OMG Higby looks at the VS MAX stats and admits to them!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by treeHamster, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Bankrotas

    I can allready see NC flash being targeted, going behind VS max lines and moving in a way so that rockets would hit shmoe's :D
  2. CptFirelord

    I've been using all three of the tanks since before and after the nerfs/buffs. Swagrider is undeniably the worst at range due to the velocity and drop as you have stated, but for close range "brawls" it remains the best simply due to the fact that when you're facing your target, your gun and your best armor are also facing the target. Prowler and Vanguard need to turn the turret and the hull in order to compete, and our hull turn rate is very poor.
  3. CptFirelord

    Wasn't a hacksaw. Probably the Mattock due to his magazine size.
    TR / NC who have never used ZOE? You're quite ignorant to suggest that TR / NC players don't make VS/NC alts and test what we cry about in the VR first. Unlike many of the VS crying and QQing on the forums who don't test things in game and purely look at stats on spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are wrong and do not accurately reflect gameplay.
  4. CptFirelord

    That's why the VS MAX has the highest K/D ratio right? Because you guys always get screwed? Lol.. that's right schools out! No wonder there's an influx of ignorance on the forums!
  5. Machine Spirit

    it had the highest KD before because it was only used as AA, Max's that only fire at aircraft tend to kill more then they die.. kind of thought that was obvious but apparantly not.
  6. Xasapis

    I think it was more of a perception thing than an actual issue. The problem is, perception can affect actual game reality. As I have posted in other threads on this subject, when your max is considered bad ...
    • Less maxes are pulled, so you are outnumbered.
    • Noone invests certs in a bad weapon or vehicle. Poorly certed maxes doing badly augmented the belief that VS max is bad, which augmented the issue of lower numbers pulled in a vicious circle.
    • Little to nor support, since not many people will bother with a non asset in the battlefield.
    All the above have improved considerably after the zoe intoduction, especially the support point. From the point of hunting for a single engineer in the whole outpost that is willing to repair you, we are in a position that multiple engineers are now hunting maxes to repair.

    Bottom line? Higher numbers + better equipped + better support raised the life expectancy and thus the k/d ratio achieved. Is it out of line? That's for the developers to decide.
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  7. chrisbeebops

    Partly true. In close range 1v1 a Magrider can get behind a Prowler or Vanguard much more easily than they can get behind the Magrider. Though a Prowler or Vanguard has to be pretty dumb to expose his rear, you are more likely to be hitting him on the side which is still a benefit over front.

    I counter your statement with 3 thoughts:
    #1: 1v1 tank combat is not that common especially now with the Lattice system. It is much more common to have multiple tanks from each team in a battle, and in such situations your long distance damage is very important. As you have agreed, the Magrider is the worst in these situations.
    #2: The Prowler has way higher DPS than the Magrider due to having to fire 2 shots. It is pretty easy to hit both shots in a close range 1v1. A Prowler shooting a Magrider's front armor will kill it faster than a Magrider shooting a Prowler's side armor.
    #3: Vulcan is (imo) the single best close range AP secondary gun for any MBT. It absolutely shreds armor like none other in close range armor battles.

    Magrider vs Vanguard is the same situation. Vanguard has lower DPS than Prowler so it takes him longer to kill a Magrider, but Vanguard's increased armor means a Vanguard can still kill a Magrider hitting front armor before a Magrider hitting side armor destroys it. This is without taking the Vanguard's shield into consideration.
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  8. CptFirelord

  9. Vixxing

    I agree i NEVER used my VS max as AI only as AA (because it sucked so bad) and while you dont get alot of kills that way its rare that you die so high K/D ratio... Just bought blueshifts today and i played since november...
    (ps. i enjoy using Hackmaxxes and Mercies on alts though)
  10. Vixxing

    Well i agree about most in this statement but as a Magdriver i think the new Saron is an absolute beast and evens the playingfield somewhat... (if you got a skilled gunner)

    Then on the other hand i hate tankdrivers that cant 1 vs 2 ppl in their MBT and cries about it on forums...

    So if you dont have a skilled gunner roll lighting... (downside is you can only whine about your own incompetens then, wich i bet is quite large if you spend half your days crying on forums)
  11. Spookydodger

    Why devolve to insults? What does it accomplish but foster the very ignorance you disdain?

