OMG Higby looks at the VS MAX stats and admits to them!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by treeHamster, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. MasterTater

    Thats seems to be an exception when you look at the other servers - VS is always in the low 20´s - and even on matterson - what time was it when you checked? 4 o´clock in the morning?
  2. MasterTater

    Yea for some people it just takes a lil longer to realise simple facts - its a money making machine for SOE - milking idiot`s purse with constantly publishing the latest OP sheit while nerfing the last purchase into oblivion - I realised that after GU2. Its not to create a longterm customer relastion ship - its ripping off cash and pinching a loaf on customers investment later on while rubbing the latest mandartory pay to win cash shop item under customers nose by tailoring even the whole gameplay around the new items - I just want to remember how vehicle dmg was nerfed and XP for it tripled before all those stupid rocketlauncher where put for sale.
  3. Posse

    By 50% more pop I mean the difference in amount of people, not the percentile points, if VS on Matherson has 42% and TR has 28%, then VS has 50% more people.

    1st paragraph: Read above, I was talking about difference in the amount of people, not percentile points, 40/30/30 means VS has 33% more people than TR/NC, I said 50% because I've seen screens in this forum where it was 42/28/30 or something like that, the argument is the same, VS is steamrolling on Mattherson because of numerical superiority, simple as that.

    2nd paragraph: Since you clearly have no clue about Waterson, let me inform you that we've been able to fight on equal terms with TR/NC since long before GU09 with the same population disadvantage (any Waterson player can confirm it for you if you doubt it), so ZOE has nothing to do with it.

    Woah, don't get mad man, it's not my fault you can't deal with new things. I already stated somewhere that I consider ZOE to be slightly overpowered, but not the point where it's gamebreaking, in fact, I don't think there ever was something gamebreaking in this game (at least between factions, the Ground/Air/Infantry balance is another matter), NC didn't steamroll everyone because of the ScatMAX, TR didn't steamroll everyone because of the HE Prowler spam, same way, we don't steamroll everyone thanks to the ZOE MAX.

    Do you really think that the devs will make balance decisions based on the faction they like to play? They're in this to make money, not to play the OP faction and kill everyone, you might find that kind of attitude in the admin of a private server of a MMORPG, not in this.
  4. Vanon

    This paragraph is a lie and you sir are a liar for saying it. There where no cosmetics released to increase there style, they do infact do more damage and are more manueverable. If it wasn't effective, there wouldn't be double the amount of ZoE's with a rather large boost in KD. You may get more kills when more are used, but you do not get a higher KD. The more you use the more average the KD becomes. They also DO NOT take 50% increased damage you idiot. If that where the case, 1 decimator would insta gib them. As of now it does not. It is calculated after an 80% base resist. By the way, as far as them not being used at range, are you saying you never heard of MAX's being used for anti vehicle or anti air? You've never shot someone at 100-150m with blueshifts? Look, if your going to lie, atleast make it believeable.

    Scatter's don't 1shot unless your 5 feet infront of them. Lockdown does not insta kill everything, as they are stationary and easy to land decimators on. again, either this is you have never played this game or your full of crap. These arent even disputed by half the VS.

    no one complained about that. Again its not 50% more damage, which is easily negated by engineers and rez'ers as they can get to them faster and dodge the damage in the first place.

  5. Vanon

    perhaps i'm not reading this right. i see VS as having 10% more then VS and 10% more then NC. How is that 33% more?

    Except for the fact that i have asked and they don't confirm it. They say that VS use to get destroyed, now they hold there own.

    Not mad, it's a question i want answered. The VS guy's on here are going out of their way to ignore any valid question by talking about the scatmax which was nerfed months ago and the HE prowler, which is perhaps the only variant that TR has that is superior over other MBT's, and even so is hardly overpowered. Keep in mind i Play NC.

    So you think ZoE is over powered but not really over powered but still overpowered but not as overpowered as a scatmax or a HE prowler. In otherwords uhhh kinda... but let me distract you with something else!

    [/quote] They are in it to make money, sure. I don't believe Higby makes decisions based on his favorite faction, as ZoE's are released and he likes NC. I'm sure SoE made budget cuts and cut alot of their design team, however i dont buy that PS2 is some consparcy to change the balance based on sales or potiential sales. If that where the case, they wouldn't be having sidegrades, they would simply have guns that are superior over other guns and cost cash only.
  6. Posse

    If there are 1000 people in the server and the pops are 40/30/30, then VS has 400 guys, TR 300, NC 300. 400/300 = 1,33, so VS has 33% more people.

    On waterson? Not

    It's not overpowered to the point it's gamebreaking or where VS MAX roflstomp everything, the same way the Prowler wasn't OP to that level or the ScatMAX wasn't op to that level, that's what I meant.

    Yeah, that's how I see it too.
  7. deggy

    I don't think that, but I just heard a lead developer talk down about my entire faction. All I'm saying is that Higby needs to work on his PR skills if he wants to avoid accusations of bias.
  8. Fumblewatt

    Well, his comment is just wrong on so many levels:
    1. Insulting customers always brings in more revenue
    2. The VS population is dwindling down on most servers, so fighting on a 1:4 ratio on a continent with a beamer/lasher, is a good idea in general.
    3. Human nature to gain the upper hand(includes VS, NC and TR)
    4. th faction usage.
    5. Generalization is always good.
    Releasing Vortex and expect people to buy it when Ravens/Fractures were superior in every way, even with the aesthetics.
    (Hint: A Max does not need a weak sniping weapon)
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  9. deggy

    I feel like he needs to think about his interactions more. He has a problem with expressing faction bias. If he was the Head Dev for the NC, that'd be fine, but he's not, he's in charge of all three.

