OMG Higby looks at the VS MAX stats and admits to them!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by treeHamster, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. S0LAR15

    You can't see the momentum in the VR since it only comes into play in situations where you gain air or need to stop and noticably too. Like the edge of pads, you wouldn't see that stuff in the VR, ergo the VR doesn't count as using ZOE.
  2. chrisbeebops

    I see more 1/2 Prowlers than anything else admittedly. But when I fight Prowlers in my Magrider if its 2/2 it seems to be split 50/50. An anchored Prowler is already an incredible beast for long range.

    EDIT: And you are right, I see every TR harasser has a Vulcan strapped to it. A Vulcan can easily turbo next to a MBT, shred through a huge chunk of its HP, and turbo away much, much faster than a MBT can hit it with the 3 AP rounds it takes to kill it (takes 3 AP rounds to the rear from Magrider to kill it if it has composite armor).
  3. Revanmug

    Look at the date... december 23.

    Yes, with extended mags, Hacksaw had 12 rounds. They now have 10.
  4. MajiinBuu

    I don't use ZoE :cool:
  5. Posse

    I already made a long post explaining that, at least read it before repeating the same thing over and over again.
  6. Vanus Aran

    An interview that shows an insult aimed at 1/3 of the mathematical playerbase is a bad interview in the end.

    Feels nice to get insulted, having an ability nerfed that I maxed out, having my threads deleted even when I change them in ways that they should meet the forumrules and being unable to watch the unreasonable destruction of an ability because of whiners and envious players.
    Just in a few days my picture of the PS2 community took so much damage.

    And everything just because ZOE was rushed. Now everthing becomes clear.
    That ability was not planned out. It was focussed on fast-killing instead of mobility.
    But the VS is not about fast killing. Its about accuration and mobility.

    Now I dont even dare to post my suggestion anymore since a Mod is convinced they dont fulfill the forumrules.
    It feels so tight in this straightjacket of lattice, I tell you all.
  7. Cryptek

    The Lasher disagrees :p Especially considering higby himself pointed out that it was the most used of the Empire specific heavy weapons.

    And if he is referring to the Vortex.. Well that's because it's a buggy mess of a weapon, that was recently nerfed to become even more niche.

    If he's referring to VS not pulling many MAXes, that's pretty damn simple: Blueshift and cosmos mix-up.. That's really all I need to say..
    The what 6 months where the cosmos was the accurate weapon, even being advertised as such in their own MAX guide. While the ingame description was that the blueshift was the accurate one.. Only suddenly out of the blue finally aknowleding it after people had wasted their money on Cosmos..
    Not to mention that they refused refunds on launch for the blueshift even tho the ingame description was false advertisement, because back then the blueshift was the most inaccurate of all the MAX weapons.

    So yeah that major betrayal of customer trust, has more to do with VS previously not using MAXes than anything else.
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  8. Vanus Aran

    Im using Nebula and never bothered to compare it with other "Infantrykillers".
    But yeah im more and more living under the impression that some people are having the time of their life seeing people investing into stuff that is later nerfed to shreds. Im astouned how simple all VS technology that is focussed on mobility, is later turned into a shadow of it former self.
    I wish the Magburner would have faster recharge. Its so weak compared to before.
    Lasher is in most cases useless too. It spreads, it hits allys so easily, its weak in duels and you cannot even put many visors on it.

    Im loosing all trust in SOE when it comes to "VS technology".
    The Minigun of the TR is not that much better as other Machineguns either, but at least it can fire for a long time. I imagine a TR not attacked while having a good angle with this, can enjoy quite one's one intimidating scene.

    Whatever it is, I bet the next "VS technology" comming ingame we be a flop too and wont have anything to do with mobility or accuracy.
    €dit: Yeah I know "Lancer" and "Vortex" have accuracy and "mobility". The weapons itself are ok. In the end im only making my frustration about ZOE and the Magburner and the spreading fireline of the Lasher known.
  9. RasFW

    ... Right. Phoenix version 1. FracMAX. 'nuff said.

    I'll just sit here with my Lasher and Eidelon.
  10. vanu123

    How about letting the NC have 1 arm free to shoot with their shield up, and increasing the TR maxs ROF and damage slightly. Then leave ZOE as is. I mean the NC STILL have the 5 highest score per minute weapons and look at the amount of kills and how huge of a lead they have over VS and TR . VS have always had the worst max against other maxes infact before the patch they were only good for AA.
  11. treeHamster

    Because they would walk around with the shield up ALL the time and never bother to use a second gun.
  12. samm

    main reason i never played max before: Starting Weapons. i'd rather have a double beamer instead of the quasar. and the old comet had nice damagepotential but it's handling was more like a HA rocketlauncher, leaving you very vulnerable. i really like how the vs max became much more enjoyable over time with blushifts, overall weapon tweaks and such.

    to make my point clear:

    vs max, half a year ago = in my terms crap, nothing to cert into
    vs max, now = op yes, but aside from zoe well belanced and finaly enjoyable to play.
  13. CptFirelord

    Ours. I'm not denying there's something wrong with the inaccuracy of the VS weaponry.
  14. MasterTater

    What a blatant and freaking shameless lie full of malicious selfcatering dodgy sheit. But it shows clearly what type of players are left when this trash receives a 50x thumbs up.

