OMG Higby looks at the VS MAX stats and admits to them!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by treeHamster, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. freeze

    I love how he, once again, insults the whole VS playerbase :)
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  2. treeHamster

    ^ My Sparkles power.
  3. Ranik

    2.8 k/d beforehand was already better than NC/TR maxes? And then it got better and the userbase doubled?

    Color me surprised :rolleyes:
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  4. Metaltoys

    "Always had the best"
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  5. lncabin

    No he does indriectly mention the KDR of the other maxes before the special abilities. He said that the VS Max had the highest KDR of all the maxes before the updates. He implied that the VS Max out performed the NC Scatmax before ZOE.
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  6. theholeyone

    Lets not forget lazy ZOE leveling, so the entire faction spent just 150certs to get like 90% of the benefit. It is OP because it is too accessible.
    Funny how often we were told to use the sh*tty (at launch, they are mostly balanced now) lancers and vortices in groups so they would be effective, then when we do so with maxes suddenly its a sign they are OP.
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  7. Joram

    Can we have a stat of number of people using prowler/vanguard pre and after the buff? I still want to see Highby using those op VS weapons like lasher and lancer pre buff.

    BTW, i tough KDr was a meaningless stat....damn those hypocrites
  8. NightFallz998

    lasher is still the worst faction specific weapon:
  9. Sian

    Yeah ZOE is pretty much like Stealth (Which also needs a tweak IMO) all the worthwhile benefit is in the first, cheap level, and you get severely diminished returns with pursuing it higher.
  10. metrotw

    nerf that sh*t
    nerf it hard
    nerf that sh*t
    into the ground!
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  11. treeHamster

    Overall, VS have the lowest population of the three factions. We also have the largest percentage of high ranks. This would imply that the VS on the whole are simply better players (not saying it's true, just what the data implies). Or another way of stating it would be the average VS is better than the average TR or NC. This could partially be biased simply due to the economics of the population (more targets for VS to shoot vs the number of targets the TR and NC have).

    However, for example, in the Scythe data, you find that overall the Scythe has the highest KDR and SPM but is also the least pulled ESF. Again, fewer crappy pilots to drag down the averages and medians. I'm sure the MAX was no different. The people that ran MAX's did them exceptionally well and ZOE just made them godly. It wasn't that ZOE was OP necessarily rather that the beastly MAX operators were just godly at playing MAX's already and ZOE just made them better (which it should).

    I'll agree here, the fact that speed was fully unlocked at Rank 1 was just stupid. It needed to be certed into by steps. This is really the only reason I didn't cert higher because I got everything I wanted from it in the first rank and figured it'd get the novelty sized nerf bat swung at it within a week or so. Therefore there was no point in dropping another 2k of certs just so I could use 1 less bullet when farming squishies.
  12. NightFallz998

  13. The Shermanator

    I'll never take statements like this seriously when on at least two occasions VS tears have rebuked developer decisions the moment a slight nerf was announced.
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  14. Ranik

    And that's not quite how averages work. Even if there are less VS pilots. It does not necessarily mean that VS somehow have less crappy pilots on average. Even with the higher concentration of high rank players does not mean those high rank players are somehow better than the average BR1. Merely that they have played longer.

    It could however mean, that the VS have toys which are not nearly as UP as they consider them to be.
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  15. HadesR

    First sentence :

    Las0m : yay ZOE is way OP

    Guess he drew the same conclusion of the majority of sensible players
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  16. NightFallz998

    Guess which OP weapon need a nerf but it's never going to happen while NC higby is in charge?
  17. Bavieca

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  18. NightFallz998

    so when hacksaws are 151% more effective than the best VS weapon they're balanced but when VS is 1% higher kdr than NC it's auto nerf time?
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  19. The Shermanator

    Cute, but the hacksaw (which is what people mostly complain about with regards to the NC MAX) has already been nerfed before, so your little whine that 'NC Higby' won't ever dare to nerf 'his' faction is false.

    Try again.
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  20. HadesR

    Those stats are unreliable if they run from the games release ... Need the stats post NC Max nerf To now to get a fair judge if it still needs tweaking.