    I'm stating how I experience the game through the VR and actual combat experiences. No where in my post did I saw we were screwed, because if one thing was lackluster, other things shone. It it odd that the accuracy that is often a hallmark of VS guns is more prevalent in TR MAX weapons than VS, but it wouldn't be the first time in PS2 a trait swapped betwee factions for a subset.

    VS AI weapons are inaccurate past 20 meters due to their COF. Past 40 meters they are largely useless because infantry can put more damage on you than you can on them. However the Comet, even as an AV weapon, is magnificent. I don't think of that as screwed, I think of that as being "differently able". Basically like the Fracture with some slight benefits and detriments.

    And let's be honest, most combat involving MAXes happens at under 30 meters, so it isn't really even an issue. Just a statement on how they operate.

    You seemed to take offense where there was none, and in so doing proved the very statement which you espoused.
  12. Vixxing

    You are ignorant... you should as i do, use other factions weapons in actual combat since VR rooms dont say **** about real world fights... (you can trial the guns on your alts you know)

    Then you would probably whine alot less when you see it takes skills to melt face with most guns... (Strikers excluded)
  13. Vixxing

    They test VS guns in VR against non moving targets, and their own in combat situations... (now guess whos guns seems the most accurate)
  14. Spookydodger

    I found the accuracy of Blueshifts to be almost indiscernible over the other alternatives besides Nebulae. I usually roll with Nebulae if I use AI weapons since if I have to get close, then I might as well get CLOSE. Though frankly most of the time I am using Comets because they have better long range intimidation / kill potential for less exposure while also giving anti-vehicle / max ability. I still use my Nebulae if I think there will be a lot of infantry above me, like near jump pads, though.

    Most of the time, even now, I pull them for AA. Before I would estimate my MAX usage at 80% AA, 20% AV/AI. Now I think that is 60%/40%
  15. chrisbeebops

    OK Troll, I'll bite because it is nearly lunchtime and I am hungry.

    I never said the Saron wasn't good. It is very good and does pretty good DPS at close range where you can fire it rapidly without worrying about the bloom. You can still hit targets at range with it, but at a lower firing rate. Though, I still prefer the old version to give a nice, powerful single shot to hit long distance targets. 2x zoom on Saron with no drop was sexy as hell. The old Saron was a nice complement to the Magrider's main cannon, which has an extremely slow projectile and lots of drop.

    But if you are trying to compare Magrider to Prowler in 1v1 close range with both tanks crewed, the Prowler still wins hands down as the Vulcan will out-DPS the Saron too. This was the argument I was replying to, had you bothered to read my whole post.
  16. Spookydodger

    For baselines, I do too. I used blueshifts in VR against the range targets, while crouching and staying still. Ostensibly the best performance the weapon could get, and found it to be inaccurate. Great spray weapon, which would be of more use if PS2 had that annoying suppression system like BF3 has.

    Then it is helpful to take it into the field and see how the chaos of battle affects the enemy's accuracy in relation.
  17. Spookydodger

    I kinda wish they had given us a firing mode instead. Single big shot, many small shots. Hell, I might even take the charging mechanic if that meant I could get the big long shot back. Though I am thankful for the multi-shot saron with all these harassers around, buzzing behind me faster than I can turn.

    Do you still find that many Prowlers carry the Vulcan over things like Halberb that are better at long range? I rarely see vulcans nowadays except on Harassers, but that might be because I usually do long range tank battles now adays.
  18. Vixxing

    Wasent trolling, i disagree... i LOVE new Saron, much easier to take out infantery/air with while retaining 80% of its lethality against armor...
    I prefered Halberd over old Saron b4 (mostly because they where pretty much identical but 750 CR cheaper)
  19. Vixxing

    I agree... sure Vulcan melts face up close so dont be there (specially dont hoover ESF close to it then your instagibbed) but rarely meet them and when i do i stay clear of them... (even driven around hills and dropped tankmines as engie then trolled them into chasing me)

    The MAG's mobility allows you to be a sneaky bastard!
  20. Ronin Oni

    Halberds everywhere. I know I use Halberd on my Prowler, despite owning a Vulcan as well