    Spoiled lil kids which learned that crying nerf VS down into oblivion gets followed by SOE employees which think that players are honest- thoughtful and constructive on the forums while being full of their deceptive and manipulative "forumwars" BS and pure egoism for their own NC/TR side while giving sheit about moderate balancing or multilateral joy in the game.
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  15. Fumblewatt

    Well, that was a nice way to address a portion of his customers, PR +1 on that comment.
    Got to love that NC hat
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  16. Vanon

    On matterson VS has control over all 3 contentents and has for the vast majority of GU9. They have won more then 70% of the alert's. In every fight i have fought against VS (except ghost caping fights) there where atleast 25% of vs as MAX's. Then their are the lead devolper saying that they have drasticly increased in use and there KD has skyrocketed, and they never planned for ZoE's to be released the way they are now. At what point do you actually consider something overpowered?

    You didn't actually think you where winning all the alerts and contentents because you where actually good did you? You didn't really think "EVERYONE GO MAX" was a brilliant tactic did you?

    There are plenty of posts on this forum where TR and NC have said VS (fill in the blank) is under powered and should be buffed or helped. I should know, i've posted a few of those. You guys are happy as hell to agree and discuss it. However when everyone says "VS has something thats overpowered and making the game unfun" All i hear is either "You guys are/were overpowered" or "It's fine as it is, you just suck". The reason it recieved 50x thumbs up, is because most rational people realize that it's the cause of a major imbalance right now, and that it's being acknowledged and fixed. But hey, if you want to live in your little fantasy land, by all means, go for it. It's just halarious that your doing the same thing your accusing others, in the same ******* post.
  17. Posse

    Maybe it's because VS in Mattherson has 50% more pop than both TR and NC?

    This does not happen in Waterson at all, the big picture remains the same as it was pre-GU09 even though you see many more VS MAXes than before.
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  18. Vanon

    Thats not true. Though their has been the explosion of the 4th empire, it has been no where near 50%. Right now its 40/30/30. Yes VS population has increased, but its not like the whole server is VS.

    Though interesting thing to note. I logged onto waterson, and it's pretty even. VS also is 24% to TR 41% and NC 35%. So your able to hold equal amounts of territory and you are outnumbered nearly 2:1 vs TR and 1.5 against NC? Let me guess... your just all skilled!!!!!

    So again AT WHAT POINT TO YOU CONSIDER SOMETHING OVERPOWERED. I typed that with caps because you failed to answer the question and i didnt want you to miss it again.
  19. MasterTater

    The reason why they increased in use is the Style and fun factor - they are not a cent more effective in the situations of CQC where you actually use them - dmg plus of 10-15% on weapon - which is being offset by 50% increase of dmg taken is still a laugh - most play the Max due to the funny light show - and NOT increased efficiency - when killrate increased on the VS maxes - then only because of the increase use of maxes. Thats a hoax and blatant misperception - of course you get more killed by Maxes when they are used more often for the style fact - I play them for style - my outfit does also.

    And where is the problem actually that VS enjoy the nice new helmets and camoflage and purple and blue lightshow on the suit and tracers. They are not a cent more powerful compared to the already completely over the top oneshot scattermax - which is now even viable longrange with the Mattock and Raven even deals massive AOE dmg to infantry - or the TR lockdown which insta kills everything with the massive RoF and desastrously high reload time - which almost allows perma fire on all weapon systems - 2 TR Maxes which together 4 Pounders firing at Vehicle or infantry in a hotspot completely lock that place with perma explosions.

    And you moan about the ZOE being almost only a new travel option to run the next 200m in a highly vulnerable state with +50% dmg and only 10-15% dmg increase across different weapons?

    Massively hypocrit - sorry to say - but since the release of the game there are those repetitive chronic liers and blatant hypocrit flamers on the forums which have only 1 goal - deceive and pressure the dev team with repetitively opened threads to destroy a certain factions gear and buff the own - just to get an easy mode and ingame advantage for the own faction. The old Destroy the Vanu QQ train - triggered by 2 factions which already totally outnumber VS each by large when looking at the majority of server populations.
  20. deggy

    Exactly. It's not even the ZOE nerf that worries me anymore, it's the opinion that Higby obviously has of a third of his customers.

    "Vanu don't use something unless it's obviously OP"

    This isn't the way the head developer should be talking about anyone, much less people who play his game through all its bugs and updates, all its imbalances and nerfs.

    The issue isn't the ZOE nerf, it's the fact that he's obviously biased. He just gave every Vanu out there concrete proof that he doesn't like them.

    How, as a paying Vanu player, am I supposed to react to ANY change he makes now? You expect me to believe that he has balance in mind when he says stuff like this? While in a conversation with the most well known TR player in the game, at the end of which he acts like they're old friends? Really, Higby?

    Meanwhile I'll be using my NS11C, which is so obviously OP it's common-pool.
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