply prefer it for the average speed increase in walking. If the strafe drops too hard, however, that might change my mind.
  13. theholeyone

    Guy in charge of game balance makes biased and vaguely insulting comments, nerfs incoming, a lot of users already think VS gets poor ES weapons...

    ...oh, and it's the SOE forums, upset is a joining criteria right? :eek:
  14. Vortok

    Higby just likes to engage in some friendly trash talking now and then. A pvp/fps game community should be able to handle such comments from time to time. Gamers in general flock to OP stuff. He probably could've followed up the comment with "Same is true for TR and NC players" but it wouldn't have been as funny.

    VS MAX was slightly undertuned at launch (in terms of AI weapons, the bugged cone of fire on blueshifts was particularly hilarious), and the slight tweaks to bring them in line over a few patches were unnoticed by most of the playerbase so they weren't used as much. Although you can make the claim that it left mainly experienced players using the VS MAX and thus the better stats, the argument falls apart when post ZOE (when tons of people, highly certed or not) are using the VS MAX and the stats still gained a significant improvement. Obviously some numbers needed tweaking, so that's what they're trying to do.
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  15. Tasogie

    Sorry but SOE dont balance.. they nerf anything the majority want nerfed. Its the young an easily satisfied that they want to keep. That means making the game what those players want...

    Mirror imaged
    With little to no thought needed....
    Diversity in gaming is sadly a lost art, an it is getting less an less seen today.
  16. Xasapis

    We're not a third of the population for some time now. A fifth is closer to the truth.
  17. bodmans

    but now the problem arises that engys cant keep up with ZOE... but as of ZOE, i think the speed should increase with each cert level and not start at full speed
  18. SadButTrue

    ZOE isn't that great for kd/r anyway, so stats once again prove nothing. It gives you too much confidence and you end up over-extending. I've gone back to using Charge and find it keeps me alive longer. My Dual Blueshift kd/r is around 50:1 with over 5000 kills on them.
  19. W0rthy

    A lot of VS maxes fielded because everyone wanted to try out the new ability. The more maxes fielded means higher max survivability in battle.

    Surprised that you can't see that.
  20. Yonasu

    I find it funny that people dont believe the stats that sites such at shows. It's as if they would make it up themselves or do some weird internet scraping algorithms to collect data from forums or something.

    all those sites use which is the SAME data that soe uses to decide on nerfing stuff. It's true that sometimes the site is down on occasion, but the overall values shouldnt be that affected.

    The problem is that apparently ps2-stats collects data since the beginning of time, so what is showing is that the nc maxes has the most kills/hour since the time of dawn. A brief OP vanu max is not going to make a dent in that kill statistic.

    I'm vanu, i think zoe is OP. I think the nerf on test is more than enough. It's not that big of a deal.
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