    He needs to at least appear impartial, and if this is "impartial" I don't want to see "biased".
  10. TestyVenom

    Blah blah blah, Higby is mean *crying ensuing*, blah blah blah. Reinforce the stereotype that the VS have an attitude problem a little bit more, guys. This thread should be closed for the obviously exaggerated, ridiculous crying that is going on here. Get over it and move on. If you don't want people to say things like this about you, then don't make it true, because VS players boycott any new weapon that isn't blatantly OP (FACT).
  11. deggy

    Fixed that for you.
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  12. Posse

    I agree that Higby's comment was not appropiate (I don't really give a **** about it anyway), but that is completely different from the accusation that the devs have a faction bias when deciding balance changes.
  13. Souleater

    Which makes me wonder just how much of the 'OP ZOE!' reaction is due to people's limited experience against VS MAXes since the buffs to Comet and Blueshift?

    The Comet was definitely improved pre-ZOE....the Blueshift less so but I still found it a competent short/mid-range weapon that often seemed to surprise NC/TR players.

    Suddenly people started pulling MAXes thanks to ZOE and using those weapons against them in signficant numbers.
  14. MasterTater

    What afunny collection of wrong conclusions, blatant lies, complete misperception and wrong data. I dont even bother to answer to your trolling.
  15. MasterTater

    Well check server statistics a lot of people already moved on. Player numbers went down by 75% already for a good reason and if you maintain to insult players which have a valid reason to discuss the development of the game after investing 100+ € and get insulted, downplayed or attacked for asking for a bit more thoughtful fairness and less bias for one side in the development process from the side of the lead design then you should keep a low profile - especially when its not even about your factions traits.
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  16. Roarboar

    Or perhaps you are too stupid to use the NC max in CQC, like intended, until the introduction of the OP ravens that is.
  17. TestyVenom

    Cool story, bro. I'm loving how there is really nothing in your reply that supports your stance on the matter.
  18. acksbox

    Too late.

    This was always the case.

    However, such close range encounters aren't rare in enclosed areas.

    ZOE is bad in comparison to charge, especially against NC maxes. Unless some NC max is ******** enough to be running around in an open field, or going solo with the shield, ZOE is of little use. Charge will close the gap, and the ZOE will die faster with the ability active.

    I was about 10 k/d in my MAX before ZOE, 15 the first day of ZOE, 8 after two days, 6 after the nerf, and back up to 12 when I swapped out ZOE 5 for Charge 6.

    People expect ZOE now, so non-ZOE users have a huge advantage.

    VS Max is awesome for one reason... it's smaller than any other MAX, by quite a bit.

    The weapons aren't better, the abilities aren't better. It's just smaller.

    Not any more. The only real benefit of ZOE post GU10 is the increased damage.

    Being able to run backwards twice as fast is nice, but the reduction in strafe speed really hurt the ability.

    Hacksaw doesn't need a nerf just because it's the best at what it does. That's it's damn niche.

    People need to quit ******** about asymmetry, unless you want every faction to be identical in every way.

    Tribes 2.

    I'm a solo VS MAX user with 200+ hours (73% total time) in a MAX. I'm not in an outfit, I don't join squads/platoons.

    I have a far higher KD ratio than average (though there are certainly some higher than me). I use auto repair 5, and charge 6 for AI duty (what I prefer), or ZOE 5 for AA/AV. So far, I have about 9-10k certs in my MAX.

    I was a dedicated MAXer before ZOE, and will remain so when the next nerf renders my 2250 cert investment totally worthless.


    I'm content with this because now ZOE takes the fall (and suffers the nerfs), and I still get to use the best MAX.

    The Cosmos is crap. The default Quasar is a superior AI weapon.

    I play my MAX as if medics and engineers don't exist.

    Personally, unless you are in a highly organized group, they are a liability. I die more often if I seek out repairs than if I simply fall back and let auto repair take care of it. I am out of action longer if I accept revives from idiotic medics who are trying to far certs by reviving me in combat, where I'm likely to go down again if I'm brought back with a fraction of my health. I almost never die more often than I can rebuy a MAX suit, and rarely run out of resources (I normally make sure I have the full 750 when I log off, so thats 7-8 MAX suits, and getting that many MAX deaths usually takes me ~3 hours of being recklessly stupid).
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  19. The King

    Quasar is still 1000 certs and not everyone is going to buy another one of those..

    When someone buys the 250 cert one and their Cosmos is getting all the kills.. What will one do?

    I had 4 hours more into the Quasar than the Cosmos..

    But the Cosmos already has more kills than it when I paired them together.
    So which was getting all the kills? The Cosmos.
    I got another cosmos to take the place of the quasar and it's doing great.

    I tested out the spread and TBH I found the cosmos to have less basing it on the decals on the wall after 25 shots on each arm....
    But it's so similar, nothing to notice about it..
    However, velocity has a large role and I'm sure this helps with getting those kills...

    You can keep your Quasar, I'll keep the cosmos since it's not crap.
  20. Spookydodger

    I've found the blueshift to be ok in VR, but better at spraying than anything else. I haven't yet bought them for live use (I have a hard time getting a good fight to test in trial mode, it seems). I love the comets, though. They are great killers, decently good versus infantry at long range, and really visible so they serve as a deterrent. When big plasma balls go flying towards you, even if the game doesn't do dazing mechanics for suppressive fire, they put some fear in many players.

    I usually roll with the Nebula. I suppose the Comet is deadly enough I might try a combination pizza-hutt and taco bell... errr comet and nebula. With the reload rate on the comet, it might be only a slightly loss in long range AV dps (because you so rarely can hit with both simultaneously, anyhow).